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jae200 08-22-2012 03:13 PM

Questions about the game?
Sorry if all of this has been covered already, I'm thinking of getting the game today and had a few questions. I'm trying to decide between this and Kingdoms of Amalur.. I've got my 1250g in Skyrim and enjoyed that, haven't been able to finish Dark Souls as its pretty difficult for me.. Amalur looks pretty cool but I think I prefer the realism of Witcher 2.

So, is the game as hard as Dark Souls? I saw a post from a hack and slasher saying it was too difficult. I'd say I'm a bit of a hack and slasher but unless its on the level of Dark Souls, I doubt I'd have a problem with it. I never fully mastered Arkham City's combat but beat the game on Hard mode.

I was looking at the 'Achieve level 35' achievement. If you finish the game, is that it? No going back to finish quests? I guess what I'm asking is this isn't an open world game in the sense of a Skyrim but instead has a beginning, middle and end. If you miss level 35 you have no option but to start a new game?

I don't really have a problem with the map or objectives. I tend to explore alot so it doesn't seem like a big deal. There are also videos and wiki pages if I happen to get stuck.

How are the controls? Pretty easy to get used to?


Method 08-22-2012 04:06 PM

Kingdoms of Amalur was very fun for me but extremely easy (even on its hardest setting). Witcher 2 is definitely more challenging on dark mode than KOA but doable if build your character correctly and use potions/oils correctly. There is no playing after you beat the game so if you don't get level 35 before the end you have to start a new game or load a save a ways back and farm experience. It's not hard at all to get level 35 though if you try.

Overall this game isn't as open a world as Skyrim but neither is KOA. They both have connected regions that you can travel to. In the end, the Witcher 2 is more of an adult game while KOA is for all ages. Both are fun to play though.

Asturgis 09-09-2012 05:34 PM

I think the OP had a question behind his obvious ones, and I ask myself that question too : do you get to keep anything, like attributes, when starting a new game ? Is there some sort of new game plus ?

Because in the official guide, they say at the beginning of Chapter 1 "Unless you have the Strong Back perk". How could you, since it's not unlocked during the Prologue ? Just wondering because I want to do 3 runs, 2 on Normal for the story, and 1 on Dark if the game hasn't bored me to death by then.

So, is there a NG+ and what do you get to keep ? Anything ?

amcope 01-29-2013 04:04 PM

No there is no NG+ in TW2 unfortunately. Once you beat it you have to start all over.

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