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scheezy 09-14-2012 09:55 PM

HELP! Marcus's Armory Sweep
Hey guys, I was doing this mission with a friend when he decided he wanted to do the armory glitch one last time. So, we were going through all of the chests when a checkmark was placed on the "steal loot" objective box. After we exited and went to retry the mission, the door to the armory is seales, not letting us complete this last quest.

My question is this; is there anybody near this mission that would let me run with them? I'd really appreciate it. If so my GT is 'scheezy', you can either send me a FR, message or reply here and I'll add you ASAP.

Thanks in advance!

Moldredd 09-27-2012 07:36 PM

You can still enter the armory through the front door by a glitch.
1.) Buy lots of big health packs and drop a big mountain of them in front of the door.

2.) Step on them and rapidly jump toward the door. the game will mess up and let you bypass the door and fall under the floor. After that it is quite possible to jump your way back up to the armory first room.

Note: If you don't go through the door after trying for a while. Keep buying health pack to make the mountain bigger.

I believe there are lots of videos on Youtube on the subject. Be sure to check them out.

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