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Borderlands 2 Overview
Borderlands 2 Achievement Guide [NONE]
Sticky: Achievement Discussion

Guide Threads
Sticky: Achievement Guide and Roadmap
Sticky: Borderlands 2 Complete FAQ/Guide
Sticky: Challenge Accepted Guide
Challenge Accepted Achievement Check List
How To Find Jimmy Jenkins [Credit: F8L Fool of ]
Vault Symbol Hunting Help Thread SPOILERS

Trading Threads
Sticky: Achievement Trading Thread
Sticky: Borderlands 2 Co-op [Player List]
Locked: Borderlands 2 Co-op [Player List] [LOCKED]
Sticky: The Weapons, Shields, Mods, Relics & Skins Trading Thread

Where is? / How do I? Threads
How To Find Jimmy Jenkins [Credit: F8L Fool of ]
Jimmy Jenkins Discussion Thread
Best Boss To Farm For Legends?
List of places that you cant fast travel too? [Map Included]
Best weapons for level 50 and killing terramorphous
Best way to farm purples? Going for Decked out
Michael Mamarill? [*Spoiler!*]

Misc Threads
Skill Tree Builder / Character Discussion
Golden Keys Thread
Easter Eggs and Allusions
The Official Bitching Thread
Does a MOD w/skill point stack on maxed skills?!?!

Glitches/Bugs Threads
Golden Key Infinite Loot Glitch (PATCHED NO LONGER WORKS)
Unlimited Loot Glitch (Easiest way)(PATCHED NO LONGER WORKS)
Level 50 Exploit - Level 50 in an Hour
[BUG] Vault Hunter pre-order relic can be overwritten
[BUG] Badass Rank/Token Reset!!!!!!

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