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The Pants Party 09-18-2007 01:05 AM

Achievement Trading Thread
Post here if you need to trade the online achievements.

Khaos 09-23-2007 02:50 AM

I'm in for some boosting

-----Reverend Khaos

stronglikepepsi 09-23-2007 04:25 AM

Still need my 25 online races....

Send me an FR and let's finish this!

tag is 'stronglikepepsi'

Edit - Nevermind - just finished with Mr. Khaos

dazedblaze420 10-01-2007 04:08 AM

this is the only achievement i need to get to have 200/200 for this game can neone help me out with this i will do the same for you send me a FR my gt is Xx DeStRuCt xX with a message saying pocketbike so i know what the fr pertains to much thanx

Mtld 10-02-2007 05:04 PM

I need a partner for Pocket Bike Racer

Also looking to complete DOOM, Big Bumpin, JetPack Refueled, Contra and TMNT1989

GT : Mtld


I Mr Beefy I 10-03-2007 07:46 PM

Anyone care to help me get the 25 Live Games achievement?


Milborn 10-06-2007 02:51 AM

I am up for achievement trading. just send a FR to Milborn

Rath85 10-22-2007 01:35 AM

If anyone is up for getting the 25 races please send me a friend request to Rath85

Rath85 10-25-2007 02:09 AM

Never mind just got it.

thenixhex311 10-29-2007 11:36 AM

I just got all 3 BK games off of eBay yesterday...if anyone is still playing this and wants to help eachother get the 25 online game achievements, hit me up!


antnie 11-08-2007 05:54 AM

If anyone wants to boost hit me up.

wgpfly 11-27-2007 01:33 AM

Anyone down for getting some of the online achievements for this? Hit me up wgpfly

ZyNLeX 11-30-2007 06:41 AM

Edit: Done

towelie07 12-03-2007 02:46 AM

I need the 25 races. I'm definitely ready to trade/race.

Danny Dibo 12-03-2007 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by towelie07 (Post 507537)
I need the 25 races. I'm definitely ready to trade/race.

I need these too. We can trade.
Send me a F.R. Whenever and we will finish them.

towelie07 12-04-2007 07:52 AM

Sent it today. Looks like you got it. Talk to you soon.

Super_Chicken 12-09-2007 02:29 PM

Some one send me GT: UltraLobster a friend request with the message Pocket Bike Racer, I need the 25 races, I can do this anytime after Friday the 14th.

Super_Chicken 12-14-2007 03:06 AM

Thanks Kwoody, got 200/200 :drunk

roy1751 12-22-2007 02:11 AM


Originally Posted by antnie0425 (Post 467613)
If anyone wants to boost hit me up.

Thanks antnie, got 200/200 :drunk

zdarko43 12-31-2007 10:54 PM

all i need is the online games
no one is on this game at all!! haha i tried searching for online games and returned no results, hosted a game and waited for bout 5 mins and no one joined.

so please help!!
much appreciation!

gamertag = zdarko

Ragster6466 01-07-2008 07:02 AM

I need this one for some weird reason I didn't get it after playing around 45 games :(
Add me but tell me for what game (I'm sending these out for a lot of games lol)
GT: Ragster6466

IGC ELIMINATER17 01-19-2008 04:57 AM

I pretty much need the online achievements n this game so if u want to help me out send me a friend request. Ill help u out n return also

StingX2 02-06-2008 01:12 AM

looking for the 25 win achievement

Deleted2014-12-02 02-10-2008 10:14 PM

If there is anyone on right now, I'll be searching for the next hour or so I guess, so if you want a game, come find me.

anthonyd46 02-15-2008 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by Itsbrown4606 (Post 634189)
If there is anyone on right now, I'll be searching for the next hour or so I guess, so if you want a game, come find me.

If you still need the 25 race achievments ill do it with you cause i dont have it either just send me a friend request

MA91CMAN 02-18-2008 06:01 AM

I am looking to get the 25 matches online achievement. If anyone wants to help me, send me a friend request. Ill be on and off every 15 minutes to check, and if I see a request ill stay on. MA91CMAN!

Frantic Killer4 02-22-2008 04:29 AM

Need 25 games completed as the achievement says....


Reaper x360a

HammerT48 02-22-2008 08:08 PM

I'm down for getting the 25 games complete as well:

HammerT48 is my tag

themikewoo 02-29-2008 06:10 PM

I need the Pro Gamer achievement. If you wanna boost please send me a friend request.

My gamertag is Howboutporkchop

Sabre Kane 03-07-2008 04:12 AM

I need the Pro-Gamer and Multiplayer King, anybody want to help?
GT: Sabre Kane


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