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Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 09:56 AM

100% Sync Guide (Perfectionist) Perfectionist 50 :gsicon:
Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.

This is a full guide for the 'Perfectionist' achievement. The guide will layout all the objectives you'll need to complete to earn 100% in each Sequence.

The Sequences will be shown in order and will have small details to help you pass each mission as well as videos for added help. If you have any better routes or ways of completing certain objectives, please post here.

Also, any other discussions about this achievement and anything relating to it, should be posted and ask here to save on forum clutter.


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Sequence 4 (#5)
Sequence 5 (#6)
Sequence 6 (#7)
Sequence 7 (#8)
Sequence 8 (#9)
Sequence 9 (#10)
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First off I'm letting you all know there will be spoilers. If you don't want any of the story ruined while you playthrough, please read carefully or not at all.

Overall this achievement isn't too hard but a couple of missions may cause you a few troubles. Just remember that if you fail one of the objectives at any point, the game now has a 'Restart Checkpoint' option. Using this does not void the achievement, so use it whenever you feel it's needed. I'll only be listing the missions which go towards this achievement.

Also take note that I won't be laying out how to constantly do attacks like certain assassinations, parries, sequential combo's etc. Please learn them via the tutorial in Sequences. It simply saves on typing space.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 09:59 AM

Sequence 1

Mission 1: Refresher Course
  1. Perform an air assassination (2)

You should no issues getting 100% on this mission as it's basically the tutorial. Just follow the on screen tasks and you'll get 100% at the end of the course.

Mission 3: Journey to the New World
  1. Limit health loss - 10%

This are pretty simply once again. During the fights, you can either hold :bbut: and then attack once you've parried or do a counter by pressing :bbut: just as the NPC attacks you and you can then counter with a flurry of attacks by pressing :xbut:.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 09:59 AM

Sequence 2

Mission 2: Johnson's Errand
  1. Kill Mercenaries using firearms (10)
  2. Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health

You can combine both of these objectives together. The first half of the mission can get you around 5 kills with a firearm. Things can get a bit hard due to the long reloading and close quarter fighting, so it maybe less, but don't worry.

When the second objective takes place, you should be at the front of Hickey/Lee. This way you can take on the advancing guards before they get near the other two. Remember, that if you haven't got all 10 firearm kills to use your gun or one off the floor until you reach it.

Mission 3: The Surgeon
  1. Reach Undetected
  2. Eavesdrop on moving group of guards

These two objectives are combined into one. On this mission you'll learn about eavesdropping and SSI's. Follow the missions main objectives until you have to eavesdrop 3 groups of people.

To not get detected, you'll need to enter the eavesdrop zone and blend in with the community. So this means, stand near a stool, or sit on a bench etc. When you see a white little dot above your head, this means you've blended in.

When it comes to a set of moving guards, simply stay a small distance, but still in the eavesdrop circle. Take note that once you're done eavesdropping, the NPCs will still become alert if you walk to close to them, so find a good route out, away from their line of sight or wait until they've moved on.

Mission 4: The Soldier
  1. Limited Detection Time (0:15 Seconds)
  2. Prevent snitches from calling reinforcements
  3. Perform sequential combo kills (3)

The first part to this mission is easy. Simply keep out of the red circle of the advancing guards and you'll be. Just make sure you keep a line of site on them, otherwise you'll lose them and have an allotted time to get them back into view.

After Lee distracts the guards into the alley, you'll now have two new objectives to complete in this mini fight. First you'll want to deal with the snitches and there's two of them. You're in luck though as, one will be killed right away by your allies.

As soon as the fight starts, look in front of you and little to the right. You'll see a guy holding a drum. This is the snitch you're going to kill. Right away, run up to him and either try and assassinate him or shoot him with your gun. If he runs and gets away, just restart the checkpoint. Once he's dead, move onto the next objective.

To pull off a sequential combo, you'll need to first counter an attack. Once you've countered, hit :xbut: to kill the target. During this animation, hold the :ls: towards another close guard and press :xbut: again to lunge towards them and get an instant kill. Repeat until 3 guards have died by this method.

If by chance you get interrupted or you have to block/parry, then this will break the chain. So just restart the checkpoint. Also note that even though the 'Prevent snitches from calling reinforcements' objective doesn't tick off once you've killed the snitch, it does not mean it's not completed. It'll complete once you've finished the mission.

Mission 5: Infiltrating Southgate
  1. Find and kill the General
  2. Perform stealth assassinations from a corner spot (3)
  3. Avoid firing line damage

The video below shows a good way to complete the first two objectives. This mission is pretty easy as long as you keep to the outskirts and pick your spots. There's only a few guards around which are moving and allow you to pull off a corner assassination. To pull one off, simply push yourself up to a corner of anything and you'll automatically learn up against it. When the target is close, press :xbut: to kill them. If one doesn't quite get into the right position, line yourself up and press :bbut: to whistle. This is distract the guard and bring him over to your location.

You'll be given a quick tutorial on how to avoid being damaged by a firing line and this is the only you'll have to avoid being hit from. If you get hit, just reload the checkpoint.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 09:59 AM

Sequence 3

Mission 1: Unconvinced
  1. Health limit lose - 50%
  2. Use breakable objects during the fight (2)

The first objective covers two sets of fights. First are the wolves. You can either shoot them, which is the best option or wait for them to attack and then deal with the QTE's that pop up on screen. Once you've killed the first few, search for the mysterious and then simply keep running after her. If any other wolves attack, either deal with them with the methods mentioned or keep running away from them.

The second is the tavern fight later on and also combines the second objective. When the fight begins, make sure your fists are set as your weapon. You'll now need to circle around the tavern until you see the white webs around the tables. Get close to one and when one of the guards attacks, counter him and Haytham should use the object in the counter. Do this one more time to complete the objective.

Mission 2: Execution is Everything
  1. Do not kill any guards
  2. Sabotage cannons (2)

This mission can be a little tricky due to the fact you can't kill any of the guards. This means you're going to have to be fast and efficient when going through the area and going from one stealth spot to another. If things do get too close for comfort, you CAN knock out a guard with your fists attached. This knocks them out and does not count as a kill. Feel free to use smoke bombs as well.

At the start of the mission, go down the hill and jump into the back of the carriage. This will take you right into the area you need to be without being spotted.

Your best bet now is to follow the video if you're having some issues. So, jump out of the carriage and head up onto the east building beside you. From here you can eavesdrop on the guards without having to avoid being detected.

Now for the cannons. One is a little south of your position, while the other is a little further into the town but still south on the map. The first shouldn't bee to hard to reach and sabotage in time. Just like all stealth games, the NPC's have a set route unless you disturb it. So watch where they go and move when their backs are turned.

Mission 3: The Braddock Expedition
  1. Kill Militia without triggering open conflict (2)
  2. Destroy powder carts

There's a few guards in this small area that you're going to have to kill via a stealth assassination to pass the first objective. Only 2 need to be killed by this method, so take your time and pick them off. There's plenty of hiding spots, so circle the restricted area and learn the NPCs movements. Once you've killed the first 2, you can then, if you feel like it, go full out on the rest.

During the second part of the mission you'll be on horseback and chasing after Braddock. All you need to do is follow him and you'll pass each powder cart along the route you take. When close to one, press :ybut: to shoot your gun and blow it up. Remember to reload in time for when the next one pops up.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 09:59 AM

Sequence 4

Mission 1: Hide and Seek
  1. Find all the children without making a mistake
  2. Find all the children within the given time (4:00 Minutes)

For this mission, you're given 4 minutes to find all the children. Your task of not making a mistake means you need to find all the clues as you search for them. The clues are pointed out to you via a white magnifying glass on the floor and most as close to each other in a line. If you're having trouble finding one, use your Eagle Vision.

Mission 2: Feathers and Trees
  1. Do not touch the ground or water
  2. Collect three feathers

Not touching the floor is a simply task during this mission. After the river cutscene, just make sure you take the right hand side route. The path is laid out for you and touching the rocks before the river is perfectly fine.

Now onto the feathers. Start off by picking up the first two feathers that are shown on your mini map as they're quite close to each other. Now head towards your yellow mission marker. Along the way, you should see another feather icon pop up on the map. Simply climb the tree and grab the 3rd and final one.

If you're having issues finding any more feathers in the area, look for the view point and climb to the top and synchronise the area. Doing so, will show all the feathers in the surrounding area.

Mission 3: Hunting Lessons
  1. Combine bait and snare to catch an animal (3)
  2. Hunt more than one type of animal
  3. Air assassinate animals (2)

For this mission, you'll need to bring back a total of 5 pieces of meat. Through all the objectives, just make sure you kill 3 different types of animals. It doesn't matter what objective you do this by, just make sure they're not all are the same. Three you can go for are - Dear, fox & rabbit.

Snaring an animal is pretty simply. Combine your bait and snare via the D-Pad and then place it down. Animals of all sorts will flock to it. It comes down to a 'first come, first served' basis. So wait for one to get snared and then collect the meat.

The air assassinations can be a little more tricky, as find animal in the right spot maybe a little tedious. You best bet is to keep up high in the trees and simply free-run around the area looking for easy targets.

Mission 4: Something to Remember
  1. Avoid mid-air collisions

Quite a tricky objective this one. You'll need to go through this flying section without hitting any of the tree or cliffs and anything else that pops up in your way. There's no real tactic to this, other than skill and luck. If you fail and hit two things, then restart the checkpoint.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 09:59 AM

Sequence 5

Mission 1: A Boorish Man
  1. Limit health loss - 50%

Same as all the other health related one's. Just parry/counter attacks and you should be fine.

Mission 2: A Trip to Boston
  1. Escape within the given time

Right at the end of the mission, you'll be given 1:18 to escape the area. This is more than enough time. Simply run in any direction, keeping to the rooftops if possible and get outside of the red zone. Remember to hide yourself in some hay or the water for it to count. Your best bet is to stick with the your starting direction - North / north-east.

Mission 3: Boston's Most Wanted
  1. Do not raise your notoriety to level 3

I'd suggest you keep to some of the rooftops near by and watch the patterns of the guards before you make any moves in taking down the wanted posters. If you do get into some conflict, which you want to try and avoid, try and dispatch the attacking guards as soon as possible.

This will help in escaping and calming down your notoriety as well as anymore guards spotting the fight.

Mission 6: River Rescue
  1. Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry

This objective is pretty straight forward but can cause a few restarts if you're not fast enough. Even though the video below shows the method of taking the left route, I found it easier to keep to the right and jump across/around the river. This was due to encountering two wolves on the left which hindered my speed and keeping up with terry.

Find the route that suits you, but the last part is all the same and this is where speed comes into play. You'll reach a hanging tree with 4 branches pointing out which you'll need to jump across. While doing this, you should be parallel with Terry and the log he is hanging on.

In most cases, you'll have to get to the 4th one to be level with him and more into a position to jump onto his log rather than jumping into the water. If he gets too far ahead, you'll dive right into the water and fail. You need to get to the furthest branch and then press :rtbut:+:abut: to launch yourself onto his log to save him.

Mission 8: The Hard Way
  1. Don't take any damage
  2. Use swivel guns to destroy ships (2)
  3. Successfully brace when attacked (3)

For the first objective, I'd recommend you stay at half-sail for most of it. This way you'll have a lot more control over the ship. Make sure you keep away from the rocks on the side. Even getting too close the rocks that are hidden underwater will damage the boat. So try and keep the ship at a fair distance. Remember to also use your mini-map as a guide, as it shows you the rock markers as you're sailing.

The 2nd/3rd you can either choose to do during the first sea battle again the 3 smaller ships or leave the 3d on for the last battle against the bigger English frigate. Smaller ships will fall to your swivel guns, so after the gun training, this is where you'll have to use them.

Simply aim and for the cursor to go red and fire. Destroy 2 of the 3 ships this way and it'll be complete. For bracing against attacks, you can either do this again the first lot or the frigate. All you need to do is watch out for when the enemy ship is going to fire by the highlighted beam coming out from it.

Once it turns red or is close to, press :xbut: to have the whole crew brace and cuk from the attack. Do this 2 more times to complete the objective.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 10:00 AM

Sequence 6

Mission 1: On Johnson's Trial
  1. Stay below notoriety level 2
  2. Limit firearm use (4)
  3. Use powder kegs to destroy smuggle cargo

Keeping your notoriety down shouldn't be too hard. The trick is to use your fists if you worried about breaching past level 2. This way you won't be killing people. This part of the objective only relates to the tax collectors.

For the 2nd objective, you'll be tasked with not using any firearms. During this time though, you'll need to destroy 3 powder kegs and this classes as using 3 of your 4 up. So this means, you do not want to fire any weapons from when the objective is shown other than blowing up the cargo.

Now onto the cargo. Around the surrounding area will be some kegs you'll need to pick up and take to the cargo spots. Now you've completed objective one, you're free to kill any guards and not worry about your notoriety. Just remember to not shoot any firearms.

Now simply run around the area grabbing the kegs and taking out the cargo. Place them down next to the cargo and shoot each one to destroy them.

Mission 2: The Angry Chef
  1. Limit time spent in open conflict (15 Seconds)
  2. Limit Chapheau's health to 50%
  3. Perform five low-profile assassinations

All 3 of these objectives will become active as you start to escort Chapheau. Along the walk, you'll encounter a few guards which you'll need to depose of. The trick here is to kill them without any alerting anyone so you can complete the low-profile assassination objective. The good thing is, Chapheau is a nice distraction, so use this to your advantage. Also, remember that any open conflict fights will countdown the 15 seconds you get, so try and do all kills low profile if possible. The timer will only reset once you reach a checkpoint.

As shown in the video, the first two guards are easy to kill without causing any open conflict. While the front one of the two turns his back, kill the other one and then the first. When you reach the second group of guys, you can't low-profile kill them due to the crowd of people surrounding them. Simply blend into the crowd and kill each guard one-by-one.

When you reach the third set of guards, repeat what you did for the first. For the forth, you're going to have to go into open conflict. If fast enough though, you can get a double assassination and hopefully another. But if not, remember to counter then sequential kill the remaining guards before the 15 seconds are up.

Then next set of guards walking down the street shouldn't be too hard to kill. You should be able to low-profile one of them (reaching the target of 5), while quickly killing the other. Head down the alleyway and repeat the process you used in for the first/third set. If you haven't reach the target of 5 LP kills now, you should here as these are the last lot of guards before the missions end.

Mission 3: The Tea Party
  1. Dump crates of tea in the water (10)
  2. Throw redcoats in the water (3)
  3. Perform musket air assassination

These objective will become active during the second part of the mission. As soon as it starts, you'll have more than enough crates around you to complete the first objective. Once you've that, the 'Redcoat' guards will attack.

First you'll need a musket. You can either grab one from the many on the ship or grab one for a dead body. For the air assassination, you can either follow the tactic the video shows, but it can be a little temperamental or you can climb the crates no the ship and attempt one off them. If you climb any higher up the gallows, Connor will drop the firearm.

Next up you'll need to throw 3 guards into the water. Head off the side of the ship and perch yourself near the edge of the side-walk. Press :bbut: to counter one of their attacks and follow this up with :bbut: again to throw them over the edge. Just make sure you're aiming the :ls: stick in the right direction.

Mission 4: Hostile Negotiations
  1. Reach Johnson undetected
  2. Limit native American casualties (1)
  3. Perform a swan dive to escape

The objective can be a bit tricky. There's a few of things you don't want to do;

1: Don't use any weapons. Trying to kill someone with your gun will alert nearby guards and trying to kill any with your bow will also cause you to get detected as it takes 2 bows to kill them. Same goes for your rope darts.
2: Don't run straight to the marker. There's a few sneaky hidden guards about, so you'll only get spotted.
3: Tale your time. There's no time limit, so scout the area checking each spot and work from cover to cover.

The video below, shows a good tactic on general direction to take. Once you've crossed the river, keep to the left edge of the red bubble. Once you reach the little barn, climb the cliff edge which is right in front of you. Once at the top, take cover and look to your right (north). You should see a broken tree you can climb. Climb this and free-run from branch to branch, until you reach the house on the cliff. Watching out for the moving guards around the area, head to the marker for a cutscene and you'l complete this objective.

The last two objectives are quite simply. After the cutscene, run up the ladder which is against the tree and free-run your away across the to houses roof. Once there, walk to the edge and air assassinate Johnson. If your'e fast enough, this will complete the second objective.

The swan dive can only be done at a certain point. As soon as you have control of Connor again, fight a few guards until it's just you and them left. Now run east to the cliff edge. You may have to make a big jump here, so be warned. Once you, you should see a long branch pointing out over the cliffs edge. Run along this and jump off the edge to swan dive an complete the last objective.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 10:00 AM

Sequence 7

Mission 1: The Midnight Ride
  1. Do not trigger open conflict
  2. Reach Prescott's location within the given time (2:00 Minutes)

The first objective is pretty simply. Keep pressing :lbbut: when needed to get directions from Revere’s directions. If at any point you see a group of guards, just hold back and let them pass.

Once you have Prescott's location, you'll now have 2 minutes to reach it. Once you have control again of Connor and the horse, your best bet is to get out of the alert zone - yellow bubble. Doing so will make things a little easier. Once done, simply head to the marker, keeping to the roads. Once you reach the markers general area, Revere’s will need to give you further instructions to the precise location. Follow his instructions and and you should come to a small house in the hills where Prescott is situated.

Mission 2: Lexington and Concord
  1. Rescue civilian hostages (1)
  2. Kill groups of regulars with a single order (7)

At the start of this mission you'll be given 3:00 minutes to reach Concord. On the journey towards it, the first optional quest will pop up as you hit a fork in the road. Take the left route towards the new marker. The guards you need to kill are literally a down the road a little. Reach them at the bridge and kill them to complete this objective, then follow the yellow marker again.

The second objective is unmissable. You'll be tasked with giving set allies orders on when to shoot at the advancing enemy. Simply run from group to group giving the orders at the right time and they should kill the troops. Each group you take down adds to the counter.

Mission 3: Conflict Looms
  1. Cross Charlestown without taking damage
  2. Assassinate the Grenadier
  3. Remain undetected while on ships

Note: I recommend you have at least 5 arrows and 3/4 poison darts on you for this mission. Be warned, that if you fail, you need to do both ships again. I'd suggest you follow my steps below instead of the videos, as it's a lot longer and requires so much equipment.

The starting objective shouldn't cause you any trouble. Just keep hold of :rtbut: and run down the streets that open up to you. You'll then need to run through some alleys and from there, simply jump into the water.

Now for the objectives that everyone is finding hard. Personally, I did this in two goes, so below is the best tactic. When facing the ships, head to the one on the right first. Swim around it, so that when you climb up, 1; most of the guards have their backs to you and 2; you're holding onto the second open type ledge (barrels you need to explode are directly in front of you).

The only thing you need to worry about here are the two moving guards. One is patrolling the deck, while the other is to the far left. The only way to do this is to wait until both guards have stopped and are next to each other on the left. So this may take some waiting until their timings match. Once they are, they'll move apart at a similar time, wait until the deck guard moves past you and then make your move.

Quickly jump up, run to the barrels and press :bbut:. Now turn the camera and jump back off the ship the way you came on. If done fast enough, no one will notice you. One guard may get a slight red triangle, but he shouldn't come alerted.

Now head to the second ship and place yourself in the same spot as the last. There's a couple of things you need to do now. The first is you're going to need to kill the normal rifleman first with a ledge kill. First look to your right and make sure the guard there isn't looking. Then to the left and the guard at the other end is facing away. Lastly, make sure the Grenadier is not near (kilt wearing NPC). If all is clear, make or kill. Now move along to the right set of ropes going up. Wait until the Grenadier and the rifleman near aren't looking and when clear, start to climb up to the first platform.

Once done it's easy from here. Jump over to the middle platform, then look back at the guard near the where you just came from. Get into a position and kill him with your bow. It'll take 2 shots, but he won't notice you. Now jump to the other platform at the end of the ship and get into a position where you can aim at all 3 guards here. Simply aim and kill them all with a poison dart.

Wait until they've all dropped and by this time then Grenadier should be near investigating the bodies. Now's you chance to air assassinate him. Lock on and hit :xbut: and you're done!

Mission 4: Battle of Bunker Hill
  1. Cross the battlefield without taking damage
  2. Limit regular kills (4)
  3. Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected

The first objective is personally a lot easier than it is made out to be. Get to the first cover in front of you. Now the easy part is to only move AFTER the massive group of guards on the hills have shot. If you see little shots going off once and while, stay in cover. Simply wait until the whole group has fired, then sprint to the next cover.

For the second objective, you can kill as many Grenadiers or Officers as you like. A good tactic if you do come into a fight with the guards in the camp is to use your fists. It'll save you the worry of constantly looking out for them during the fights. The video below, shows a nice route to take once you enter the camp.

Hang to the left and out of the alerted red circle. Keep to the small bushes for cover and take out the first guard circling the tents. Keep following it around and do the same to the Officer outside of the circle. Keep working your way around until you reach the fallen tree you can climb. Head up onto it and walk out onto the branch that is pretty much hanging over Pitcairn. Now stay there and watch the guards movements. Wait until the area is clear, and then make your move by air assassinating Pitcairn.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 10:00 AM

Sequence 8

Mission 1: Something on the Side
  1. Perform a successful static eavesdrop
  2. Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop
  3. Do not tackle or shove anyone

The static eavesdrop shouldn't cause you any issues. As you follow the counterfeiter to his first stop, there should be a small building you can climb up onto. Climb the ladder up to it and take a position behind the barrels. Feel free to jump across to the tree's branch for a better look.

For the mobile eavesdrop you can take the low or the right route. Taking the low route will be a little more trickier as you'll need to keep to the corners of the buildings and look out for groups of people to keep blended in. If you take to the roofs, you'll be out of sight for the majority of the trip.

The only part you'll need to drop down is when the two targets go under the bridge. When the third objective comes into play, you'll need to chase Hickey. If you follow the route he takes, you're bound to hit into another NPC as he goes straight into the busy streets.

So when Hickey takes off, he'll head down one of the alleyways. When he splits off to the right, don't follow him. Keep to the alley, and take the last right back onto the streets. Cross the street and go under the bricked archway. Run straight, and take your next left which is still under the bricked structure. Once you exit, you should be right next to Hickey or just ahead of him. Follow the street ahead of you and keep to the buildings side and he'll head up the next alley way. Around this area should be the time you tackle him.

Mission 2: Bridewell Prison
  1. Limit prison guard deaths (2)
  2. Reach Hickey within the given time (2:00 Minutes)

These objective come into play when searching for Hickey. Before this, you should not be having any issues with the guards. When you reach the new cell block where Hickey is held, follow the guard ahead of you up the stairs. He'll stop at the top near a cell, then he'll back-up on himself and head across to the other side. Once he's moved, head up the other set of stairs to your left.

Stay about half way up these, and another guard will walk past. Once clear, get to the top and loop around to the right. Now sprint to Hickeys door and the other guard on the middle walkway shouldn't see you by the time you get there. If he does, run back into one of the cells and wait for him. When he's close, do a corner assassination.

Mission 3: Public Execution
  1. Kill enemy Militia (2)
  2. Washington bodyguards must survive

These take place at the end of all the cutscenes. When you have control of Connor again, run to the left side. Here will be your first Militia. You should be able to an instant assassination on him. Once killed, keep to the left again and up ahead just next to where the crowd break before you hit the stairs where Washington is, you'll see your second Militia.

Keep sprinting and again, assassinate him. By the time you do this and if done fast enough, Hickey should be just behind or beside you. If so, run up to him and kill him before he reaches the bodyguards.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 10:00 AM

Sequence 9

Mission 1: Missing Supplies
  1. Catch the cart driver within the given time (0:30 Seconds)
  2. Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy
  3. Kill camp guards without being detected (3)

The first objective is as easy as they come. You can have 10 seconds on the clock and still tackle him in time! The second objective requires you not to use the hay cart. This task, like the last, is pretty easy. Enter the eavesdrop zone and then head to the rocks to the left of the cart. Use them to reach the trees and branches above.

Simply free-run through the trees until you come to the end of this section and the game loads you magically into the camp and into the hay cart. This is when the 3rd objective will pop up.

Exit the hay to your right and land in the bushes. Now stay in the eavesdrop circle and follow the two NPCs to the first shed where one goes inside. When this happens, quickly go inside and kill the single guard and then proceed to follow the other two.

They'll soon stop next to some stacked crates and leaning up against these is another guard. Wait until the two talking move, then corner assassinate the lone one. Now follow the moving guards but keep to the right. Head behind the cart and right next to it is another guard near a bonfire. Kill him and this will be your third kill. Just make sure you get to him quickly though, otherwise a cutscene will take place and you'll miss the kill.

If by chance you do miss the kill, there is a guard at the start you might be able to kill next to the hay you're in. Though it's a little tricky as he doesn't move sometimes and you need to keep up with the two that are eavesdropping.

Mission 2: Father and Son
  1. Steal the Mercenary uniform without being detected

Quite an easy objective, but you may have to wait for the perfect timing. Head to the target and walk east, away from the hay cart. You should be along side a building and some stacked up crates/wooden wall. Simply wait here until the target walks up to you and turns his back. If the coast is clear and there are not guards or immediate PCs near, kill him and the loot the uniform

Mission 3: The Foam and The Flames
  1. Limit Haythams damage (50%)
  2. Do not take any fire damage

The first objective shouldn't be too hard. Stick to countering and combo killing and Haytham shouldn't lose more than a quarter health. The second objective again is pretty straight forward.

You'll have a set path to take as the building falls apart, so you shouldn't have any troubles dodging the flames. Just take the corners and certain spots carefully, so that you don't turn too much and end up into one.

Mission 4: The Biter End
  1. Limit environmental damage (20%)
  2. Stay within distance of the Schooner (500)
  3. Achieve a minimum 3 kill streak

Take the first objective like the one you had to do for the first ship mission. Use your mini map as a guide and only go half sail. Still during the first objective, the second will pop up once you find the ship. Keeping withing 500m is more than enough. During the start of the chase, go past the right side of the first rock to cut the distance down. At the second, take either side.

When in a clearing, go full sail but if you hit a rogue wind, knock it down to half. You should be at around 320m-350m for most of the chase. Once the ship goes through a gap in the rocks yours can't pass, this is when the objectives will be complete.

The third takes place when you board the ship. This can be a little tricky and may take some time. First thing you don't want to do is go for the officers. They will counter you and break your combo. First ting you need to do is to run around the deck and check each fight that is going on. You're trying to kill the guys in red.

In most cases, its a one vs one fight. If it is, kill the sailor. Keep doing this, and after a while, you'll end up with a bunch of guys all fighting in one big group. At the time I did it, I had 4 fighting my guys near the first officer. Once you've got a few bunched up, make your combo. This is also made a little easier as the red sailors, shouldn't attack you, so your combo shouldn't be broken when going from one to the other.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 10:00 AM

Sequence 10

Mission 1: Alternate Methods
  1. Use guards as human shields (2)
  2. Tackle the target from above

The first objective will happen when you face the massive group of guards near the start. When you jump down off the building, the firing line will be a little further up from the main fight (Marked by yellow icons). Wait for them to aim, and press :abut: to grab one of the guards as a shield. Just make sure you do not advance on them, otherwise they will break the line and go in for standard attacks. Just try and do this in the first two sets of firing from them, otherwise you'll have to kill a few guards off as Haytham will most likely die.

The second objective will take place after the fight. For this to to succeed, you'll need to get to some slight higher ground and then press :bbut: while over the target. At the start, I'd simply stay with the target. You'll first run through an alley and some back gardens. Once you exit back onto the street, some guards will block your way and you'll have to turn right.

Running past the blockade, keep up with the target, and he'll start to slow down. This is where you can causally tackle him on the a ground level. If you leave him, he'll turn left down another alley, but this time there will be a set of stairs to your left. Quickly run up these, jump onto the ledge of it and then press :bbut:. The target should be close enough for you to tackle him.

Mission 2: Broken Trust
  1. Do not touch the ground
  2. Stop the patriot messengers within the time limit (3:00 Minutes)
  3. Stop the Kanie'keha:ka with non-lethal methods (6)

First thing you'll need to make sure you have some gun ammo for the start of this mission. Once you have that, the first two objectives can be completed. For the first one, simply stay on the horse and do not dismount. As you follow the path shown to you, this is where your gun comes into play.

When you find one of the messengers, don't dismount, but use your gun to kill him. Once dead, follow the route and find the next one. 3:00 minutes is more than enough time to kill them all. Some you can you'll be able to assassinate from one horse to another. So when possible, do this. There's a total of 4 messengers you'll have to kill.

For the third objective, you'll have a total of 6 Kanie'keha:ka guys to take out. First off make sure that your fists are equip. The best and obvious was to do this is to work from the closest up to the last guy in the cliffs to the right. The quickest method is to sprint and when you get in close, hold down :xbut:. This will then do the instant takedown. This way you won't have to worry about any hand-to-hand combat.

Mission 3: Battle of Monmouth
  1. Neutralise platoons with a single cannon (8)
  2. Neutralise two platoons with a single cannon
  3. Prevent patriots executions (3)

The first two objectives should come naturally as you fight off the waves of guards. For the first, just keep aiming the cannons reticle into the centre of the advancing guards and the explosion should take them all out in one hit. To take out two sets in one go for the second objective, your best bet is to wait until they bunch up.

The tactic is to aim the reticle right to the back of the battle field where the guards are coming over the hill. At this point they haven't started to spread out. So take your chance when you can and first a cannonball over to this spot to have a higher chance of taking two groups out.

After the fighting with the cannon, you'll then be given 3:00 minutes to stop the executions of your fellow guards. This objective isn't hard at all. All the locations of where the executions are taking place are marked out to you. Simply get there as fast as you can and interrupt the procedure to have it count towards the three.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 10:00 AM

Sequence 11

Tyger7 Edit: Nozza, you can just change this into your own words/methods when you want. I have completed them but am just writing from memory and am not giving any real solid route.

Mission 1: Battle of the Chesapeake
  1. Destroy ships using only one broadside (3)
  2. Destroy frigates by firing on their powder stores (2)
  3. Counter kill enemies (5)

To destroy a ship using only one broadside, you must pretty much be very upgraded. Use the fire based attacks to help or just make sure every cannon ball is hitting the ship by being perfectly in line with it.

Destroying a frigate with a powder store can be somewhat difficult because you have to have some cannon balls hitting one of the ends on either side. Also the ship cannot be destroyed in this attack. You can then target a "weak spot" which is the powder stores with your guns. make sure the target is red, then finish it off.

Countering enemies should be natural by now. Just go ahead and wait until they attack. This should be very easy or you.

Mission 2: Lee's Last Stand
  1. Reach the signal tower within the given time - 3:00
  2. Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire
  3. Limit health loss - 50%
Getting to the signal tower is pretty easy, remaining undetected can be pretty tough. You will have to avoid all enemies so stick to the roofs and be very quick while staying away from the enemies up there. Once you get to the signal fire tower, it is almost best to wait until everyone is turned, then make a rush to climb up the tower and hope no one completely notices you.

Limiting health loss is, of course, the easy objective here. Should come naturally.

Nozza XBA 11-02-2012 10:03 AM

Sequence 12

Tyger7 Edit: Nozza, you can just change this into your own words/methods when you want. I have completed them but am just writing from memory and am not giving any real solid route.

Mission 1: Laid to Rest
  • Limit regular kills (15)
  • Escape the HMS Jersey without entering open conflict
  • Kill the HMS Jersey's Captain
You can actually kill about 14/15 and have been using weapons the whole time. To limit these, just use your bare hands to knock out the enemies.

You must sneak around to escape the ship without open conflict. Keep reloading your checkpoint if you get caught.

This is self explanatory and easy to do. Just find the captain and kill him.

Mission 2: Chasing Lee
  • Stay within range of Lee (50M)
  • Do not shove anyone during the chase
  • Do not take any fire damage
This can be a pretty frustrating mission for objectives. Not only must you stay within 50m of Lee, you also cannot run into anyone. There are guards that block your path and it's extremely difficult to avoid them while still staying close to Lee. You can utilize the stairs and go around the guards. For the first set, stick to your left. For the second set, stick to your right. Keep to the left the rest of the way.

Make appropriate choices in your path in the second half of the chase. Be careful as you climb around and do not get too close to the fire. This can be somewhat difficult, as Lee is still running and you can't let him get too far away from you.

BiggD 11-08-2012 11:36 PM

So far, so good. This will definitely help a lot as I have messed up a couple of the early sequences and need to go back to them.

Thank you for taking the time to make this Guide, man :)

E vee dub 11-09-2012 10:17 AM

Sequence 10, Memory 1

I found this video useful, such as how to tackle the target from above at the 7:20 mark:

Ron Jeremy R6 11-09-2012 10:54 AM

Thanks for the vids dude, will come in handy.

Only annoying thing is that the guy in the video robs every dead guard.. Takes a lot of time..

Nozza XBA 11-09-2012 11:01 AM

Cheers all. I'll get this finished as soon as possible. Hopefully next week between the days of Sunday-Tuesday.

Tyger7 11-09-2012 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by Nozza x360a (Post 5385054)
Cheers all. I'll get this finished as soon as possible. Hopefully next week between the days of Sunday-Tuesday.

maybe good to look at predni's video guides he posted. I haven't personally but if he doesn't loot dead guards might be worth replacement!

Nozza XBA 11-09-2012 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by Tyger7 (Post 5385098)
maybe good to look at predni's video guides he posted. I haven't personally but if he doesn't loot dead guards might be worth replacement!

I linked the guide, but if I have a chance then I may consider it.

Only issue is I've followed some of these videos and written some of the descriptions based around certain points and things in the videos posted. So swapping out, will cause this to take a lot more time to finish as I'll have to watch through all of the videos again.

I'm not too sure that the German parts will also cause some users a bit of confusion... I'm not looking to not use the videos, as they're quick and to the point. But some some people may lose track of the objectives and them not being in English it could cause more questions than answers.

I know the videos I've used are a little bit longer and can get a bit tedious with the looting stuff, but they are full playthroughs. Though it is easier to just scan across the timeline and look for the white pop up of text in the top left corner.

b0yz 11-10-2012 10:54 PM

I just got all solo achievements ! (not multi I don't like it)
Thank you every players for your help and X360A for this guide :)

AllenOsgoode 11-13-2012 06:18 AM

These videos are great.

Creech 11-14-2012 09:56 PM

On sequence 10, any suggestions on how to tackle him from above? I have followed both linked videos, and I can't get him to jump at the target. If I press B, he just hangs off the edge. If I press X, he swings like the target is right next to him. If I press A, he jumps onto the wall next to him. Freakin' annoying.

edit: Finally got it. After jumping, immediately hold down the B button. If your trajectory goes close enough, you will tackle him. I got by going up the lift to the right from his starting point, running across those 3-4 buildings, and jumping down into the plaza as he was coming out of the alley.

Nozza XBA 11-15-2012 02:38 PM

For that objective, you need to make sure he is near and/or you're locked onto him. Not locked onto him as in having to press LT, but more to the point he is simply highlighted.

If you've played any previous AC games, there's a safe way to get off buildings when locked onto any NPC. While looking over the edge, you look at them and press B. You character will then jump down, and use them as a "pillow" to halt you from landing on the ground and hurting yourself.

It was a kind of way to get down off a building without having to climb down or assassinate someone. So with this task, you're doing the same. I did it first time, and all I did was just hold down RT, and I jumped on the little awning of the steps, and the NPC was just a little ahead of me. Once I was on top of it, the NPC was already highlighted, so I just pressed B.

Connor then jumped a nice little distance and all he did was jump onto him. May take a few attempts, but that's how to do it.

Merch 11-16-2012 04:14 AM

I'm replaying The Braddock Expedition and it won't let me shoot the gunpowder carts. Is this a known glitch? I destroyed all of them on my first time through the level if that matters

Edit: Nevermind, if you use L2 to target it won't work. You have to shoot while zoomed out. Brilliant.

Shiftie 11-17-2012 12:54 AM


Originally Posted by Nozza x360a (Post 5367881)
Sequence 6

Mission 1: On Johnson's Trial

  1. Stay below notoriety level 2
  2. Limit firearm use (4)
  3. Use powder kegs to destroy smuggle cargo

The limited firearm use is limited to 6 shots, not 4. Great guide otherwise :)

Tyger7 11-18-2012 05:32 AM

Sequence 7 Mission 3

Absolute worst! I have attempted it over 20 times easily. I can assassinate the first guy, then the rest are extremely difficult. Even when I wait until the coast is clear, I still get detected if I kill anyone. Even when I use the arrows. I've tried rope darts, trip mines, poison darts, and silent kills. Nothing seems to work, everything I do someone randomly spots me. I feel more like this mission is just really glitched almost. I have had no problems with most of the game. The ship in general has tons of flaws with climbing. Spots you can easily get to, your character won't climb.

Also Nozza, in your description for this mission you should reverse the order of the ships. You claim to go to the ship on the right first. But that is the easy ship. You should do the difficult one first to save time on retries. I really hate this mission!

Also, air assassinate "a" grenadier? You mean "the" grenadier Ubisoft? Cause you only put one between both ships!

EDIT: Got it. Went to ship on left, taking out the guy who can be grabbed from the side of the ship. Then I just made a break for climbing up the rope when I thought coast was clear. Sat at very top taking out everyone but the grenadier with arrows. Last one you have to be pretty careful. Then I did an aerial on the grenadier. Swam to other ship. Once the guard walked by and another on the left turned, I just ran straight to plant the bomb then dove off the ship and hid under until it blew up.

Tyger7 11-18-2012 08:57 AM

Nozza, saw that you were taking a while to get the rest done, so I put in the info for you. I was sticking with the GSM videos you were posting, but found the last one to "not be rated" and it won't embed. Therefore I found another youtube video for 100% sync. This video is only a few minutes long compared to 12 to 14 for the other one. I suggest keeping it.

As far as the videos go, they are good except completely subscribe/advertise based and do not skip the cut scenes. No one wants to follow a video and watch the cut scenes do they? It's just clutter and makes you either wait or try to skip ahead.

Suki 11-28-2012 12:16 PM

Ok this is from mission 10, but everytime i press B as stated he hangs from the stairs, ledge, house, whatever u r standing on, and if i press X he always dives on someone else sometimes even a dog never the guard u r chasing it is driving me mad been trying to do this now for an hour.

EDIT: so i did what was suggest i ran down the last alley and ran up the small scaffolding and he got him off there but it didnt count maybe not high enogh so will replay this crappy piece of crap after the main story.

The second objective will take place after the fight. For this to to succeed, you'll need to get to some slight higher ground and then press :bbut: while over the target. At the start, I'd simply stay with the target. You'll first run through an alley and some back gardens. Once you exit back onto the street, some guards will block your way and you'll have to turn right.

Running past the blockade, keep up with the target, and he'll start to slow down. This is where you can causally tackle him on the a ground level. If you leave him, he'll turn left down another alley, but this time there will be a set of stairs to your left. Quickly run up these, jump onto the ledge of it and then press :bbut:. The target should be close enough for you to tackle him.

dalton32389 11-30-2012 08:51 AM

Journey to the New World is missing an objective. saving the dangling man.

Nozza XBA 12-07-2012 04:07 PM

Apologies for not finishing the guide all. Many thanks Tyger for the edits.

2 weeks ago I moved house and sadly our internet provider f'd it up. So this was 2 weeks without any internet. So I wasn't going to play the game, because then I couldn't update the thread.

The the week just gone I've been on holiday, so that's a 3rd week off. Luckily, we got the internet sorted on our return, so it's now up and running. So I'll try and complete the game this weekend if I get a chance.

I'll check through Tygers edits and compare to anything that I want to add and make any edits if need be.

Again, sorry for the delay but it was out of my hands!

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