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TheIanator 10-31-2012 04:43 AM

Does the Completionist achievement need to be in one Playthough?
So I pulled something really stupid, and managed to complete You. Will. Die. on playthough 2 instead of 1. On playthrough 1 I have every single quest done, except for You. Will. Die. On playthough 2 I have You. Will. Die. completed, but not Marcus's quests or the Circle of Duty quests.

My achievement hasn't unlocked, so I assume that I either have to kill Crawmerax again on playthough one, or complete all the difficult high leveled miscellaneous quests on playthough two. Am I correct in assuming that? And does any max level character want to do me a favor and help me get this last achievement easier?

Currently level 61.

STOMACHofSTEEL 10-31-2012 10:17 AM

Yes, you are correct in assuming that. For the achievement, you need to complete every quest within one playthrough.

Killing Crawmerax in PT1 should be easier than doing those Circle of Duty quests, cause after killing Crawmerax in PT2, all enemies in PT2 should have scaled to his level.

You should try out the Crawmerax Glitch spot:

You may have to read through the thread a bit, though.

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