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Ace Pattasan 10-01-2012 02:29 PM

Is NBA2k13 worth buying. Tell me Gamers
What is the diffrence between 2k13 and 2k12?
Whats new?
What has been improve?
Whats new in myPlayer mode (dont care about the tweets seems the same as maddan 13)
In 2k13 Why add connected careers when you know half of the people are not most active to even play.

Any thoughts people?

Ohh So Godly 10-01-2012 03:14 PM

OF course its worth buying. If you've played previous versions of this game you would know that there is no question. This is also the only basketball game on the market right now, so I'd suggest you purchase it.

Danny Dibo 10-01-2012 05:15 PM

I skipped 2k12, because I heard the online was very bad. (connection/lag)
But im buying this off of 2k11s merits alone.
I have a blast with the 2k games past few years, and I expect this year to be no different.
If your looking at it as just a quick completion, then you are most likely going to be very upset with this game. If your like me, who enjoys basketball in real life and have played older installments of basketball video games before 2k got it right, your going to get more then your moneys worth.

Sarcastro 10-02-2012 11:11 PM

I played the demo, I wasn't impressed. I'm reading there's an error happening that is deleting My Player and Association saves as well.

Like every NBA 2K game, they release a buggy POS and consumers have to wait a few months to get fixes.

I'm waiting for a price drop, and the problems to be fixed.

If you have 2K12, do what I did, go into the 2K Share and download the 2K13 roster update someone made. It should be easy to find, as it has thousands of downloads.

I'm now playing a Pistons association with the entire rookie class, and update contracts, trades and rookies across the league. With that, I can wait until it has a sale for $30 or so.

Personally, I can't recommend buying it at $60 unless you're one of those people who mindlessly hands over their cash for the shiny new toy, disregarding the value of the product itself against its alternatives and substitutions.

Also, I can easily wait as I play Borderlands 2 and Dishonored and XCom release next week. :woop:

note: I'm not trying to dump on anyone who did buy 2K13. It's your choice.

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