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Achievement Guide & Addition To The Road Map
DLC: Episode 3: Long Road Ahead
Cost: 400 MSP Achievements: 8 Points: 100

-Estimated achievement difficult: 2/10
-Offline: 24 (300
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 300/300: 5-6 hours. (1-2 for Episode 1, 2+ for Episode 2, 2+ for Episode 3).
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to The Walking Dead Roadmap/Achievement Guide. Apart from being incredibly easy, The Walking Dead does pose some interesting twists that make this arcade game very addicting. It does take a couple minutes to get used to the controls, the feel of the game, and picking up on the "reflex" portions of the game. By reflex I mean that many of the big time decisions come down to you timing button presses and making decisions between characters and actions. Be prepared to make actions that WILL effect decisions later on in the game. With the use of the road-guide and the achievement list you should be able to carefully plan out your course of action and complete these first two episodes with a well earned 300

Abbreviated Walkthrough
This walkthrough will be pretty much empty. The bulk of the information you are looking for will be loaded into each achievement's own guide. At each point along the way look at the conversations and notice whether or not one phrase will effect the character and their perception of you differently or not. So follow each episode's guide, keep your reflexes sharp, your mind attune, and you should be fine completing this classic comic book series--turned TV show--turned game. It is worthy to note that all of these achievements are story related and cannot be missed if you progress through the story. Also know that the achievement guide will contain a step-by-step guide of questions, decisions, and answers. Reading ahead may spoil the story for you so proceed with caution.

To avoid spoiling portions of the game with the use of this roadmap I will refrain from putting an actual walkthrough here.

There isn't much to conclude here. Follow each achievement's guide and pick the dialog you find fitting and you will do fine. Enjoy your fun arcade game.

THE DEADLY DOG 09-20-2012 03:29 AM, She Quietly Says
Complete chapter 1 of episode 3.

First off welcome back for an experience that will take us along a different road and will incorporate new and refreshing aspects to the game. As with the last chapter, only game altering questions will be listed. Questions not listed are not going to change the flow of the game.

We start out in a cutscene involving Kenny and Lee walking through Macon armed to the teeth with guns. After a bit of walking and seeing the drugstore Kenny will pop some dialog with Lee.

"Yeah, we've been talking about it but you made up your mind yet?" - Kenny
1. We should stay. - Kenny will remember and will disagree with your decision although will ask for permission to take his RV and leave.
2. We should go. - Kenny will remember and be happy you agree.
3. We could split up. - Kenny will be very surprised at your response even if you aren't the best of friends with him and will claim it is a mistake.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

Kenny and Lee are walking through the town and see Lee's parents' old drugstore and the signs that the military has been through the area recently. Kenny suggests using the same old route that they have been using to get into the drugstore and as he climbs the ladder it breaks almost completely. Time to find solutions.

You could attempt the ladder but doing so will only send it crashing down. You could also attempt to use the car nearby and have Kenny try to give you a boost but the reach is too much. Instead head over toward the front of the store to the Jeep. Head to the left side and watch your camera fix you for some further contemplation regarding using the Jeep's hook. When Lee grabs the Winch and begins to bring it back to the area of Kenny some more dialog will transpire. Kenny will ask about Lilly, and will ask about the situation as a whole--feel free to answer without consequence.

Bring the winch to the trailer's axle making your way back to the Jeep once they are attached. This will pull the Jeep to the trailer giving Lee the needed boost to get him up and over. Kenny will ask questions about Clem and about the stealing at the end of Ep 2--again answer free of consequence.

Once you get to the top of the trailer, the topic of Duck and his mishaps at Hershel's farm will come up. Upon asking if it effects Duck that much you will get the following:

"Of course it did." - Kenny
1. What'd he say?/It was a scary situation for him. - Kenny will remember it. This is the most "Kenny aligned" response. Kenny will let Lee know that Duck thinks he is to blame but Kenny will reveal he is the real one to blame.
2. Still? -Kenny remembers your uncaring attitude.
3. He'll get over it. - Kenny remembers your disdain.
4. . . . - Kenny will remember your silence.

Kenny will reach down for Lee prompting an event where you aim for Kenny's hand and pressing Kenny isn't back to 100% from his gunshot wound in Ep. 2 and will drop Lee back down ontop of the car. Both of them look around to make sure that the noise did not attract any unwanted attention and then proceed to have a quick dialog about what just happened.

Alas your glorious conversation will be interrupted by a scream proceeded by the camera zooming in on a woman running out of a building followed by a walker and attracting throngs of others. Lee will attempt to rationalize the situation, this dialog is inconsequential.

The girl is then bitten in the leg making her chances at survival tremendously low and Lee wants to put her out of her misery while Kenny wants to let her be the perfect distraction for a quick drug store run.

Important decision time
Shoot the Girl
To kill her you must aim the rifle at any part of her. Press and you will effectively shoot and kill the girl calling attention to yourself. Kenny will sigh and reluctantly pull Lee up ontop of the trailer kicking the panic event into full swing. Because of the attention of the walkers you cannot get all of the items in the drugstore and will have to leave relatively empty handed.

Don't shoot the Girl
Simply press and Lee will not shoot the girl, Kenny will agree with the decision, and will pull Lee up happily. The walkers will never know you were there, and you should have more than enough time to gather all of the supplies from the store before the end of the panic event.

Either way entering the drugstore kicks off the panic event with Lee barricading the door. Either way again you are on a timer, but the length of it will depend on your actions regarding the girl. We will take a step by step process to get through the drugstore:

1. Where you start out will be 8 items between the shelves to either side without moving to another area. You will simply move your cursor and press
2. Upon moving your left joystick to the right two things will happen. Either you will run out of time because you shot the girl, or you will come to the realization that the girl is dead and the walkers are finally coming your way--but in this scenario you still have time to collect. Grab these items and again move Lee to the final area.
3. Keep grabbing the items and remember to open up the cabinet to grab some extra goodies. Blood
Complete chapter 2 of episode 3.

4. You will now need to act relatively quickly and follow Kenny up and over the counter.
5. Lee will get trapped under the caved in barricade. Repeatedly press in order to get out of the mass of walker and wood.
6. Keep tapping the button when Kenny comes to help and remember to switch to the other buttons when they appear.
7. When you get to the fridge press to knock it down and block walkers form approaching from that side way.
8. Keep up with Kenny by running behind him until....
9. The military walker will approach Lee and will require Lee to bash him with the butt of his rifle by again pressing Do it a second time to escape this walker.
10. Upon getting grabbed you will need to fight free by spamming and then the next button in the sequence thus finishing the panic event.

With Kenny and Lee getting away from the drugstore they return to the inn showing a lot of bandit trouble and bandit stress with the slow camera pane of the outside wall. Kenny and Lee go to Lilly's door and a much darker, more depressing Lilly meets them.

Lilly will ask how it went and the dialog here is non-altering although Kenny will rat you out if you shot the girl and brought back little or back you up if you did not and brought back tons. Either way Lilly will be happy with the large loot or worried with the small loot. Like always the topic of leaving comes up and Lilly takes the first major stab:

"Because piling into an RV with you two, after what you did to my dad, is so appealing." - Lilly
1. We do whatever is best for the kids. - Kenny remembers but seems uneasy about this answer.
2. We have to go eventually, Lilly. - Kenny likes you sided with him.
3. This place is fine, Kenny. - Depending on your original thoughts about the motor in way back in Ep. 1 Kenny will either remember that you did not want to go or will see that you have changed your mind about the whole situation.
4. . . . - The Lilly v. Kenny argument continues without Lee being a part of it.

Katjaa/Carley or Doug will come to the door to add to the dialog, all non-altering. Lilly will blow up and proclaim that someone is stealing supplies and kick everyone out. You will get a small snippet of dialog with Kenny, non-altering.

If Carley is still around you can do a small side quest in which you tell anyone/everyone you are a killer. In order to do it go meet Carley up the stairs. Telling people will add another dimension to what they know about Lee and your relationships with them. We will go over this in chapter 3.

Go back to Lilly's room and knock on her door to go in and talk about the thefts. The first two dialog options will be non-altering but the third is key:

"You'd only try to get rid of a flashlight if you were using it when you shouldn't. - Lilly
1. Okay. I'll poke around. - Non-altering response.
2. Seems like you're manufacturing this from nothing. - Lilly remembers and tells you to prove her wrong.
3. It's just a few things. No big deal. - Lilly notices and claims you are the prime suspect.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

Regardless Lee is forced to investigate. Time to delve into Chapter 3.

THE DEADLY DOG 09-20-2012 03:30 AM the Road
Complete chapter 3 of episode 3.

We pick up Chapter 3 coming out of Lilly's room to find Duck listening in on the conversation. Duck will then see himself as a detective and interject himself into your investigation.

In response to Duck wanting to help - Duck
1. Fine, you're Robin. - Duck will eagerly help.
2. You can help. Don't tell anyone. - Duck will help.
3. No. If you tell anybody, there will be trouble. - Duck will be helping anyway. Nice try.
4. . . . - Duck helps anyway.

In order to investigate the thefts you will need to talk to people and find out what they know. Remember that side quest from Chapter 2? We will just go into some detail with that and how people will react. We will return to the investigation after this side-quest. If you don't want to do the side-quest please read on skipping this detailed part.

Carley's Side Quest - Confessions
Ben: Ben will be thankful but scared? He is thankful that you trust him enough in the group to tell him something like that but will be scared of Lee's actions. He certainty won't forget what you told him.
Clementine: Clementine will take your confession to heart and rather silently. Her reactions will be rudimentary and will be slightly worrying if you care for her. She will understand what you did then, and why you are telling her now though.
Duck: You will be unable to tell Duck that you murdered a man. What a shame huh?
Katjaa: Katjaa will react strangely and very emotionally to your confession. For the most part it is a sense of not knowing how to react to such a confession. Although this progression brings up something on Katjaa's mind regarding the meat locker at the St. John's farm. If you choose to fill in Katjaa on the details she will be an emotional wreck. Katjaa will remember the entire conversation.
Kenny: Surprisingly Kenny takes the news rather well, and states so long as you are not a threat to his family the past is in the past. Kenny appreciates your honesty.
Lilly: Lilly will drop a bigger statement than you confessing--she already knows. Lilly seems out of it though although she will remember that you told her yourself.

Note that you do not have to tell everyone and can pick and choose who you want to tell. Once you are satisfied you can return to Carley and wrap up this side quest. If you tell everyone you will even get a kiss.

Carley's Side Quest - Confessions

-Going back to our investigation we will start with Carley/Doug. Head up and talk to them about the broken flashlight. They will claim to know nothing about it.
-Head down to Clem next who is below the stairs. Ask her about the flashlight and she will tell you that neither she nor Duck broke it. You may continue with other conversation regarding her leaf-rubbing if you wish, this will only further your relationship with her.
-We will head over to Kenny and Katjaa on the sofa. Upon talking to them you find out that neither broke the flashlight, but Katjaa knows where it was broken. Success! You can continue talking to either or both of them, the conversation after the flashlight is irrelevant.
-Ben is found still sitting guard of the motor home. Ben will quickly shut down knowing anything about the flashlight. You can poke him for other information if you would like.

After talking to everyone head over to the left side of the motor home to find the broken glass. You will follow the trail of broken glass to a pink chalked X on the wall. Now go through the process of asking everyone who knows about the chalk saving Clementine for last. She will claim that she lost her chalk a while ago and hasn't seen it since. DUCK time!

Duck calls you over and has found pink chalk by the gate to the motor inn. When you get to Duck you have the super cool awesome totally sweet ability to high-five him. You can and then he will think you are the best thing out there. If you don't no worries, he will just be sad and you will be notified you left him hanging. Examine the chalk skuff and open the gate heading outside the motor inn. Head all the way to the right over by a grate. Open the grate and find the bag of missing supplies sitting there waiting.

Lee will bring the supplies and the information he has collected to Lilly. Lilly talks about lining everyone up, about interrogating about being crazy when there is some noise and the eventual invasion by bandits outside. Lilly will go out the back window and will tell you to keep the bandits busy. Any dialog you have with them is irrelevant, just remember to keep them talking.

Lilly will shoot the leader in the head. If you have Doug he will kill one bandit, if you have Carley she will kill two bandits. Everyone starts to scatter and panic event kicks in.

1. If you have Doug this step applies for you otherwise skip this. Move your cursor over the bandit and press to kill him.
2. The other bandit begins to make a run for it. Shoot him if you can, otherwise he gets away and over the wall. No worries either way, more will come.
3. Kenny will give you the rifle and instruct you to keep everyone safe. This following sequence may take some time to get used to. We begin by peeking out the left hand side. You must pick off bandits before they make their way around the left hand side thus getting behind you and kill you. When the edges of the screen get too red duck back behind the truck and pop out again to kill them.
4. During this process attempt to take the guy who is the farthest left out first. Take your time but know when the screen is about to go all red that is the only time when the bandits will shoot you. Your best bet is to simply wait until they are standing still. Once they are both down Carley/Doug and Ben are now safe to make it to the RV. We now pop over to the right side and clear that out.
5. The right side is a little more difficult and will contain 3 bandits instead of 2. Again watch the redness of your screen and keep track of the farthest to the right bandit. Once you kill them Clem gets to run free.
6. Katjaa and Duck are too slow and a walker tackles Duck. Take careful aim and free them. Note that if you are unable to Kenny will save them himself.
7. Now things get a little hairy. If you have Carley with you follow this step. If you have Doug follow step 7.5. With Carley simply cover the right hand side of the RV as she will take care of the left side for you. With Carley you do not have to bounce from side to side. Just make sure you aim for the head as body shots will take time and reloading--taking up to four shots for one walker!
7.5. With Doug you will need to cover both sides. I suggest again getting pretty good at aiming for the head and taking them down at one or two walker intervals. What does this mean? Kill one or two walkers on one side then pop to the other and take care of the closest one or two.

Panic event ends with Lee and Lilly getting in the RV and Kenny showing that he could have driven NASCAR.

Things get hot and heavy in the RV quickly as Lilly goes on a hunting spree to find out who screwed the group over. She either starts with Ben or Carley depending on who you have.

Dialog is about Ben and Lee is asked to give his opinion. - Group Dialog.
1. Ben's a good guy. Ben won't forget that.
2. Why Ben? - Non-altering response.
3. No one's at fault. - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.


Dialog is about Carley and Lee is asked to give his opinion. - Group Dialog.
1. Maybe it was her. - Non-altering response.
2. Carley's trustworthy. - Carley won't forget that.
3. Why her? - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

The following will only happen if Doug is with you. Doug will come to the aid of Ben when Lilly begins to blame him again.

Dialog is about Ben being the thief in the group. Lee is forced to give his opinion. - Group Dialog.
1. Doug's right. - Everyone notices your answer.
2. We need to act NOW. - You and Lilly agree on this topic.
3. Let's just let it go. - You try to let it go.
4. . . . - You choose to remain silent.

If Carley is around Ben will suggest taking a vote on what to do presenting you with some dialog--all non-altering. Ben then offers to simply leave the group if Lilly keeps this up and as soon as he says that Kenny runs over a walker. The argument is then taken outside. Anyone ready for an open aired conflict? See you in Chap 4.

THE DEADLY DOG 09-20-2012 03:30 AM now?
Complete chapter 4 of episode 3.

Upon getting out of the RV, Lilly starts off on either Ben or Carley. Keep an eye out for this specific dialog:

"We should hear what everybody's got to say." - Lilly
1. No way. It was somebody else. - Ben won't forget it. OR. Non-altering response for Carley.
2. I think he/she probably did it. - You vote against Ben. OR. With Carley she won't forget it.
3. I'm not doing this. - Ben won't forget it. If Lilly is going after Carley it appears unimportant.
4. . . . - Conversation continues without Lee.

You then will have two quick dialog options that don't alter the game if you are dealing with Lilly going after Ben. If you are dealing with Carley anything you say she will remember. During the dialog Kenny is working on getting rid of the walker below the tire. Once he finally removes it the situation escalates.

While everyone is looking at Kenny finishing the job, Lilly pulls a gun on either Ben or Carley. If she pulls it on Ben Doug will put himself in between the two and dies for Ben. If she points the gun at Carley she will shoot her in the head.

Everyone goes ballistic and Kenny comes over with the next extremely important decision.

"GET IN. We're leaving this CRAZY BITCH." - Kenny
1. Get in and we'll figure out what to do with you. - You get Lilly back into the RV.
2. You're not coming with us. - You leave Lilly behind.

Either way Lilly will tell the group that you are a murder. If you told everyone before this, her statement will make no difference to anyway. If you didn't tell anyone or more importantly didn't tell Kenny he will be shocked but will have everyone move on.

If you take Lilly with you:
Lee will tie up Lilly's hands, gives Ben the gun, and places him on guard duty as she sits in the back of the RV.
If you leave Lilly:
Lilly will stand and watch as everyone drives away. A walker comes out of the woods, startles Lilly and she runs off into the woods.

On the ride Katjaa will call Lee to the front of the RV for a confession of her own; Duck has been bitten during the attack on the motor home. Dialog here is non-altering so weep your heart out. Katjaa and Kenny decided to keep a careful eye on Duck as they head east hoping and most likely praying for a cure along the way. They want you to inform Clem yourself. Move on over and tell Clem what's happening. You can use this chance to delve deeper into the relationship between the two if you would like.

When you are done Lee will drift to sleep and will be roused when Clem is making noise and she appears as a walker!
-Panic Event-
You will need to mash the button until the event ends and you wake up. If you don't make it you will still wake up.
-Panic Event Over-

Kenny will inform the crew that they need to stop as they cannot go any further. Everyone gets out and sets up mini-camp around the train and RV area. Kenny and Lee will be forced to find a way to move the train. Also keep a lookout for food and water for Duck as he is getting worse.

Our first task is to gather items for later. You may talk to Katjaa/Duck to get this little side quest to help Duck, talk to Clem, Ben, and then head back to the RV. Do the following lines if you have Lilly with you before you get the pencil, otherwise skip it. Go into the RV and run through the dialog options with Lilly. Move to the front of the RV and grab the pencil from the console. As you go to get out of the RV Lilly will come up behind you and claim she could have easily just killed you. The dialog here is non-altering. Lilly will lock up the RV and drive off leaving the group stranded.

If you didn't have Lilly exit the RV with the pencil retrieved from the console up front and talk to Ben. Either way with the Lilly episode or without it you could accuse him which would be the path toward tensing your relationship with Ben.

We will start by getting that water for Duck and checking out the left hand side of the train. Head into that boxcar and notice that it appears someone has been recently living in it. Grab the water lying around and bring it back to Katjaa/Duck. Katjaa will be thankful for your help.

Let's head back to the train and up the yellow ladder. Head toward the right hand side and open up the compartment doors you will pass. The second one will have tools in which you should take one of the three. Keep heading toward the front and you will see a body in the seat. Lee will point his gun and contemplate shooting but it would be too noisy. If you picked up a tool Lee will open the door and smash the skull of a dead human who never was turned walker. Kenny comes up to assume control and informs you that you need to find out how to get the train moving. Remember the pencil we got before? Well there is a notepad in the front compartment that you could do a scribble on in order to see the instructions that were written on the previous page.

Your instructions are the most sure way of solving this puzzle. We will try and talk through it though. We start by looking at the area of the console that has the big 6 on it. We will leave the first two small levels pulled down. The two big ones in the middle we want moved to the up position. The small levers on the right hand side are up for the first one down for the second and up for the third. Once you get them in the correct order Kenny will let you know that the dashboard has lit up.
Here is a quick table of the levers from the left to the right in order:
1 is Down. 2 is Down.3 is Up. 4 is Up. 5 is Up.6 is Down.7 is Up.

Look at the console again and this time find the big 5 portion. Refer to your instructions but here is how we will walk through it:
The first dial should be turned so that it is horizontal and the second should be left alone. You know you have it right when Kenny let's you know that another part of the train is working. We are going to leave the train now and head out the other door to the cabin (the one we did not go through).

Once you head outside notice the walker trapped in the car by the front of the train. Taking care of this walker is part of the Duck side quest. Move over to the car and notice that he is strapped in by the seat belt with animal crackers by his feet. Lee will inform you how we go about this but you will unlatch the walker and move back as to slam its head in the door in order to kill it. Once you do that you can return to Katjaa/Duck with the crackers and again Katjaa will appreciate your concern.

Head back up that little yellow ladder and stop at those doors before the cabin. Open the first door and find the switch that needs to be worked. If you read your instructions you know how the switch needs to be turned, otherwise turn it to the left and then to the right to kickstart the train. Kenny will come over to you and let you know everything is running if you did it right, the dialog here is non-altering.

Head back to the cabin and go over to Kenny and pull the throttle only to find out that something is still attached keeping you in place. Head all the way back to the boxcar on the left. If you didn't already pick up the map inside it grab it now and open up the door at the backside of the red boxcar. Hop to the other side and notice where we are locked in. Take your tool from before and free the train. Upon heading back to the red boxcar you will meet the newest member of the group.

We'll see how things get cleaned up--or don't in the next chapter.

THE DEADLY DOG 09-20-2012 03:31 AM It
Complete chapter 5 of episode 3.

Our homeless friend confronts you and questions you right off the bat.

"You touch any of my stuff?" - Chuck
1. I didn't take anything. - You lie to Chuck.
2. Who are you? - He notices you avoided the question.
3. I took the map of the train routes. - You tell Chuck the truth.
4. . . . - Chuck notices you don't answer his question.

Well now that you know Chuck, and know that for the moment is not a threat to the group you relax your guard and find out that he has already met the group. Any dialog with Chuck is non-altering so feel free to be... for lack of better phrasing--free.

This will be your last chance to chat it up with the group before we hit the rails. I suggest finding out a bit more about Chuck and how everyone likes him. Katjaa informs the group that Duck is getting much worse and Kenny while taken back by it still holds onto some idea of faint hope. Get back to the throttle and give it a pull. This time we move on.

We'll see you on the open rails in 6. Delay
Complete chapter 6 of episode 3.

Leave it to the new guy to spark some sort of discussion in the group. Note that the dialog is non-altering but if you go down the path with "It is" you could see some more interesting non-altering dialog which everyone likes.

Duck will cough up blood and Katjaa will ask that you clean Duck's face. Grab the nearby rag and clean Duck's face to the appreciation of Katjaa. It appears though that it is time to end this. Katjaa wants you to tell Kenny to stop the train. Time to head up front and confront him and of course Kenny is in denial. Option time and be prepared to move quickly. Note that I will only give you dialog segments not the entire chat sequence. Look for these specific answers if you plan on going down the two paths. We will start with getting frisky with Kenny:

Convince Kenny with Violence:
- Start off by pressing to give him the rag.
- Tell him "Nothing you seem to care about."
- Choose "The same way you cared about Hershel's boy?"
- Kenny will now stand up. Two ways to go. Calm him down and back off or get it on.
- Choose to fight Kenny or tell him "I don't know what's wrong with you."
- Kenny pulls his hands up to fight. Move the cursor over his first and press to dodge it.
- Mash the button to have Lee talk.
- Again dodge Kenny's punch.
- Mash again to have Lee talk.
- Repeat this one more time until you finally have knocked some sense into Kenny. Either of the final two options will work, neither has significant consequences. Just note if Kenny lands a punch on you it will show throughout the rest of the episode. Nice touch eh?

--Side Note--
-If you wanted to simply let Kenny win follow the above steps but do not dodge his punches. Kenny will eventually stop the train on his own and will remember what you did.

Reassure Kenny:
- To reassure Kenny press to put your hand on his shoulder.
- Choose the option: "I'm sorry, I just want to talk."
- Then: "Katjaa needs you."
- Then: "I'm sorry."
- Then: "This isn't about Duck."
- Then: "You think you're the reason Duck got bitten."
- Then: "You didn't kill Hershel's son."
- By this time you have finally convinced Kenny to stop the train. Know right now that if you choose any negative response even once during this sequence it will result in a fight.

Kenny will eventually stop the train. Finally Katjaa and Kenny decide they need to take Duck into the woods and shoot him mercifully. The big decision is who should do it.

Lee will kill Duck:
- They both will remember it and take their son into the woods before you kill him.

Katjaa should kill Duck:
- Katjaa agrees and informs you that Kenny should stay back in order to keep his memory clean. You could take this opportunity to reassure Kenny or let him watch his son and wife walk away.

Kenny should kill Duck:
- Katjaa won't allow this and takes Duck into the woods claiming a mother should be the one to do it. Again you can reassure Kenny or let him watch them walk away.

Say nothing:
- You will simply watch Katjaa walk out to the woods with Duck. Again you can reassure Kenny or let him watch.

No matter what the option Clem will wonder where Duck is going. Time for Lee to step up and give an extremely important answer:

Clem's query on Duck leaving - Clem and Lee.
1. I'm/he's/she's putting him out of his misery. - Clem remembers your honesty.
2. I'm/he's/she's killing him. - Clem remembers your honesty.
3. I'm/he's/she's going to make sure he's okay. - Clem remembers your honesty.
4. . . . - Clem remembers your silence and will be visibly upset with you.

A shot rings out from the woods. If you are still with Kenny you will get an additional dialog chance with Clem (non-altering) otherwise you run into the woods to investigate.

We find Katjaa dead by self-inflicted gunshot to the head with Duck still "living" next to her and Kenny sobbing with both of them. Some quick dialog which is non-altering appears here. Kenny will compose himself for his boy:

"What do we do?" - Kenny
1. You do it. End this, Kenny. - Will lead into the following dialog choice below.
2. Give me the gun, I'll do it. - You do it yourself.
3. . . . - Also leads to the next dialog option.

Kenny points the gun at Duck but is unable to pull the trigger. - Kenny and Lee.
1. DO IT! - You let Kenny kill his son.
2. It'll be okay... - You let Kenny kill his son.
3. Leave the timer to run out. - You leave Duck in the woods.

If you kill Duck yourself move your cursor over Duck's head and press Kenny and Lee will walk back to the train together no matter what the result.

Clem is in a deep sense of depression. She understands what happened to Duck, but Chuck has taken the liberty to tell her she will end up just like Duck. Lee needless to say is going up front to find out what exactly is wrong with Chuck. Anyone ready to teach a hobo a lesson? See you in 7.

THE DEADLY DOG 09-20-2012 03:33 AM Behind You
Complete chapter 7 of episode 3.

Getting to the front of the train forces Chuck to ask how Lee is doing. Awfully nice of him eh? He then asks what your future plans are regarding Savannah--and no matter what you tell him you will be told that he doesn't like it. After some quick dialog with Chuck he will tell you what you need to do to extend Clem's life expectancy in this new world:
1. Cut her hair.
2. Put a plan together and go over it with her.
3. Teach her how to shoot.
Any response will end this original conversation with Chuck. You can then talk to him again to find out more about his life although this isn't all that important. Head back to the driver's cabin and notice that there is a map of what could be Savannah above Kenny. Upon talking to him you will notice he won't budge so we will need to get him out of that seat. Leave the driver's cabin and head back toward the red boxcar (the one where Chuck's stuff was in). Go ahead and grab the bottle of whiskey and go in Chuck's bag to grab the pair of scissors.

Bring the whiskey back to Chuck and get the following dialog:

"Want a nip?" - Chuck
1. Sure. - You decide to drink with Chuck.
2. Nah, I'm fine. - You decide not to drink with Chuck.
3. . . . - You decide not to drink with Chuck.

Here's our chance to get Kenny. Tell him Chuck has some whiskey and he will leave the seat to go take a nip. Go ahead and grab that map off the wall where Kenny used to be. Time to head back to the red boxcar. This time passing Ben will spark conversation--he confesses to giving the bandits supplies:

"It's all my fault." - Ben
1. Jesus, Ben... - Ben notices your reaction.
2. I could kill you. - You threaten Ben.
3. Why would you do that? - Ben notices your reaction.
4. . . . - Ben notices your reaction.
Note: Choosing any of the options but #2 will provide more dialog with Ben.

Get back to the red boxcar and talk to Clem. There is quite a bit of dialog that you can conduct with Clem. Ultimately no matter what you choose before choosing learning to protect herself, it will bolster your understanding of the interactions in the game but will not effect the plot.

Lee will begin by teaching Clem how to aim the gun. Lee will be able to give her pointers about shooting, ultimately none of this matters, although if you choose silence she will react sarcastically (ironic huh?) When she begins to shoot you will need to redirect her as her first shot will be a miss. If the bullet went left-up then she needs to pull the gun down and to the right. It is different for everyone. Clem needs to hit 2 bottles for you to be able to move on. This will result in Clem learning how to defend herself.

Initiate dialog with Clem regarding her hair and talk about how it needs to be trimmed in order to keep her safe. Clem will bring up the following topic about the murder you committed when cutting her hair:

"You've killed lots of things now; it doesn't even matter." - Clem
1. Killing is bad, no matter what. - Clem will remember that.
2. No. It's different. - Clem will remember that.
3. You're right. - Clem will remember that.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.
Clem's hair will now be a lot safer.

Next step is putting a plan together with Clem. Talk to her about Savannah and you will get to a section about what to do when you get there. There are two main routes with the dialog; Agree to help look for her parents (silence will also result in this agreement) or tell her that they are probably dead (which she will cry and remember that). After getting the plan together though Clem will ask the following:

Can I uhm... yanno tell my parents? - Clem
1. Sure, go ahead. - Clem stays happy.
2. Clem... come on. That's not a good idea. - Clem gets frustrated and angry with you and tells you that you cannot tell her what to do.
3. . . . - Clem reacts somewhere in between.

Note that these can be done in any order, but all must be done before you can progress.

Right when you finish your last step Kenny will shout from the front of the train and you will come to a screeching halt. Alas it appears that our journey will need to be put on hold as their appears to be a giant tanker of gasoline dangling from an overpass above. Upon getting out Chuck and Kenny have a little tiff which is happily interrupted by a woman accompanied by a man above on the overpass:

"Are you guys gonna be trouble? Because we could've just kept walking." - Christa
1. No, we're friendly. - They remember this differently than the other 3 options.
2. Could be. Who are you? - They will remember this.
3. Define "trouble". - They will remember this.
4. . . . - They will remember this.

Eventually the man with Christa, Omid, will ask you to come up on the overpass to take a look at the gas tanker with him. Lee will need to approach the ladder and click in order to climb it. As you reach the top you will hear the back end of an argument which was probably regarding joining forces with the train folk. Some interesting dialog will take place now first of which is regarding Clem:

"What's your story?" - Christa
1. I found her. I was on my way to jail, day one. - They remember your response type.
2. I've been with her since this all started. - They remember your response type.
3. We've just been trying to get by. - They remember your response type.
4. . . . - Christa notices and plays off of your silence.

And then we work our way to:

"And everybody down there - they're cool?" - Christa
1. Kenny lost his wife and kid. - You tell them Kenny's story.
2. Ben is young and stupid. - They remember what you said about Ben.
3. We just met Chuck. - They remember this precisely.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

After all of that Christa and Omid decide to help your group although it seems as though you haven't won over Christa like you have Omid. On your left hand side is an FRS truck. Open it up and grab the tape. Head back down the ladder and introduce Christa and Omid to the group. Dialog here is non-altering.

Christa breaks off and goes to be with Clem while Kenny decides to teach Omid how to drive a train while Chuck jams out on his guitar like Jimi and Ben decides to go off and do his own thing. Time to investigate that station down the ways--but before we go let's check in on our group;
Clem/Christa- You will head over and find out that Clem is playing a Duck for you with Christa meaning she is being a detective and getting to the bottom of Christa. You can explore some dialog with Christa regarding her and Omid but when you get to the option that asks about the argument avoid it unless you want her to dislike you more.
Chuck- Alas he won't talk to us now. So time to climb the cab and find the boys.
Omid- By talking to Christa first we now have options to explore with Omid which will help you bound with him over history.
Kenny- Kenny is off in his own world and won't hold any decent dialog with you.
Ben- Ben is on top of the train and will not hold any changing dialog so say whatever you would like.

Head all the way to the right of the screen and as you are about to go to the station Clem will decide to tag along. When you get to the station look around and eventually head around the right hand side to find Clem attempting to open the door. Good thing the door is locked, but above it is an open window--sized just big enough for Clem to fit. Examine it and then click on Clem to give her a boost in. The dialog here is non-altering and once Clem is in she will open and unlock it.

Once inside you'll notice it is very dark and a timer starts. This timer is your time in the station until you prop the door open permanently. In order to keep the door open, hover your cursor over the door and you will be able to use your tool from before to keep it open. Head into the station and to the right you will find a blowtorch, the item we need to melt the metal but it is on the other side of the cage along with the keys. Our only option is to give Clem another boost over. Above the door is a gap that you can boost Clem over with this will require pressing on Clem and watching her go over.

As she goes to get the keys she has a horrified look on her face as Lee has walkers behind him. Before Lee can shoot the walkers the gun gets knocked out of his hands and slides under the bars to Clem.
Panic event time.

1. Remember the tool you used to prop the door? We need it. Go to the door and grab it.
2. Hover over the closest walker's head and press to bash its skull in.
3. The final walker is too quick for Lee resulting in the usual quick reflexes series for survival. Starting with you will need to press the other buttons in sequence to live. You'll look up to find Clem too scared to shoot and having a walker coming toward her.
4. Run to the gated door and grab the keys from Clem's hand.
5. From Clem move your cursor to the door/lock area itself and this time we are going with
6. Onto the walker's head and BAM!

Panic event over

THE DEADLY DOG 09-20-2012 03:34 AM

Of course after everything is dead and you and Clem are safe Christa comes bursting in and harps on Lee for taking Clem in the first place. The dialog that comes next will be non-altering for the most part but silence may end up resulting in the most "positive" results. Right before you are about to leave she tells you:

"I hope you know what you're doing with her." - Christa
1. I don't. - Christa won't forget this.
2. Me too. - Christa won't forget this.
3. We're still alive, aren't we? - Christa won't forget this.
4. . . . - Christa remembers your silence.

After Christa leaves go back in and grab the blowtorch and this quick dialog snippet with Clem:

"I'm not ready for a gun." - Clem
1. You have to learn to pull the trigger. - Clem remembers this.
2. We learned everything is dangerous. - Clem remembers this.
3. We learned not to be afraid. - Best Clem moral boosting response.
4. . . . - Clem will remember this.

Now we leave and return to the group. Show Omid the blowtorch and he will offer to go up top with you to do the job, but before you go check in with Christa. She will give you some insight which will allow you to peel away some of those layers of her being all mean to Lee and how she likes how you and Clem are a team. Nobody else is worth the time so up the ladder we go.

Up top we want to hover over the hitch and press which will make Lee start using the blowtorch. A leak seems to put this plan on hold though, luckily we found tape before which we can use to patch it up. FYI the blowtorch is on the ground and once its patched go back to the hitch and start blowing it down. As it falls it catches one last time just out of the reach for Lee. Time to get creative. As Lee dangles Omid over the edge to finish the blowtorch they both see something over the horizon. . . thousands of walkers coming our way!

When the tanker falls Omid and Lee watch the group scatter. You have the option to kick the blowtorch down on the leaking tanker below, whether or not you do it matters little. The train is starting to move and we need to get on it quick. Convince Omid to jump you must.

Regarding jumping - Lee and Omid.
1. Jump. - Non-altering. Lee jumps, Omid jumps and falls.
2. Have it your way. [Push him] - You push Omid then jump.
3. You stay here and we'll go with your lady. - Non-altering. Lee jumps Omid jumps and falls.
4. . . . - Omid pushes Lee off the edge.

Lee lands safely and Omid falls causing Christa to jump out and go after him. Time to decide who to help and to decide it quickly. Moving the camera to the left will save Christa moving it to the right will save Omid.

Saving Christa:
Lee pulls her up first as she screams at him resulting with Omid finally pulling himself up later.
Saving Omid:
Omid goes nuclear screaming and yelling at Lee for not saving her first as she drifts back eventually pulling herself up.
Letting timer run out:
They both pulls themselves up although Christa protests about how you treat your group members.

Lee watches as the walkers fade away, Clem checks on the crew, Omid's leg is broke but everyone seems O.K.

See you for the final ride in Chapter 8. Me Your Ears
Complete Episode 3: "Long Road Ahead"

Clem is sleeping by the window bringing Lee a little sense of happiness until he goes into her backpack and finds a picture Clem drew of Katjaa, Kenny and Duck all happy and holding hands... Heart wrenching I know. Lee quickly hides it as Kenny comes in the back to talk to you about your plan as you are getting close.

Depending on what you told Clem about your plan, you will now share with Kenny. If you decided to look for her parents Kenny will proclaim that's not the plan, if you are going your separate way he will get sensitive, and if you are going to look for the boat then he will share a little sense of happiness. Dialog here is non-altering.

Did you hear something? Is that Clem's walkie? Oh no she didn't.

See you in Ep. 4.

THE DEADLY DOG 09-20-2012 03:36 AM

Alas it is that time of the month.......

Let me start over.

I have wasted even more time with The Walking Dead trying to compile and go through options.

Some poor guy actually PMed me and asked when I was going to start working on Ep. 3 guide. I felt like telling him that he should collect data for me and I will waste the additional 4 hours typing it up. :D

My rant is over. I'll be saving 8 spots and will delete any unnecessary posts when I am done. I would expect construction to start sometime over the weekend/early next week and the guide itself to be done by next weekend hopefully.

THE DEADLY DOG 10-07-2012 01:59 AM

Alrighty then.
Finish I am.
Tired I am.
Editing I will be.

Enjoying you should be.

Till Ep. 4.

And she is done. Enjoy.

* Clueless * 12-30-2012 02:01 AM

* - * - * - * - * - *
- Congratulations! -
* - * - * - * - * - *

This Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member troy0891 and has been published as the
Official Achievement Guide. The link to the Official Guide has been inserted into your Roadmap.

Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.
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You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.

We look forward to your future submissions!

sanger 12-31-2012 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG (Post 5281398)
Alas it is that time of the month.......

Let me start over.

I have wasted even more time with The Walking Dead trying to compile and go through options.

Some poor guy actually PMed me and asked when I was going to start working on Ep. 3 guide. I felt like telling him that he should collect data for me and I will waste the additional 4 hours typing it up. :D

My rant is over. I'll be saving 8 spots and will delete any unnecessary posts when I am done. I would expect construction to start sometime over the weekend/early next week and the guide itself to be done by next weekend hopefully.

Haha. Thanks for the guide, I just finished Episode 3. I share your sentiments about people asking when the guide will be made. Even received question about a future game that has not yet been released if I plan to make a guide for it.

KFZ Scrubs 03-19-2013 02:53 AM

Thanks for the guide.
I hate that little shit Ben.... I had Carley in my playthrough

THE DEADLY DOG 03-19-2013 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by KFZ Scrubs (Post 5642519)
Thanks for the guide.
I hate that little shit Ben.... I had Carley in my playthrough

As you progress you're opinion will either increase into a climax or decrease into a major letdown climax.

Begin to prepare!

KFZ Scrubs 03-20-2013 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG (Post 5642984)
As you progress you're opinion will either increase into a climax or decrease into a major letdown climax.

Begin to prepare!

Don't spoil it for me, but I hope I kill that little shit

THE DEADLY DOG 03-21-2013 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by KFZ Scrubs (Post 5646194)
Don't spoil it for me, but I hope I kill that little shit

Haha I can't wait to hear your reaction from the next episodes.

KFZ Scrubs 03-21-2013 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG (Post 5648420)
Haha I can't wait to hear your reaction from the next episodes.

I ended up letting him live... because he asked me to kill him... and I want him to live in Hell on Earth

THE DEADLY DOG 03-21-2013 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by KFZ Scrubs (Post 5648674)
I ended up letting him live... because he asked me to kill him... and I want him to live in Hell on Earth

An interesting move for an uninteresting character in Ben.

KFZ Scrubs 03-21-2013 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG (Post 5648679)
An interesting move for an uninteresting character in Ben.

Just got to Chap 5.... glad I let him live... so he could experience that

THE DEADLY DOG 03-21-2013 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by KFZ Scrubs (Post 5648753)
Just got to Chap 5.... glad I let him live... so he could experience that


Good ol' Bennie.

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