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Destro 09-12-2012 11:53 PM

Damn... that Boss is just Brutal...
I looked at the achievements and saw there was none for doing the game on normal... either you pick hard to get one more or you pick easy or normal dosn't change anything...

Ok so picked easy, it was clear for me that it was a one go game and after its done(story speaking) i would not come back to it... it costed 4 bucks so well...

Got to say for most of the game it felt easy, really easy, but some ennemies where really giving me troubles, i guess this is one of these games where you got to rinse and repeat the same pattern for a class of ennemies because if you don't you take damage... For exemple i tough there was too much ungrapple ennemies... for a muscle guy like Conan i tough everything exept large ennemies(like the huge monkeys) could be thrown... but seem only a small ammount could be... And i was often getting hit(glad i was on easy) because even if you role, they 360 degrees a punch in your face... wow ok... right.

But i guess i could had do the game on a harder setting in term of normal ennemies, but then the final boss... first of all that QTE thing was annoying... glad there was a lot of checkpoints but damn when you never did it how are you supose to know its gonna be a tap B for exemple eventually...

But the real pain in the ass was the rotating tentacles, with ennemies coming at me, i guess small ennemies are there to give me life back or i dunno, but i swear when i got caught there was no way out of it... if i had the unlock to get hit once when there ennemies around, it was a bashing/tentacles hitting fest til i die... couldn't do anything, not even block.... and i was on easy... !!!! i finally manage to beat him after maybe 10 retry (thanks checkpoints) but for a boss on easy, i tough he was brutal. And its not all... when it was just to hit him normally, he always drained my energy to a 1/3 or so... i tried many combination without luck and special powers where pretty much never coming back.

To the people that did it on King, congrat really cause damn it was hard.

PS: a game like this should be mandatory stackles achievements, for the kind of "500 dismemberment" or mastering stuff.. thats pretty much what made me say "screw this, im not going another go for that"

GOAT RIDER 420 01-22-2013 01:24 PM

I was happy when I finished and never had to play it again.

banej 06-28-2016 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by GOAT RIDER 420 (Post 5532008)
I was happy when I finished and never had to play it again.

Agreed. Worse boss fight ever. Took me 4 hours + to clear on hard mode. :mad:

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