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King_Brain 07-29-2012 03:08 PM

laggy gameplay,sometimes unplayable :(

i have some trouble with this game...
play it on omnia 7 and sie framerate is realy bad,in my oppinion aroud 15fps...

sometimes the game laggs so heavy,i camt even play it... 3 frames or less...

anyone have an idea how to fix it?
ive seen videos from other guy who can play it realy great :/

BluWolve 11-14-2012 07:58 PM

It is like that for me also. The game also has glitched a few achievements on me. So be careful if you do play it. If the game freezes up when you get an achievement then it wont count as though you unlocked it, but you wont be able to unlock it again.

EDIT: I managed to unlock the achievements that had glitched, but now they are in the wrong order. The reload two is showing as unlocked before the reload one, and the finish a level without dying was unlocked before finishing new junk city. To get them to unlock I started a new game and did the same stuff and passed the first level. But the achievements did not properly unlock until my third playthrough of the first level.

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