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phiona 08-31-2012 09:19 PM

Rank - To do list (In work)
Note: This list isn't complete yet!

Rank: Spy


15x - Use RB to climb out of a window.
10x - Climb up on plants. (Can be found in Red Diamond near the blue terminal)
10x - Climb up a ladder.
20x - Jump on a ledge and pull up.
10x - Climb over a fence.
20x - Use a zip line.
15x - Use RB to slide under things or crawl in vents.
20x - Perform a roll while standing.
20x - Perform a roll while crouching.
15x - Climb up a pipe.
15x - Move hand over hand along a pipe.
15x - Use RB to do escape ceiling move.
15x - Use RB to do escape window move.


15x - Hack a complete file from a terminal and secure it without being seen.
10x - Hack doors.
_5x - Hack generators.
20x - Switch Lights in rooms or halls (On or Off doesn't matter)
50x - Turn on night-vision.
50x - Turn on thermal-vision.
10x - Break neck from a upsilon soldier.
20x - Hang on a catwalk and pull a upsilon soldier over the railing.
20x - Drop down on a upsilon soldier head.
20x - Secure a complete file, that contains data from all 4 terminals.


20x - Use injection.
_5x - Use injection to heal a friend by standing near him.
20x - Use smoke grenades.
20x - Use flash grenades.
10x - Use flash grenades and blind a upsilon soldier.
20x - Use jammers.
10x - Hacking a upsilon soldier.

Rank: Upsilon

Direct Action:

50x - Kill a spy with your gun.
15x - Kill a spy with a headshot.
10x - Kill a spy with the gun or headshot, if he escape with a complete file.
20x - Perform the charge attack.
20x - Use the rotation attack.
10x - Use the rotation attack and hit a spy.
10x - Grab and knock down a spy.


50x - Use the flashlight.
50x - Use the EMF.
10x - Rope down from a railing.
10x - Climb up a ladder.
_5x - Repair a hacked generator.
20x - Use zoom with gun.
20x - Open doors.


20x - Use drones.
_5x - Use drone and kill a spy.
50x - Use grenades.
20x - Use grenades and kill a spy.
10x - Throw grenades with the aim line.

DerEnglaender 09-05-2012 03:14 PM

what are you basing this on exactly?

edit: that might osund more offensive than its meant to be. because if this holds up its a huge improvement on whats currently out there, but if those numbers are just a guess its not really much better than what the current guide says.

phiona 10-13-2012 12:28 AM

Sorry for the late answer.
You can trust all values and things 100%.

I've researched all values with game files and game saves.

I made a roll in game, then i leaved the game and looked at my computer in the game save.
If there was any value increased, i know that must be done.

Also i looked into the game executable.

This Spy list is nearly complete and if you follow all things from my list, you get >95% with the spy very easily. But upsilon force is really difficult to research and i need more time, which i don't have yet.

L0gic Zer0 12-16-2012 02:41 AM

I have two copies of this game now. I figure this list is a place to start. I'm not worried about the SPY since I can play against BOTs and get to 95% eventually. It's about finding the fastest way to boost my MERC I am worried about. That and finding a good partner for the GOLD Challenges :)

Terrin 02-12-2013 01:09 AM

thanks been using this now seems to help

Stamulevich 04-27-2013 11:14 PM

I find this guide very useful. It's definitely the best guide out there for getting 95%.

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