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DLC Achievement Guide and Roadmap
-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Online: 15:gsicon: (1)
-Approximate amount of time to 250: 3-5hrs (if online is boosted)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + some replays of certain levels.
-Number of missable achievements: None. Replayable missions
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? : No

The first paid set of Operation Raccoon City Spec Ops missions takes the Spec Ops team through the most dangerous areas of Raccoon City in order to help assist any survivors, eliminate any USS or BOW opposition, and gather as much evidence as possible to put Umbrella out of business.

This playthrough will take you through three missions, each with their own completion achievements, as well as several achievements for certain actions you'll need to do in each mission. To make the secret achievement easier, play as Recon with maxed out stealth run, when you go through By the Trail of Our Dead. When you play I Now Know Why You Cry, you will want to play as Tweed for the "Ticket to the Gun Show" achievement, and you will also get "Leave no Dead Man Behind" out here by killing all of the zombies in the park during the Nemesis attack. With the first two chapters out of the way, you'll want to play as one of the guy characters in the fourth level and have the 3 AI be the 3 women characters so you can get "Ladies Night". If you do not have the 2nd set of DLC missions, you'll need to keep replaying the sewer part of I Now Know Why You Cry to get the remainder of the 13 Bomb Dogs, which you must shoot/grenade and detonate yourself.

You will need to play online to do "Burning Inside", which can only be done on the Foundry map in versus. To find this, switch the maps in quick match to the Echo Six pack 1 dlc maps.

Achievements: Trails - 20:gsicon:
Complete By the Trail of Our Dead

Story related, unmissable. Pants - 20:gsicon:
Complete I Now Know Why You Cry

Story related, unmissable. Yeah!! - 20:gsicon:
Complete Nothing is as it seems

Story related, unmissable. Worse than Bite - 30:gsicon:
13 Bomb Dogs Detonated

If you don't have DLC pack two, you will need to grind this achievement out by replaying the sewers section of I Now Know Why You Cry. Simply blow up the two dogs by shooting them, or using a grenade, then kill yourself and repeat until you have all 13 kills.

Alternatively, if you have DLC pack two, start up The Places We're Meant to Die. At the very beginning of the level, you'll have a dog running toward you from the hospital parking lot, and you'll quickly come into another one behind the last car in the parking lot. Kill both dogs and run into the fire at the end of the parking lot to kill yourself and repeat. to the Gun Show - 25:gsicon:
As Tweed, use C4 to open door in Foundry

Before starting up I Now Know Why You Cry, change your character to Tweed so you can use the C4 that you will find in a few areas during and after your confrontation with Nemesis. There are about 4 C4 packs that you can find throughout the area, but you'll only need 1 for the door, and do note that Nemesis' rocket launcher will blow up the two gates you need to get through if you manage to get him to shoot the doors. Two easy C4 packs to find are the one by the crashed helicopter in the park, and the other is in the Foundry building at the base of a staircase to a USS soldier in a fortified position (this one is just after the door you need to C4). Upon entering the Foundry from the sewers, head to the right and you'll see a large cell door with a room full of ammo and grenades behind it. Use your C4 on it to destroy the door and let yourself in. Night - 30:gsicon:
Beat an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with the 3 female characters in your party

To keep from messing up with other achievements, you should save this for Nothing is as it Seems. Change your character to any of the male characters, and make the 3 AI characters the 3 women before starting the mission. Upon completing the level the achievement will pop. Note that this can be done on any of the Spec Ops missions. needs guns? - 30:gsicon:
Complete an Echo Six Expansion mission without killing anything with a gun

I Now Know Why You Cry is considered to be the easiest level to get this achievement because there aren't many enemies of any kind that you need to kill, and the ones you do need to kill can be easily taken out when playing as Tweed and using her sticky explosive (:ybut:), which is more effective if it's upgraded. For the boss fight at the end, you CAN shoot the tyrant as long as it doesn't kill him, but really the crucibles will be doing all of the damage anyway, and will kill him in the end. no Dead Man Behind - 25:gsicon:
Kill every zombie in the Park before leaving

Another achievement pertaining to I Now Know Why You Cry. This achievement requires you to simply kill every zombie in the park you go through after passing the clock tower, during your encounter with Nemesis. It's the same area with the crashed helicopter, so you should know it pretty well by now. There aren't a whole lot of zombies to take it so it's not too difficult, and you might as well take this time to grab the C4 if you're playing Tweed. Inside - 15:gsicon:
Kill another player with Crucible in a Foundry Versus Match

This is basically the same deal as the I Now Know Why You Cry mission, just in multiplayer. Make sure to set the quick match settings to DLC pack 1 to make finding the correct map (Foundry) easier. You can do this in a standard versus game, or a private 1 on 1 game with a friend.

Secret Achievement: Lounging Lickers Lie - 35:gsicon:
Do not wake up the Lickers in the Atrium encounter in By the Trail of Our Dead

While you're going after the last bomb in the Trail of Our Dead mission you'll go through the large room that's under construction and has glass all over the floor and trip mines. You should know this well from the USS campaign, though the area was on fire the last time you were here. All you really need to do is WALK through this area, avoiding all of the glass, and obviously the trip mines, until you reach the center of the room and deactivate the bomb. If you want to run, play Recon and max out your silent run skill, otherwise take it slow. Your teammates shouldn't set this off, but if they do just kill them prior to trying the achievement and do it solo.

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