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FUNGALSHAMBLER 10-05-2012 06:35 PM

4 items on guide, but the map states there are 5?
On the Kingdom Navy Headquarters, I grabbed 4 items on the map (stamina fruit, armor box, life shard box, and the memory shard). According to the guide that's all of the items, but the game is giving me a question mark as though I'm missing an item. Is the game glitched or is there another item that's not included in the guide?

SpinelesS 02-11-2013 12:23 PM

Guide states 5, though the map only shows 4. The missing shard chest is the one you reach by "jumping over the shard chest at the top of the elevator". This takes you into the orange area you can't reach from the ground that contains the unmarked chest.


Originally Posted by Tyger7 (Post 3852197)

Kingdom Navy Headquarters

Stamina Fruit: Climb up the ladder you see when you first enter the area. Drop down on the right and push the box to the other box. Now jump over, run to the wall and shimmy to the fruit.

Kingdom Navy Headquarters

Costume Chest (helm of darkness): (Fire Power Required): The same box you just jumped over to get to the fruit will have to be destroyed once you get the fire power. After it’s destroyed you can move the other box and jump up to get the chest. To destroy it, blow up the boxes on the bottom of the tower. Now you have access to bombs. Take one up the elevator (make sure Majin is with you). Now you’ll have to light it, jump to the balcony part, and throw the bomb. This part can be very tricky, and if you miss/mess up then you’ll have to go back down to get the bomb again.

Kingdom Navy Headquarters

Life Shards: When you get to the top of the area via the elevator, look to the side to see the chest.

Kingdom Navy Headquarters

Life Shards: Now just jump over the chest and fall down to another area. Look to the right and grab the chest. Continue back up the way you started to get back to Majin and to break the seal.

Kingdom Navy Headquarter

Memory Shard: To the left of the gate you had to open to get to the elevators is some cliffs with fences on them. The brown spot on the North part of the map is a ledge you can get to with Majin. On top of that ledge is the dhard.

EDIT: whoops, didn't see how old your post was, ah well I hope this helps anyone else who is having trouble with the final item in this area...

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