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Tyger7 08-01-2012 10:41 PM

Deadlight Collectibles Guide
About Collectibles:

There are only a few in each scene. Press :back: in a level to help keep track of them. There are 10 Diary Pages, 60 hidden secrets (15 of them are stranger's IDs), and 3 handhelds. You must see a saving icon for the collectibles to count. If you exit before seeing one, then you will have to get it again. I normally suggest just completing the scene to make sure 100% that it will save to your stats. I have also including all of the achievements in the game here, therefore you don't technically have to follow the achievement guide unless you missed something.

Hidden Secret
ID Card (counts as secret)
Handheld, Health Expander, Stamina Expander



Photo (Secret 1/3)

This is automatic when you start the level.

Karla (Secret 2/3)

As soon as you start the scene, examine the dead body on the ground with :xbut:.

Diary Page 1

You'll climb a later and move left past a radio. You'll open a door and you should see the 4 lockers. Examine them for the diary and the achievement associated with getting 1 diary.

Achievement: Whats On Your Mind

You will obtain this after collecting the diary.

R.T. Chase ID (Secret 3/3)

Right after the diary, jump the gap that is left. Climb over the heavy object and examine the body in the top left corner.

Achievement: Lay Your Hands on Me

You will get outside and you will see a ladder to climb up on the left. If you around a little bit, enemies will come out. Stay there and when they try to grab you, tap :bbut: to escape. The achievement will unlock after.

Achievement: Jump

Once you climb up the ladders from above and jump to the next area to the left, you will be high up. There is a ladder that goes down. Instead, go to the rail and press :abut:. Now press :bbut: and hold :ltbut:. You will roll without taking damage and the achievement will unlock. You can reload your checkpoint if you messed up.

Achievement: I Ran (So Far Away)

The game will tell you how to taunt enemies. After they die, leap over the electricity on the ground. Press the button and start climbing. The achievement will unlock.

Achievement: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

This is pretty much the next thing you do after escaping the warehouse area. There is a door that is blocked with planks. Run at it, as the tutorial directs, to continue on and gain the achievement.


Handheld (Raven Thunder's Rock Legend)

You'll get to a ladder that you must climb down. The game tutorial tells you how to slide down faster. As you climb down, you should see a big circular opening in the wall on your left. Jump to it and head through. You will find a body to examine.

Achievement: Let There Be Rock!

After collecting the first handheld device, you can play it after collecting it within the game. If you have moved on, you can access it in the main menu under Randall's Memories in "Handhelds" section. It is the first game on the left. Just press :abut: on each of the notes when they are in front of the little character.

Poem (Secret 1/1)

Right after climbing the ladder from above, continue in the tunnel. You will see the words "The Inferno Begins Here" on the wall. You should also see a dead body to the right of it stuck in some spikes in the pipe. Examine the body for the poem.

Achievement: Flirtin with Diaster

You can technically gain this in many spots. At the end of the tunnel when you are approaching the exit door, you will see some enemies starting to move towards you. You can run towards them and tackle one to gain the achievement. You will likely die since there are multiple, however. You can gain this where you want.


ID: Arthur L. Allen (Secret 1/3)

As soon as this scene starts, hop over the electricity. Instead of jumping across the next gap, fall into it and examine the dead body.

Pamphlet (Secret 2/3)

As you run through the first area of the scene, you will see a big sign that is torn and waving in the wind. To the right is an pole that is damaged. On this poll is the pamphlet.

The Seattle Reporter (Secret 3/3)

As your progress shortly after the above collectible, an enemy will burst through a door. Lead him to the left to fall in the gap. Now go back to where he burst out of and inside is a shopping cart that you can examine. This is right before you exit the area.


Achievement: Go Back to Hell

During the scene, you will be forced to pick up an axe to continue on. The game will tell you how to finish enemies when they are down. When you get to the next enemy, hit it with :bbut: to knock it over. Now hold :bbut: nearby to execute.

Achievement: Another One Bites the Dust

As you are fighting and executing, you will likely pull a combo off without trying. After learning to execute, on the second enemy you can try a combo. Press :bbut: and then quickly after, press it again.

Air Freshener (Secret 1/3)

Once you climb up into a window and into a garage area, you will have to fight 3 enemies. on the ground level. To the very left is a body against the wall. Examine it for the secret.

Diary Page 2

You will be running outside in the storm. Once you get into the next building, examine the lockers on the right before heading down the ladder.

One Hundred Dollar Bill (Secret 2/3)

After crossing a bride of platforms that fall, you'll come to a fence with barbed wire that you must leap over onto a car with an alarm. Before you do so, fall into the gap and examine the body.

Achievement: Welcome to the Jungle

This is for reaching the junkyard. You will obtain is at soon as you jump the gap to the car that has an alarm.

J.W. Gacy ID (Secret 3/3)

As you run from all the enemies since there are "too many of them", you will start sliding down a hill. Jump to the ledge and let the enemy walk off of it. Now enter the building and examine the body.

Tyger7 08-03-2012 04:37 AM


Health Expander 1

As soon as the scene starts, move left (which is backwards). Break the planks. Now crawl through and run to the body. Examine it for the health upgrade.

Achievement: What You Need

After collecting the health expander, you will gain an achievement.

Blue Handkerchief (Secret 1/3)

As soon as this scene starts, walk forward to the gas station. You will see a hanging body at the end near the last gas pump. Examine it.

A.C. Wuornos ID (Secret 2/3)

You will climb up into a small building's window. There will be a ledge that falls once you jump onto it inside. The body is to the right in the other room. Be careful, as enemies will be pouring in. You will have to jump back up to exit.


Safe Point Map (Secret 1/3)

At the start of this scene, you will jump to an area that talks about wall jumping. Fall into the gap to the right and examine the corpse.

Medicine Book Page (Secret 2/3)

After climbing up the building, then leaping to the ladder, you will see a water tower and instead of crawling under it, go backwards. You should see a ladder, Climb down it and jump into the window. Inside is the secret.

Music Box (Secret 3/3)

After the above, crawl under the water tower and into the building. There is a TV on. Fall through the floor to the right. There is a music box just to your left. Examine it.

Diary Page 3

After climbing out of the window back to outside, you will have to leap to a fence. Once over, you should see some construction videos. There is electricity on the ground. Go left into the shack and grab the diary page in the desk.

Achievement: Don't Lose Your Head

This will be one of the more random ones. To kill an enemy with a single melee attack, you must get a hit on their neck/head which decapitates them. Get in groups of enemies and swing around and try to get one. This may be one you get randomly throughout the game, there is no special spot to get it.

Achievement: In the Army Now

Near the end of the the level you will get this achievement before picking up the gun.

Achievement: Wanted Dead or Alive

You will be in daylight after obtaining the gun in a memory. It will teach you how to shoot. Once you get told to shoot a can, don't. Hold the :rs: to draw your gun and press and reload it with :lbbut:, tapping quickly. If you did not do it fast enough, you can keep refilling your bullets with the ammo boxes to your right. Then just press :rtbut: to shoot all 6 bullets. Now, press :lbbut: quickly to reload your gun. Do this until you get the achievement.

Achievement: Rust in Peace

Now that you have the pistol, you can get this achievement for getting a head shot. When an enemy is around, just aim with :rs: and pull the trigger.


O. Elwood Toole ID (Secret 1/4)

After climbing on a burning truck and going through a window with a pawn sign by it, check the ground in the room you entered for a body to examine.

Complaint Receipt (Secret 2/4)

After knocking over the water tower to cease the fire on the truck, you will jump over it and head into a knocked out wall in the building. Climb into the room with the water leaking and check in front of the white couch for this secret.

Testament Letter (Secret 3/4)

After climbing to the top of the building, you will have the enemies break the planks. Go back down and climb up the new path. Eventually you will climb to the top floor. Inside is a body to examine.

Eiffel Tower Postcard (Secret 4/4)

You'll eventually have to evade some electricity on the ground. Once you climb up to the next floor, go left. You should pass a bunch of lockers and some hanging bodies. In the room on the left you will find a body to examine.


Sam's Badge (Secret 1/2)

As soon as you start the scene, examine the body under the Lou's Pawn Shop sign.

Couple's Picture (Secret 2/2)

After you shoot the lock above you after examining Sam's body, move up to the next floor. Go right and leap over the gap. Inside the bathroom you will find the secret above the chair.

Tyger7 08-03-2012 07:34 AM

ACT 2: Hunters


Achievement: Is There Anybody There?

This is at the end of the Act. After completing the last scene, you will be in a dream sequence. Run forward and at the end, you will gain the achievement.


Diary Page 4

After climbing up some falling platforms, you will have to whistle for help from the "Rat" (the man in the tunnel) a second time. Once you are to the area with the ladder above, pull the box out. Instead of using it just yet to climb, go to where you pulled it from and crawl under. You will see where the collectible is.

J.L. Dahmer ID
(Secret 1/2)

Soon after the diary page, you'll get to a room with 4 sand bags and 4 traps that fall from above. Run past them and jump on the top of one of them. Make your way to the hanging dead body on the left. Examine it for the ID.

Poem Page 2 (Secret 2/2)

You will call on the Rat again to open a trap door. Once you are down the ladder, you will see a body to examine along your normal route.


Rat Bone Necklace (Secret 1/1)

You will need to push a box after dislodging a plank with your sling shot to break spikes on a slope going down. Use the slope and you will get to a part where you hang. Drop down under the 2 platforms of spikes and hang on your left. Drop down and go inside the hidden passage for the collectible.


Achievement: Land Down Under

Obtained once you start the scene.

Medal of Honor (Secret 1/4)

Once you start the scene, head left and run into the boarded door to the left of the ladder. Shoot the red box on the top left with your slingshot and examine it.

Polaroid (Secret 2/4)

Climb the ladder in the same area and follow the Rat into the shack. Jump onto the left box and crawl into the hidden room for the collectible.

Nang 68 Photo (Secret 3/4)

From above, continue on and lower the platform. Jump to the right and you will see a box to drag to the left. After dragging it, go to where it was to find the collectible.

9 Circles of Hell Illustration (Secret 4/4)

You'll come to a point where you must break through a wall after moving the box around. The secret little room is actually visible on the left that you can jump into.


K.A. Bianchi ID (Secret 1/3)

You will cross a subway train. Jump from it to the boarded door. Break the door and collect the ID inside the room.

Health Extender 2

This is one of the trickier pick-ups so far. Once you climb up from the subway part, you must use your slingshot to clear the gears. Instead of going straight after, wait on the platform and shoot your slingshot to the target above. It will move, and you must press down on the left stick then get back up to avoid obstacles. The extender is all the way to the left on a body.

Rat's Territory Page (Secret 2/3)

You will enter a room with water and on each side. Spin the drain and get rid of it in the middle. Now, go left and crawl into a secret room.

Survivor Diary Entry (Secret 3/3)

This one will be in your path. As you climb subway cars, you will enter inside one. The collectible is on the ground.


Rosary Wooden Beads (Secret 1/4)

Once you enter a house through the window, you will see a dead body hanging. Examine it.

West Seattle Herald (Secret 2/4)

You will come into a second house just after the previous. Inside on the ground is the collectible.

Robert C. Bundy ID (Secret 3/4)

You'll jump from a house to a line that breaks and there will be a house you enter with a lot of enemies piling in. Jump to the window and jump to the left to hang on a rail. The ID is in the left room.

Sick Woman Photo (Secret 4/4)

You will get to the tree house. Inside you can grab the collectible.

Diary 5

From the Tree House, jump and slide on the shed to the right. At the bottom by the fence is the diary.

Tyger7 08-07-2012 05:27 AM


E. Theodore Gein ID (Secret 1/1)

As you run from the helicopter, you'll drop down inside a building. There is a body on your route, though you may miss it. Once you break through a door and see the helicopter shoot the enemies down, go back to the previous room to find the body on the ground.


Achievement: Goodbye Stranger

You will obtain a fire axe on this scene. Once you do, break the lock and kill the first enemy you see. Continue past the other ignoring it. Break the other door down and get the enemy over near the railing. Get on the left side of it and push it until it falls over the railing.

Achievement: Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

This is obtained once you get to the park.

Half Heart Pendant (Secret 1/1)

When you get to the park area, it is in front of the swing set.

Diary 6

This is located just after the above collectible. It is near the fence in a garbage can.


Children's Stories Tape (Secret 1/2)

You will drop into a garage area and be climbing over a car on the second floor and going up a ladder. Once you get up, you will want to hope over the railing and go left to "G3". There is a body in the corner under the number.

A.H. Fish (Secret 2/2)

Once you get outside again, you'll see a bus you must jump on. Turn around from the bus and start hopping on the path left and above. Once you are back on solid ground above where you came from, you'll keep running left into a store. Inside there is a high shelf with an ID on it. You must charge and run into the shelf to knock it down.


Diary 7

Right when the scene starts, go down the steps and drop down a level. Go backwards towards the hot dog stand and the diary is by it.

Military Protocol (Secret 1/2)

You will be running through some locker areas. Towards the end you will get to a door you must open that leads upstairs. Right as you had came into the room with this door, you should have ran over the collectible which is by the boxes.

Pilot Letter (Secret 2/2)

Once you get back outside, you should see stairs above you. Jump onto the block in front of you, then run and jump to those stairs. There is a hanging body by the fence.

Handheld Game (Sport Daisy)

From the last collectible above, you should see a shelf you can move which was right before entering the hall to the collectible. Move it then jump on it and head up right. Climb more and up a ladder. Now head left. Shoot the lock on the ladder and jump to it. Continue left and you will feel the surroundings shake. Quickly jump up to the bar and use it to cross. Now just continue on to find the handheld.

Achievement: No Pain, No Gain

Beat the high (more like low) score of 30 to gain the achievement. Just use the bumpers and triggers on your controller to move your legs and feet as Daisy does.

Achievement: Never Gonna Give You Up

This is earned after completing the scene.


New Flue Brochure (Secret 1/3)

After crashing through a wood barrier, you will see an ambulance. The collectible is on the ambulance.

Diary 8

After the last collectible, jump into the window and the room contains the diary page.

Health Extender 3

There will be an elevator shaft you have to climb up. Instead, go down and to the right. You will see a scene with the daughter play out. Afterwards, it's to your right by the wall.

Doctor Letter (Secret 2/3)

As you climb the ladder in the elevator shaft, go onto floor 3. It is right on the ground, in front of the door you must smash to continue.

Crazy Doctor Recordings (Secret 3/3)

You will crash through another door soon after, and automatically push a shelf over to block the enemies. To the right of the first aid kit is the collectible.


Science and Medicine Clipping (Secret 1/3)

As soon as the scene starts, it is on a body next to the shelf in the middle of the room.

Karla L. Homolka ID (Secret 2/3)

After getting the medicine and continuing on, you will find yourself in a room with a body on a body. Collect the ID from the body.

Doctor's Watch (Secret 3/3)

You will pass through the top of the elevator shaft. Then you must leap to a room, which has a wheelchair and a body in it. Collect this from the body. Try not to fall during this leap because you cannot go back up.

Tyger7 08-07-2012 05:32 AM

ACT 3: The New Law


Achievement: Under Pressure

Walk to the end of this scene for the achievement.


Green Berets Patch (Secret 1/5)

As soon as you start, go backwards to the helicopter and examine the body.

A. H. Desalvo ID(Secret 2/5)

As you run forward, you will come to a body in your path that you can examine. This is in front of a big wall with a star on it.

Henry L. Lucas ID (Secret 3/5)

You will travel a bit through the level. You will end up jumping on some wooden planks and there is a watch tower in the middle outside. Before jumping onto the rope line to continue on, drop down in front of the fence to find the body with the ID on it.

Safe Point Photo (Secret 4/5)

After you climb the rope across, go up the ladder hanging from the other tower, and climb up. Now climb across the higher rope backwards to the opposite tower. The collectible is on the ground.

Washington Today Clipping (Secret 5/5)

Right after the above collectibles is a shack. Don't jump over the fence from the shack until you grab this collectible. Drop down and head inside to find it.

(Madness Mansion)

Once you get inside the next building, things will start to collapse around you. As you slide down a ramp, you should see some light coming from what appears to be a vent. Jump to it and climb inside. The handheld is on the ground.

Achievement: Invisible Touch

This game is really easy to play, just move your character around and press or hold :abut: to kill the ghosts with your flashlight.


Medical Report (Secret 1/4)

As soon as the scene starts, you will see a very brief scene play out. A few steps forward and you will find the collectible.

D.R. Berkowitz ID (Secret 2/4)

From above, go outside and once you jump the gap and climb over the truck, the ID can be found on the body close to the truck.

Diary 9

Climb through the next building from above, and the diary is in the stack of boxes just by where you drop out from the window.

Registration Plan (Secret 3/4)

From above, continue into the next building and it is found before you enter the elevator on the ground.

List of Names (Secret 4/4)

Once you exit the elevator, it's right in the middle of the room.


Religious Brochure (Secret 1/4)

Once the scene starts, examine the door. Whistle to bring the enemy over, then crash through the door when he is close to it. Grab your backpack and climb up and hang. Jump backwards to the vent and climb through. Open the other side, go across the pipe, and then jump into the other vent with the body in it.

Piece of Stella's Sweater (Secret 2/4)

Continue on. This is on the floor on your main path near a computer desk, right before the shower area.

Achievement: Holding Out for a Hero

Story related, obtained after cut scene.

Arcadian Protocol (Secret 3/4)

When you have to shut off a generator to stop electricity on the ground, you will go into a building. This is in your main path on the ground.

Robert W. Pickton ID (Secret 4/4)

You will get to an area inside that has a lift you must operate and use to get to a bar above. To the right of the lift is the last ID card.

Achievement: Pickin' Up Strangers

After picking up the last ID, you will get the achievement as long as you have collecting them all.

Achievement: Forget Me Nots

If you have obtained all of the "secrets", you will not have this achievement.


Diary 10

Once you enter the house at the start of the scene, it is on the floor in front of you.

Achievement: Tainted Love

This is obtained after finishing the scene.

Achievement: I Want it All

As long as you had obtained all secrets, diaries, and handhelds, you will unlock this for finishing the game.

Achievement: Come Sail Away

After the credits have rolled and you are back at the main menu, this will unlock. The game is now 100% complete if you followed this guide.

Achievement: Spreading the Disease

If you haven't already, go into the leaderboards. If one of your friends has played the game and you see their name on the leaderboards, you will gain this achievement. If not you will have to find someone who has played it and add them (at least temporarily).

Tyger7 08-10-2012 03:00 AM

If you are more about just watching videos for your collectible guides, follow the link below. There is a video for each act. Thanks to Predni for the videos.


miiiguel 08-16-2012 10:09 PM

The videos don't help much I'm affraid, they're so fast and only show the very last image.
Anyway, the guide's nice, but I'm having trouble with "Health Extender 2", can't seem to figure how to keep on top of the moving platform, The guide says "press left stick", I assume that's an error and it's "left trigger" but I'm not sure, since there some other button errors on the guide (sorry if sound frustrated, it0s because... I am).
I checked a few guides which says 100% on youtube but no one seems to go for that one, so I'm not sure if that's needed.
Can someone help ?
How to do it ? or better yet, if it's not needed for 100%, I don't care...

Tyger7 08-18-2012 12:23 AM

You hang off that platform when it moves to avoid the obstacle. It's not needed for 100% but helps of course

COWBOYFRMHELL77 08-19-2012 02:07 PM

Great guide as usual tyger, lot of effort. Just wanted to say for bullet wasters like me that you'll want to hold onto at least on bullet in act 2 scene 10 to be able to get the handheld without replaying scene.

Simlaurel 08-20-2012 10:27 PM

This was an excellent guide Tyger. I liked the way you color-coded the collectables, and incorporated the achievements in chronololgical order as well. Thank you.

Redemption Mode 08-27-2012 11:24 AM

Very nice guide, bro. Good stuff.

ADenton109 12-24-2012 05:47 PM

Thanks for the guide all i need now is my friend to finish act one to compare score on leader board to get it 100%

xRaW CaRNage x 12-27-2012 12:31 AM

Excellent guide. You make completing this game mindless.

TriRock 01-06-2013 09:40 AM

Thanks Tyger, that's a great guide. :)

Negative Creep 01-07-2013 11:11 PM

Thanks a lot, made getting 100% a doddle

zingar 01-13-2013 02:24 AM

missing a stamina booster in "SCENE 6: TREE HOUSE". its in the same house as the first collectible of that scene(Rosary Wooden Beads) gotta take the door that is down to the left and then some stairs

edit: now i see you never mention the stamina thingies i guess you decided not to include em? :p

thisispreston 01-14-2013 02:56 PM

Achievement: Forget Me Nots
If you have obtained all of the "secrets", you will not have this achievement.

why would you not get it if you have got all the secrets? isn't that what the cheev is for?!

zingar 01-16-2013 02:20 AM


Originally Posted by thisispreston (Post 5515903)
Achievement: Forget Me Nots
If you have obtained all of the "secrets", you will not have this achievement.

why would you not get it if you have got all the secrets? isn't that what the cheev is for?!

i think its just a typo

WeemanNewYork 01-18-2013 04:57 PM

Excellent guide Tyger

EmoShadowSora 02-09-2013 12:13 AM

This could really help me thanks for the guide

JAW LV 02-20-2013 08:22 PM

Collectibles were pretty straight forward but there was definitely a few I would have missed w/o this guide so a big ty for getting this quality guide together.

Tyger7 02-20-2013 08:58 PM


I did not realize I had not uploaded act 3 pictures. I will fix that. Surprised no one mentioned!

HugTheBear 02-21-2013 11:50 PM

Very helpful guide. Thank you!

MeonOner 05-14-2013 07:33 AM

Awesome collectibles guide. I hardly ever use written collectibles guides, but yours had pictures and a good explanation of where the collectible was located. Got the 400:gsicon: in one play through.

Wolfxsol 06-20-2013 03:08 PM

Guide god
This is the second guide of yours I have used, and it has been a life saver!!! Collectables are a lot less scary w/ this guide. Thanks!!!

kushlash23 12-31-2013 07:27 PM

You really do make the best guides on this site, thank you.

Hard Way 01-01-2014 05:09 AM

I just wanted to say thank you for this guide. It made mopping up the remaining collectables a breeze, and I was kinda dreading it because it's usually a pain in ass. Great guide man, thanks for putting the time into it for the rest of us :)

ArcanumEspers 01-04-2014 04:18 AM

Great Guide!
This is a great guide really easy to follow and well organized. Thanks it was a lot of help! :)

RabidBear 01-15-2014 06:30 AM

Amazing guide, made it easy to finish a horrible game quick and easy. Thank you.

killfredo 01-15-2014 05:42 PM

Thanks for this great guide. Finished everything in one run.

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