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Dalek Nation 07-27-2012 12:12 PM

Need Darts help? Try this...
Made a new thread to focus on darts:
There are two approachs to darts, using a dart throwing motion and using a 'punching' motion. After floundering around for months, incapable of getting the harder achievos nor of beating a champion opponent, I feel I have finaly figured out how to put the dart where I want it almost every time.
Once I figured this out I got every darts achievement in less than an hour.
1. We're going with punching motion here. Stand straight on with your tv and point your fist at the screen. Stoop your head down, slouch, however you need but I feel its best if you have your hand in your field of vision but this isn't a deal-breaker. This is the key, hold your fist as though it were holding a mug of hot liquid (like you're holding the handle).
2. Slowly *slide* your hand away from the tv; and *slide* your hand back at the tv. The cursor is still going to wiggle a little bit, no matter how still your hand is, so don't worry it isn't "you", its normal. When you slide your hand away from the screen you will get a "lock", but don't throw the dart yet, keep your fist sliding toward and away from the tv. Get a comfort zone, so that you can get a lock pretty much every time you pull your hand back.
3. This sliding action should be just like if you were sliding a mug of hot fluid across a table, ie gently and completely flat, just like it were on a table. Now, out of all those lock-ons, pick the "perfect" one, ie. EXACTLY where you want the dart. Don't rush, a lot of the locks are going to be 'nearly perfect' or 'way-off'; don't worry, just keep your 'mug on the table', sliding back and forward until the lock is perfect.
4. The hard part, release. Once you have the whole 'smooth, repeated' locking down you're half-way there, now you have to master the release. Everyone's going to be a little different here, some people droop a shoulder, some raise or lower thier arm. All I can say is keep your mug on the table, and push it hard enoughthat a little of the hot liquid would spill out, but not hard enough to be considered a punch. Hold the mug the whole time, don't open your hand to release. To keep my wrist from changing my throw I kind of hold my hand at an angle similar to holding a Star Trek Phaser, but keep telling yourself its hoilding a mug of fluid.
10-180s. Your first throw should be straight at the trip-20, ie. wait until your lock is centered on this spot. To keep your next two from hitting this middle dart, move a little to the right and then a little to the left andyou'll get a dart on each side of that one. Remeber, wait until you get the perfect lock you want and then *sliding* motion.
Hope this proves to help someone somewhere, :)

MathGuy42 08-06-2012 03:21 PM

This has been helping. Thanks! Just need the 9 darter and I'll be done with darts.

XerNaut 01-25-2013 01:20 AM

This was surprisingly helpful! Thanks!

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