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IEvil IMonkey 09-22-2012 09:08 AM

Arch Rival Clarification
Arch Rival - You have beaten your first rival in Season Challenge 15:gsicon:

Ok I've started Season Challenge and picked a rival. Then I got the One Shot Qualification and all the winning 1st race achievements but this one never unlocked so what gives :confused:

I thought maybe it unlocks at the end of the season but when there is another achievement (Top of the Class - You have beaten four rivals in one season in Season Challenge 15:gsicon:) am I not right in thinking it SHOULD have unlocked after beating my 1st rival in the 1st race :confused:

Does anybody with this already know the requirements?

scousers on tour 09-22-2012 09:20 AM

to beat a rival its a combined points score over 2 races then you beat the rival (presuming you have enough pts) you can then take his team place or stay with your current team, you will have to do 2 full seasons ( 1 stay with current team all thru, 2 drive for different teams) and at least 4 races in a third to return to your original team

hope that helps

IEvil IMonkey 09-22-2012 10:04 AM

Yes that's cleared it up - thanks alot mate

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