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Judicar 09-27-2012 08:58 PM

Divided We Fall - Any tips on where to do this one?
Need to get this one out of the way...any recommended level to do it at? The achievement came with the Echo 2 pack but I assume it can be done on any Echo level and not just the last 3 since it never specified. I figure putting it on Easy may help a bit but still need a level to complete this on. Asking because I just recently picked this back up to finish off and my recollection of the missions is a bit foggy.

Also, I'm reading in some places that your AI can actually die/get infected whatever but you absolutely cannot die or get infected or the achievement is void. First, is that true? Can you get infected but cure yourself with the spray and be alright? And if you die, can you simply restart from the last checkpoint and still get it or must you restart the entire level over?

Motorexskygtr32 10-07-2012 03:20 PM

It can be done on either echo pack 1 or 2 but I suggests you to do second level of echo pack 1 on casual. Any difficulty don't matter. It's ok to get infected but it will void an achievement only if you are downed by playing online co-op or dead. If AI died, it will not affect the achievement because it only says human player. Hope this help.

In my experience, do solo is more easier than co-op because my friend and I had to retries 3 times because he got downed in first 3 attempts. Hope this help.

I'll make this clear. It's ok to get infected by zombie as long as you have anti viral spray with you but don't become a zombie at all. If you die during the mission, restart the level, not from the checkpoint.

Alemon 11-09-2012 01:04 AM

Complete Nothing is as it Seems

I did on this mission on casual alone. Very small quantity of zombies and the only difficult is the boss, but not that hard.

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