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iGoTiT4FrEe 10-09-2012 02:06 PM

Need Advice "Gunzerker" Setup for Playthrough 2
ok ,I love playing as the Gunzerker and pretty much smashed the first playthrough without batting an eyelid. Finished the game in the end at lvl36 so thought I'd start my second playthrough but no matter what I'm just getting smashed left,right and center by the enemy.

I'm now lvl40 and still getting owned by enemies that are like 5 levels below me, they just smash my shield (over 7,000) and my health (over 13,000) in like 2 shots and have me pretty much running for cover lol, I just don't get it....

So I'm looking for some advice on how to setup the Gunzerker to have a good chance at finishing the game on TVH. Basically I'm sick of losing my cash everytime I die which leaves me with less of course so how the fuck do you by guns/ammo to go get revenge if they keep taxing you for respawning.

I think it is one of the stupidest things in this game.....Punish you further (as if dieing wasn't bad enough) by restricting your ability to buy better guns/more ammo to try and get past it.

Any advice would be sweet, TIA ;)

Samurai Ralan 10-09-2012 02:27 PM

Ammo regen mod with Tediore shotgun throws, fire once and hit them with the reload.

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