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THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 02:26 PM

Achievement Guide & Addition To The Road Map
DLC: Episode 4: Around Every Corner
Cost: 400 MSP Achievements: 8 Points: 100

-Estimated achievement difficult: 2/10
-Offline: 32 (400
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 400/400: 8-9 hours. (1-2 for Episode 1, 2+ for Episode 2, 2+ for Episode 3, 2+ for Episode 4).
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to The Walking Dead Roadmap/Achievement Guide. Apart from being incredibly easy, The Walking Dead does pose some interesting twists that make this arcade game very addicting. It does take a couple minutes to get used to the controls, the feel of the game, and picking up on the "reflex" portions of the game. By reflex I mean that many of the big time decisions come down to you timing button presses and making decisions between characters and actions. Be prepared to make actions that WILL effect decisions later on in the game. With the use of the road-guide and the achievement list you should be able to carefully plan out your course of action and complete these four episodes with a well earned 400

Abbreviated Walkthrough
This walkthrough will be pretty much empty. The bulk of the information you are looking for will be loaded into each achievement's own guide. At each point along the way look at the conversations and notice whether or not one phrase will effect the character and their perception of you differently or not. So follow each episode's guide, keep your reflexes sharp, your mind attune, and you should be fine completing this classic comic book series--turned TV show--turned game. It is worthy to note that all of these achievements are story related and cannot be missed if you progress through the story. Also know that the achievement guide will contain a step-by-step guide of questions, decisions, and answers. Reading ahead may spoil the story for you so proceed with caution.

To avoid spoiling portions of the game with the use of this roadmap I will refrain from putting an actual walkthrough here.

Important Note:
As you begin to progress farther into the game and make your own unique choices please note that the guide you see reflections the basic choices I made and while I try to express all options I may leave something out unintentionally.

Tips when Reading The Guides:
  • When you see the phrase "non-altering response" know that this means the response may be unique depending on the answer BUT it will not affect the game's progression. What does this mean? If the only change to the game itself is the dialog that follows and there are no permanent effects to the storyline this would be a non-altering response.
  • Answers to dialog segments in the game are never in the same order so the numbering system is purely for grouping.

There isn't much to conclude here. Follow each achievement's guide and pick the dialog you find fitting and you will do fine. Enjoy your fun arcade game.

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 02:36 PM's First City 10
Complete chapter 1 of episode 4.

Welcome back and let's jump right into it!

Chapter 1 puts us right into the driver's seat of where we left off. We've just arrived in Savannah Georgia, and find the group's journey beginning here. We start off pretty early with a little question from Clem that sets the stage for the rest of the episode.

"Can't I just hold it?" - Clem
1. I need you to focus - A reassuring response.
2. No. Don't ask me again - Will result in Christa commenting in Clem's defense.
3. Not now, Clementine. Maybe later ok? - The diplomatic caring Lee comment.
4. ... - Clem is slightly upset with the lack of acknowledgement.

Directly after your answer to Clem's first question comes up the topic of Omid and especially his bum leg. The conversation shifts to what should be done for him. Christa spurs the next important response from Lee.

"You're not fine [to Omid]. He's not fine. He needs to rest." - Christa
1. We need to keep moving. - The "evil" response. Christa is annoyed with Lee for not suggesting to stop.
2. You're right, let's stop. - You ask Kenny to stop for Omid. Response is in favor of keeping the group in good spirits and together.
3. Kenny, how much farther? - Non-altering response. The conversation just goes to boats.
4. ... - Non-altering response.

No matter your response and the subsequent dialog, the conversation gets interrupted by the tolling of bells. While the group tries to figure out why exactly the bells are going off, Lee spots someone running on the roof. There is a quick possibility for a choice dialog, although no matter your response, it is all non-altering. Clem's radio then goes off leaving the group stunned and leaving Lee with another quick chance at some non-altering dialog. The entire scene is capsulated in Chuck's bell tolls reference followed by the onslaught of an army of walkers.

You're presented with another quick choice in the case of Lee telling the group what should be done as far as running and are thrown head first into a quick panic event that is just as much about the cinematic as it is the gameplay.

Panic Event

The first major trip up (no pun intended) comes in the form of a walker grabbing the leg of Kenny. You must quickly take control of Lee and quickly shoot the walker before Kenny is bit. Remember when your crosshairs are over the walker. Upon saving him Kenny will remark about the lack of brevity Lee had in rescuing him and will get up without a "thank you."

To add insult to injury upon saving Kenny you hear Clem in trouble and turn to find she and Ben becoming surrounded by a group of walkers to have Ben run off instead of trying to help Clem get to safety. It's time to take over Lee and shoot your way to Clem in order to save her. Sadly you won't be able to kill the walkers fast enough and Clem appears to be a goner until Chuck comes to the rescue giving Lee and Clem the necessary time to get away. Christa realizes that Chuck was left behind, brings it up to the group at which point everyone begins to take off down River Street hoping to get away.

Panic Event Over

Chapter 1 ends with Kenny getting the gate to the home we will begin chapter 2 in. Get ready to bunker down. We'll see you then.

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 02:37 PM By The River 10
Complete chapter 2 of episode 4.

With the situation at an altert sense of panic, Omid falling and needing to be readdressed, and everyone just a little bit on edge chapter two picks up with us in the backyard of a home trying to find a way in.

Lee does a status check on the group and when asking about Omid prompts Christa to get them into the house faster. After a quick bit of dialog Lee has a non-altering statement.

Referring to getting into the house. - Christa and Kenny.
1. I'll find a way in. - Non-altering (Lee down the middle path)
2. Quit it! - Non-altering (More in line with Kenny)
3. Just get us inside. - Non-altering (Against Kenny)
4. . . . - Non-altering

Either way Lee is now tasked with finding a way into the house. The following is optional and will only enhance your understanding of the characters you are with. After the list will be what you need to do in order to progress.
  • We'll begin by going over and talking to Clem. No matter your response she will tell you a story about her life and will then move over and sit next to Christa.
  • Next we can find out more information on Christa and Omid by talking to Omid. After Christa goes off on a tangent and Omid responds with a quirky response you have the chance to enhance your relationship with Omid and Christa.

    "No offense but you really need to work on your bedside manner." - Omid
    1. She's right, it looks bad. - Not reassuring to Omid.
    2. It probably looks worse than it is. - Semi-reassuring but not to Christa.
    3. We'll take care of it. - Reassuring to Omid and Christa.
    4. . . . - Not reassuring to Omid.
  • There is some dialog with Clem, Christa, Kenny, and Ben that can be explored but none of it has any effect on the progression of the game--just deepening of the storyline.

After you are satisfied with the amount of background you've gathered go to the door that Kenny is at and explore the doggy door on the bottom. You'll find out that it needs to have the chip typically found on the dog's collar to open the door. After the dialog is over turn around and go toward the shed behind you. Grab the shovel if you don't already have it and proceed to the otherside of the yard to dig up the grave.

Once you begin digging Clem will ask a question.

"What's buried down there? - Clem
1. Stay away. - Clem's feelings are hurt.
2. It's been here a while. - Non-altering response.
3. I don't know. - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

Once you've cleared out the grave you'll need to control Lee and remove the collar from its grave. After slipping the collar off the dead dog, go back to the door and use the collar on the doggy door. You'll go through a quick cinematic with trying to open the door and then Clem comes out of nowhere and quickly scampers into the doggy door. You'll have the chance to make a quick statement toward Clem which is non-altering and then she pops out with the door open!

She opens the door and allows you to once again work on your relationship.

"Ta-da." - Clem
1. Don't ever do that again. - You shoot down Clem's self-esteem.
2. Good job Clem! - You praise Clem.
3. You should have asked me first. - Non-altering response.
4. . . . - Clem is slightly taken back by the lack of response to her good deed.

No matter what you choose Omid breaks up the conversation with remarks about his leg leading to the group going inside. With everyone filing into the house, Omid laying down on the couch, and things beginning to look semi-peaceful Christa begins to stir up emotions again.

Conversation regarding the radio - Kenny and Christa
1. I didn't want to worry anyone. - Christa is not reassured.
2. I only found out yesterday. - You were honest with Christa.
3. I didn't know [LIE]. - You chose to lie to Christa.
4. . . . - Christa notices your silence.

The dialog continues and pertains to the group as a whole with Lee getting another non-altering dialog response about the person who rang the bell and the role they played. After a bit more dialog Lee gets another non-altering dialog response about Omid and the direction that the group should take. Our next step is to secure the house. Kenny and Ben are going upstairs leaving Lee to check the doors downstairs. If you want you can explore the house and look at some of the items like the kitchen areas, the family room portrait, the dining grandfather clock, whiskey, and table, or even have some dialog with Christa+Omid and Clem--ultimately it doesn't contribute to the expansion of the game's plot-line.

Head toward the otherside of the house and attempt to go up the stairs. You will be unable to after which you should try the doors right next to you. You will need to click again once Lee has taken out his gun. Empty. Make your way to the family room that Omid, Christa, and Clem are in. There are two doors on the far side. Repeat the same process you did on the first door finding them both empty. Once you've cleared all the downstairs doors you will head back into the family room and chat a bit with Omid, Christa and Clem.

You'll get into some minor dialog with Christa and then the question will shift to Clem and the man on the radio;

"Who is he? What does he want?" - Christa
1. Back off, Christa. - Non-altering although Christa is taken back by it.
2. We want an answer, Clementine. - You made Clementine nervous.
3. Go ahead, Clem. - Non-altering but reassuring.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

The conversation depending on how you took this first question will develop until Ben calls from upstairs asking for help. Once you get upstairs Ben will lead you to the attic stairs where Kenny is. After the dialog push up on the to climb the stairs and find out what happened to Kenny. What you discover up there is something tragic and heartbreaking to even the most seasoned veteran. You'll have to make a fairly important decision for your relationship with Kenny here so be warned and be ready. Note that depending on your answer you will go about the scene differently.

"I don't know if I can, Lee. Couldn't do it before. Can't do it now." - Kenny
1. You can do this. - Force Kenny to kill the kid.
2. Let's just leave. - Will need to go through a couple dialog sequences as well as a final "yes" or "no" response to leave.
3. I'll take care of it. - You chose to do it yourself. Lee kills the boy in one of three ways.
4. . . . - Similar to leaving the boy except Kenny is taken back by your silence.

Note that no matter your response the boy is killed, and Lee goes to bury him. The power of this scene lies in your relationship with Kenny and how you handle it.

If you choose to kill the boy yourself walk toward him and then choose your preferred method of death. Like the note says, no matter what your choice the boy is killed and Lee goes to bury him. After you take control of Lee head back over to the grave and place the boy into the hole. Take the shovel out of the mound of dirt and hover over the dirt to begin to cover the boy. While you are going through the process you'll see a guy standing there watching you. You stop burying the boy and run to the fence and can yell out a quick message to that man, a non-altering statement. When everyone runs out to see what's going on you have the chance for some semi-meaningful response.

Lee? What's going on? - Christa
1. Nothing, just a stray dog. - You lied to the group.
2. I thought I saw something. - Non-altering.
3. Someone was watching us. - You tell the truth to the group.
4. . . . - Non-altering. Everyone questions your silence.

No matter your response Kenny comes out looking depressed as all hell and depending on your answer to the group the conversation will turn to reflect that answer until Kenny decides that it's time to move on. Kenny spurs the next answer by Lee with the following question;

"Well he better get ready because I'm going down to River Street right now to find a boat. - Kenny
1. The sooner we leave the better. - Kenny likes this response and it helps your relationship with him.
2. It's not safe yet. - Non-altering although the dialog line to getting to the river is different.
3. Let's look here for supplies. - Non-altering although it does create a sense of disconnect between the group members.
4. . . . - The conversation goes on without Lee's input which effects your relationship with your group members.

Clem then butts in and asks to come along to help find her parents. The answer to this question also contributes to your relationship with Clem;

"Wait can't I come? My mom and dad can't be far now, maybe we can look for them on the way to the river." - Clem
1. We need to focus on the boat. - You asked Clem to wait a little longer.
2. Stay here and help. - Diplomatic while trying to reassure Clem of her place in the group.
3. Absolutely not. - You are harsh to Clem and strain your relationship.
4. . . . - Avoiding her question and her parents.

...continued on next post...

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 02:39 PM

No matter your response Kenny tries to keep everyone moving, Christa takes Clem and tells her to come help see if Omid needs anything and Ben prods the fire and wants to know why he is being treated like a baby.

"So, you're just going to leave me on the bench here?" - Ben
1. Stay and protect Clementine. - You trusted Ben to look after Clementine.
2. Keep an eye on Omid. - You raise suspicion between both Ben's role and Omid's likelihood that he will live.
3. No offense Ben, but... - You put Ben on notice. In other words you begin to hint to him that he cannot be trusted and should be in the least influential role possible.
4. . . . - A similar blow to Ben's confidence.

The scene opens up again with Kenny and Lee making their way down to the water. While walking down the street Lee will try to spark conversation with Kenny. All of the options are non-altering so feel free to answer however you please.

With a little more walking another bell begins to ring. You and Kenny dart behind cover and you have another opportunity to talk to Kenny--also non-altering. When you reach the waterfront things don't exactly look as good as Kenny imagined them. You'll have the opportunity once again to say something to Kenny-- non-altering. After watching Kenny and Lee run comically to the water the extent to Kenny's insanity becomes apparent when he wants to salvage and wrecked boat. You got a final bit of dialog with him that is also non-altering.

Make your way down the pier to the telescope. Alas even in this post apocalyptic world things require money and you are short a quarter. You could turn around and go look in the cash register in the newsstand but that's already been picked clean. Head back toward Kenny and locate the newspaper dispenser. Bang on the newspaper dispenser until it gives you a quarter then head on back to the telescope. You'll find out that the boat isn't gonna work (thanks Kenny) and then begin to use the telescope. Begin panning left with the telescope. You can skip the sights until you see a person ontop of a building. Kenny and Lee will hide.

Lee has the chance to talk to Kenny before going to confront the mysterious person. Whatever you say to Kenny is non-altering leaving Lee going up the middle while Kenny stays on the flank. When you get to the stand and pop up you'll notice the mysterious person is gone and appears right behind you! With one quick swoop your wrench is gone and planted into the side of Lee's head. Right before the person is about to go for the kill on Lee, Clem asks the mysterious person not to. With that Lee is saved and the questions begin.

Note that if you are quick enough with your sequence of defensive moves you actually can beat the mysterious person although you do need to be quick. You'll get a different scene before Lee let's the mysterious person up. It's also non-altering whether or not you win, but it will effect minor dialog later in the episode whether or not you beat the mysterious person.

You're mysterious person turns out to be a young woman just trying to stay alive. She mentions Crawford which sparks an interesting set of dialog. All of the dialog in this section is non-altering so feel free to answer it however you please as your answers never change the way the events play out. The entire series of dialog with Molly is all non-altering, and you actually have to go through most of it to progress. It all ends with the geek squad barreling down the street you came down and everyone taking off down the alley.

Panic Event
  1. You'll start by reaching for Kenny's hand and then jumping to it. Alas this isn't enough and you will fall to the ground. Out of time for that option.
  2. Next bet is to take off down the alley way. Make it to the dumpster and give it a good push. Upon getting it out of the way you'll notice walkers that way too. Options are running low.
  3. Look down below you and try to open up the manhole. It won't budge but Molly is coming to our aid.
  4. Grab her trust weapon and begin to pry open the manhole. You'll have to press the button that appears on the screen in order to pry it open and fall in.

Panic Event Over

Phew that was a close call. An extremely long chapter and somehow we find ourselves in a tight spot. See you in the depths of chapter three.

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 02:46 PM Group 10
Complete chapter 3 of episode 4.

Welcome back to the stink infected realm of Savannah sewers where we pick back up on our journey. So let's get started.

Head down the steps opposite the ladder you climbed down. You will need to begin down the sewers to the right hand side of your screen. You will get to a ramp that leads down, slowly trek your way down it because if you move too fast you will slip and fall. Once you get to the bottom make your way further into the sewers. When you make it to the next bend take a look to your right at the drainage pipe. Remember where this is as it will be the key to getting by soon.

Now refocus your attention to the group of walkers. To the left of Lee is a passage way. Enter it. Now progress until you get to the pipe inside the passage way. Our next step is to turn the pipe so the water flows outside of the visible grate. You will see a walker stand at the flow of water and another come and block your original path in. Now progress a bit further in the passage way to a grate which can't be simply opened. You will need to use Molly's tool to open it up.

Notice where you are now. Back at the beginning. Make your way to the pipe and put the cog on it. Turn the cog to get the water flowing. Quickly make your way back to the new opened grate to avoid being eaten. Make your way back toward the original opening and wait until the last walker has passed. Take this opportunity to jolt out and head down toward the exit. On your way you will finally discover what happened to Chuck.

Progress further down the path...until... Let's get out of here alive.

Panic Event
  1. You've just been grabbed by a walker. Relax you have plenty of time to react. DO NOT USE YOUR GUN!. I'm warning you now use of the gun will cut your time down and also alter how the rest of the chapter will play out.
  2. Use Molly's weapon to dig into the hand and then button smash the button that appears to break free.
  3. Quick turn your attention to the walker heading toward you and embed it into its head.
  4. Crisis averted and the walkers by the water do not know you are there.

Panic Event Over

Make your way over to the sign on the far wall. Now look up to the ladder. Attempt to climb it with Molly's weapon and you'll notice that Lee fails miserably but knocks the sign out of place. Once you knock it out of place move it and notice there is a nice little passageway behind it. Time to go on in and see what's cooking.

You'll emerge in an old fallout shelter. Make your way to the door and find out just what's inside. You'll be greeted by Vernon and will also have the chance to make some quick game time decisions that will alter the progression of events down here. First of which is a quick question by Vernon;

"Who are you?" - Vernon
1. Nobody. - Will agitate the situation with Vernon.
2. I don't want any trouble. - Will try to calm the situation down.
3. I could ask you the same thing. - You chose to avoid the question.
4. . . . - The silence offsets Vernon.

You will have the chance do have a little non-altering dialog, but be ready for the next question from Vernon as it will make the difference between life and death.

"Damn it you're right. I'm sorry friend." - Vernon
1. [Threaten him] - You chose to threaten Vernon.
2. Let's talk about this. - Somewhat like the middle road. Progresses the dialog but isn't either good or bad.
3. I'm not from Crawford. - You chose to reason with the group.
4. . . . - Will push the dialog farther but leaves Vernon on alarm.

At this point no matter how you've handled the dialog with Vernon slowly move to take the gun from his hand. If you move too fast or have angered the group too much enjoy a nice death scene. After a bit of background you'll receive a question from Vernon which changes based on how you handled the interaction with the group.

How did you find your way down here? - Vernon
1. We're looking for a boat. - You were honest with Vernon.
2. That's not important. - You chose to avoid the question.
3. Walkers. - You were honest but not in a good way.
4. . . . - Similar to avoiding the question it only agitates things.

A bit more dialog prompts another important answer.

The sewer system can take you wherever you want to go - Vernon
1. Can you show me the way back? - You chose to ask for help.
2. I'll be fine on my own. - You chose to go back alone.

No matter your choice the topic of the sewers being like a maze comes up and Lee will have to talk about getting help.

Why should we help you? - Brie
1. If you don't, I'll kill you. - You chose to threaten them.
2. We can help you, we have medicine [LIE]. - You lie ot the group, although it matters not as they have meds and supplies.
3. I have to get back to Clementine. - Non-altering but will spark another, more important question.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

If you chose Clementine as your response

She's your daughter? - Vernon
1. Yes. - You lied to Vernon.
2. No. - You told the truth.

No matter how you let the dialog play out, Lee and Vernon leave the sewers and the achievement pops as soon as you go through the door to the house. We'll see you again for the deepening of the plot in Chapter four!

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 02:57 PM Manor 10
Complete chapter 4 of episode 4.

Ready yourself for a bit of drama, bit of whiskey, and a land of confusion in Chapter four.

Lee and Vernon will enter the house only to find it semi-barren with Molly tossing the kitchen looking for supplies. The three of them have some small conversation until Molly asks a question;

"Who's the fossil?" - Molly
1. He's a doctor. - You told the truth and answered Molly's question.
2. What are you doing? - You question Molly right back.
3. Where's Clementine? - You avoided Molly's question.
4. . . . - You didn't answer Molly's question.

No matter your answer Molly asks for her weapon back and Christa comes storming down the stairs bringing news of a deteriorating Omid. Christa will asks for the assistance of Vernon and the three of them will go upstairs to where Omid is. Vernon shoos Lee out of the room which opens up the hunt for Clementine.

If you would like you can explore the upstairs rooms, although the progression of the story is not up there as well as Clementine not being up there. So head down the stairs and locate Ben and Drunk Kenny in the family room. You'll engage in some funny dialog, some of which actually plays a role on the chapter.

"First good thing happened since..." - Kenny
1. Kenny, take it easy. - You try to convince Kenny.
2. Ben, you let him drink?! - Ben defends himself.
3. Give me the bottle. - You tried to reason with Kenny.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

Finish your conversation with the two of them and then ask Ben again where Clementine is. He will justify why she was out on River Station and keep justifying himself giving you the chance to have a non-altering response to him thus providing you with Ben's guess that she is out back.

Head to the back door to search for Clem. Once you emerge outside you'll complete Chapter four. Can you smell trouble brewing in Chapter five? We'll see you then.

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 03:04 PM's Last City 10
Complete chapter 5 of episode 4.

Strap your boots on and get ready for a long chapter with lots of action, revelations, and all the in-betweens. Let's begin chapter five.

Once outside make your way to the shed door and examine it. Lee determines that nobody could get in that way. Begin to walk back toward the house when you will hear a noise coming from the shed! Walk back toward it and go to open it when...CLEMENTINE!

She will have a quick non-altering dialog response and another when you realize just what she's found. Kenny will come out and snap out of his drunken stooper to see his little boat.

The screen goes black and next time it loads up Lee is in a room with Christa, Molly, and Vernon and has the chance to ask a non-altering question. After which Molly will put you in your place for pacing and Kenny will come back with a status report. Choose the good news or bad news, both are non-altering. This turns into how you will get the necessary supplies for the boat.

How are we supposed to get that stuff? - Christa.
1. What about Crawford? - Christa supports your plan.
2. We should just stay put. - You suggest staying around, but the group disagrees.
3. Let's search the streets. - Your idea of searching the streets isn't welcomed whole heartedly.
4. . . . - Conversation moves to Crawford.

Eventually the conversation shifts to how they should interact with Crawford.

Kenny talking about Crawford's relationship with outsiders. - Kenny
1. We take what we need by force. - You suggested an attack.
2. We negotiate. - You suggest negotiating.
3. We sneak in. - You suggest to sneak in.
4. . . . - Conversation carries on without Lee.

As the conversation progresses things look more promising and you'll have another chance at a non-altering response before everything kicks off. Lee makes his way to the staircase where Clem is sitting. Good chance to work on your relationship with Clem here. With a little bit of dialog Clem asks the million dollar question.

Crawford. - Clem
1. I don't know. - Uncertainty shows.
2. No, don't worry. - You asked Clem not to worry.
3. Yes, it'll be dangerous. - You were honest with Clem.
4. . . . - Your silence alarms Clem.

And then the conversation goes to Clem's parents.

"That must be where my parents are. Right?" - Clem
1. I don't think they'll be there. - You were harsh with Clem, but still leads to the next question.
2. It might be safer here with Omid. - Non-altering leads to the next question.
3. It's dangerous for children. - Non-altering leads to the next question.
4. . . . - Non-altering leads to the next question.

No matter your response, Clem will try one more time to convince you to take her with you.

"Can't I come with you?" - Clem
1. Yes. - Clem comes with you to Crawford.
2. No. - Clem stays back with Omid at the house.

No matter what you choose nightfall will come and the group will be gearing up to go infiltrate Crawford. Pre-infiltration talk reminds us of the harsh reality that even this prayer is crippled as the boat can hold no more than five people. Alas your conversation with Kenny is interrupted by Brie and Vernon.

"This is Brie, she can help us." - Vernon
1. How? - Non-altering.
2. The more the better. - Brie appreciates the support.
3. We don't need her. - Vernon doesn't appreciate that.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

Following this dialog you'll get another when everyone begins to leave only if you decided to take Clem with you. If you do not take Clem with you, you are now presented with a big option that could determine her fate.

"What should I do if something happens while you are gone?" - Clem
1. [Give her the gun.] - You give Clem the gun.
2. [Tell her to run and hide] - You decide to keep the gun.
Note that there is no time limit on this question. Read further on to see whether or not you want to give her the gun.

Now with either situation cleared up, Lee and the group proceed through the sewers to Crawford. Lee will lead the way, and after opening up the manhole cover the group will dart to wall cover. Vernon takes note of the lack of people, and Christa points out a single guard. Lee and Kenny begin to make their approach on the "guard" and when Lee get's close enough for the kill it turns out that the guard is actually a walker. In fact the entire town is dead.

Lee's fast thinking gets the group to beeline it for the school and with the doors shut comes the achievement one the onslaught of the "pure bred" walker horde. Ready yourself for Chapter six, we need to plan, prepare, expect to live.

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 03:10 PM Whom The Bell Tolls 15
Complete chapter 6 of episode 4.

We don't have much time to catch our breathe so no slacking around. We need to move quick and fast to secure ourselves and get what we came for. Let's get into it.

Running upstairs and blowing through the doors Kenny pops the obvious question;

"Do you think they saw us?" - Kenny.
1. Definitely. - Your answer scared Clem if she is with you.
2. No idea. - Your answer freaks out Ben.
3. I don't think so. - Your answer is a little relieving to the group.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

With a little more dialog you will have another non-altering segment of dialog to answer and then Brie will lead the group through the school down to a room at the end of the hallway.

Brie brings the group down to the "command center" or in more modern terms, the kindergarten classroom. From here you will coordinate all activities associated with your trip to Crawford. Brie, Molly, Lee and Vernon will go over to a map and you have the opportunity to find out where each of the necessary supplies are at. You have to go through each option, even if you remain silent someone else will declare it for you. With the plan formulated it appears as though Ben is again stuck doing something minuscule. Smell trouble? If Clem is still with you, Lee will take the time to talk to her and provide her with the confidence she needs. If you wish you have the opportunity to go over and speak to Ben at the armory door. The dialog you have with him could help to solidify or hinder your relationship.

"Just once I would like to do something useful, you know?" - Ben
1. That'd be a nice change. - Ben will remember that.
2. You're plenty useful. - Ben will remember that.
3. Okay, I'll let you get to it. - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering

This will spark another extremely important character progression dialog bit. Ben wants to tell Kenny that he was the one who screwed up with the bandits--eventually getting Katjaa and Duck killed.

Ben wants to tell Kenny the truth. - Ben
1. I don't have time for this. - Non-altering.*
2. You should tell him. - Non-altering.*
3. Are you fucking NUTS? - Non-altering.*
4. . . . - Non-altering.*
All of the options are non-altering at face value, but later on depending on what you said will come back up IF AND ONLY IF you chose to have this conversation with Ben, otherwise things will play out "normally."

You could also use this time to go and speak with Clem, although her dialog as well is non-altering.

With that out of the way head out the door you came in through. When you head out backtrack toward where you came until you see Molly. She will direct you toward the auto-shop so follow her. Go down the long hallway to the exit and proceed through. Once outside you are going to head down the alley toward the little shack at the end. Go inside the shack and examine the hole at the top of the roof. Then click on the shelves to climb up and over the barbed fence. Walk over the the garage door and attempt to open it. Upon failure head farther down the alley to the face, and on your way back a walker will drop from the sky. Molly will pounce down and throw some non-altering dialog your way during a little bully beat down.

After she gets the rage out, you'll find out Molly has just the thing we need to get into the garage. Just in time too, walkers heard all the ruckus. Quickly button smash the targeted button to get the door up high enough. Once inside begin to take a look around.

You could talk to Molly, although all the dialog is not timed and non-altering. Head to the otherside of the garage and examine the hydraulic hose, then try to take it. When you are unable to do so go back to Molly and ask her for her weapon. Once you have Hilda go over to the hose and cut it. Unfortunately the car comes down too fast and the alarm starts going off. Time to move fast.

Panic Event
  1. Start off by looking at the battery. There are two terminals you need to unplug. One on the left one on the right.
  2. Begin on the left click the terminal area once to loosen and again to take it completely off.
  3. Do the same thing on the otherside, once to loosen once to remove.
  4. Now take the entire battery.
  5. Quickly make your way up the truck.
  6. You'll notice the only mode of escape is the skylight. Don't waste time examining it. Shoot the skylight out.
  7. Reach for Molly's hand and smell the fresh air of freedom.

Panic Event Over

Now we need to move from rooftop to rooftop. Watch Molly traverse it with easy and answer the quick non-altering dialog as you please. As you start to run make sure to aim your crosshairs at Molly's hand as you are getting closer--click it!

Lee will drop down back into the school and Molly will taunt Lee as she keeps the battery and says she will be back later. Start to head back toward the classroom when Brie and Kenny come barging through bringing a throng of walkers with them. Lee will go to brace the door. Follow the button cues to help quickly defend the door from the walker onslaught. Once the barrage is over you'll be back at the classroom. There is plenty of non-altering dialog to be had, but our objective is to move to the nurses station.

Once you get to the station you'll notice a nice little pack of walkers standing outside. Peak up from the desk and unload into all of them. You'll then proceed into the nurses station and find Vernon and Christa who haven't had much luck in getting the meds. You'll find out that all the prescription meds are locked up, and will have a non-altering dialog opportunity to figure out the situation.

First thing's first. Examine the camcorder to come to the conclusion that it may have a tape that recorded the numbers being input. Move to the desk that Vernon is at and open up the patient folder. Inside is a tape. Bring the tape back to the camcorder and watch the video.

Head back to the alley door, go outside, back to the shack -----but----- this time when you go to climb up you will need to fight off a walker that attacks. Simply button smash in order to kill it. Simply climb up and over like usual to find the doctor walker crawling away. You know what you have to do. Stomp his head in and search for the tape. As an added bonus you now have the combination to the bloody locker you keep passing to get to the medial station. Oops did I give that bit of info away?

On your way back to the nurses station you'll pass Logan's locker. Open it up if you want to dig deeper into the background surrounding Crawford and especially Molly although it isn't "necessary."When you return to the station you'll inform Christa and Vernon of your discovery(ies) and will watch the October 10th tape. Upon watching the tape you'll find out what happened to Crawford, will found out the combination, and will understand what's going on with Christa. Vernon will get the safe open, and Christa and Vernon will both leave. You now have the opportunity to watch the third tape if you picked it up (clearing up many questions), or exit and head back to the classroom.

On your way back to the classroom you'll run into the errand lady herself and depending on whether or not you watched the third tape, will have new, unique dialog with her. When Lee asks what the picture in her hand is and Molly blows it off as nothing, Lee can come in with some unique dialog.

"Nothing." - Molly
1. Forget it. Let's go. - Non-alering.
2. You lied to me. - You confront Molly bluntly.
3. I know you're from Crawford. - You confronted Molly about her lie.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

This will spark another unique segment of dialog pertaining to Molly and her sister only if you've viewed the tape and only if you've continued asking about her. (i.e. answers 2,3 only).

"I didn't have time to take it before I left." - Molly
1. Let's just go. - Non-altering. Progresses story.
2. I don't care. - Molly notices your lack of compassion.
3. I understand. - Molly appreciates your sympathy.
4. . . . - Non-altering. Progresses story.

When the conversation wraps up... rather when it is cut short due to the ringing of bells, Molly and Lee begin to make their way down the hallway and run into Conan Ben as he comes running down the hallway with the hatchet in his hand. After some quick non-altering dialog we've come to the conclusion that Ben has once again screwed up. Molly runs out like Rambo to kill off walkers and Lee is forced to make a shot... or wait too long and have Clem actually take and make it. Either way beeline it back to the classroom!

Note that it appears the only way to kill the zombie yourself is to have Clem not with you when you go to Crawford which will result in Molly noticing you saved her life.

...Cont. on the next post...

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 03:10 PM

Things aren't much better when we get back. Ben breaks down and let's out his secret about being the one to contribute to Katjaa and Duck's deaths. You'll have a quick opportunity to make an influential, while at the same time meaningless decision on the direction of the conversation.

Ben going off about it all being his fault. - Ben
1. Fine, tell them. - You tell Ben to confess.
2. Ben, shut up! - You tried to stop it. (This goes strongly against Kenny when he finds out.)
3. We don't have time for this. - Non-altering. Ben goes onward.
4. . . . - Non-altering. Ben will just blurt it out.

Kenny will go nuclear. You have the chance to make a personal decision here on who you want to side with later.

Kenny rages and charges at Ben to be caught be Vernon and Lee.
1. Kick his ass later! - You sided with Kenny.
2. Kenny, calm down! - You sided with Ben.
3. It was a mistake. - You sided with Ben.
4. . . . - You sided with Kenny.

After a little more beautiful dialog from Kenny you'll have to make another important personal decision regarding Ben/Kenny.

Kenny rage about the boat. - Kenny.
1. Ben was just trying to help. - Siding with Ben but non-altering.
2. Put it to a vote. - Non-altering.
3. We'll sort this out later. - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

This leaves room for the next question of whether or not he comes. There are numerous ways this plays out so bare with me and we'll try to get through them all.

If Clem is with you.
-By this point if Clem is with you and Christa has just voted against Ben, Clem will ask if she gets a vote.

Wait. Don't I get a vote? - Clem
1. No. - This is the ultimate put down to Clem and will severely strain your relationship.
2. Of course you do. - You allow Clem to speak her mind which woos the group.

With Clem's vote in, Christa retracts her's and it falls down to Lee.
[i]Note that after Clem's vote everything else is the same. So if she is not with you Christa will not retract her vote and Lee will have to go off of his own opinion.

Lee's choice. - Christa
1. Ben stays with us. - Siding with Ben and against Kenny.
2. I abstain. - Essentially like siding with Kenny.
3. We cut him loose. - Officially siding with Kenny.
4. . . . - Essentially like siding with Kenny.

No matter how you side, the party gets cut short while Brie tries to overstep her authority and gets destroyed by walkers. Everyone now makes a beeline for the armory door. Kenny leads the group downstairs to a door full of walkers. He then finds a shotgun and tosses it over to Lee. Now we're talking.

You have to walk your way back up the stairs while keeping the walkers back away from you. About half way up you will break through one of the stairs and get stuck. Now you must not only shoot walkers as they come but focus on getting your foot out of the hole. It takes four tugs to get your leg out of the hole so remember that when judging whether or not to shoot a walker coming up the stairs. Keep progressing up the stairs--this time tomahawk in hand.

When you make it to the top of the tower you'll find out why it was ringing and the walker attached to it will grab Ben. Act quickly and shoot the walker before it kills Ben. Now the decision of the episode comes into play.

Lee is holding Ben. - Lee + Ben
1. Let him go. - Ending Ben's life.
2. Pull him up. - Saving Ben's life.

Phew that was a long one. Grab your supplies and meet me in seven.

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 03:10 PM Morning After 10
Complete chapter 7 of episode 4.

Chap seven opens up in two different ways.
1. With everyone rushing into the house and moving to Omid's room where Christa is distraught.
2. If Clem was not with you and did not have the gun, everyone will move toward the stairs with the door shaking. When you open it Kenny will kill the walker inside. Clem will then run down the stairs.

Clem will be happy you have returned and will ask;

"Did you find my parents?" - Clem
1. There wasn't time. - You lie to Clem.
2. No, we didn't. - You were honest with Clem.
3. What happened here? - You avoid her question.
4. . . . - You still avoid her question.

3. If Clem was not with you and had the gun the walker will be dead and Clem will come greet the group.

Either way everyone runs upstairs eventually and Lee has the opportunity to have a non-altering comment here before Omid wakes up.

Now depending on how the Ben situation played out, and whether or not Clem was with you there are again a few choices.

If Ben is alive.
-The story will progress onward with everyone trying to get along.

If Ben is dead.
-and Clem was with the group at Crawford she will be upset to hear that Lee "stepped up" and killed Ben and will storm out.
-and Clem was not with the group at Crawford she will be upset to hear about Lee killing Ben and will storm out.

Only when Ben is dead does the following dialog surface;

Kenny referring to Ben's death. - Kenny.
1. Not in front of Clementine. - Non-altering.
2. Thanks a lot. - Non-altering.
3. She'll understand. - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

After the dialog is finished, Vernon will want to speak to Lee in private. He proposes that his group takes Clem off of Lee's hands for him. When he makes the offer Lee has the chance to respond.

Vernon's offer to take Clem off of your hands. - Vernon.
1. Walk away, Vernon. - You told Vernon off.
2. You have a point. - You agree with Vernon.
3. I need to think about this. - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

No matter how you end the conversation with Vernon he leaves and you walk over to the room Clem is in. Molly begins to walk away when Lee talks to her. Before she leaves Lee has the chance to talk to her one last time.

"It's been fun." - Molly
1. You should come with us. - Non-altering.
2. That might be for the best. - Non-altering.
3. So that's it, then? - Non-altering.
4. . . . - Non-altering.

While all four options are non-altering the dialog sequences are different. Note that if you were positive in your relationship with Molly you may even get a little something extra. *wink* wink* Alas we could only hope.

After you finish up with Molly you'll make your way into the room Clem is in and talk to her. There will be some dialog surrounding the boat that is non-altering. After a quick non-altering comment about Ben, Clem will ask about her parents.

"Before we leave tomorrow, will we have time to look for my parents?" - Clem
1. Yes. [LIE] - You lied to Clem.
2. No. Let it go. - You were brutally honest and hurt Clem's feelings.
3. There may be no time. - You were honest with Clem.
4. . . . - Silence

No matter your response Clem begins to cry. All responses are non-altering so react however you please, Lee will fall asleep, and when he wakes up Clem is gone. The chapter ends with Lee going downstairs looking for Clem.

I'll get the tissues, ready yourself for Chapter eight and the conclusion to Episode 4.

THE DEADLY DOG 11-07-2012 03:10 PM 25
Complete Episode 4: "Around Every Corner"

Once Lee makes it outside you'll have to go over and pick up Clem's hat. After picking up the hat you'll hear a radio sound coming from the street. Lee will hop the fence and you will need to walk over and examine it.

Unfortunately a walker comes out and bites Lee. You don't have much time to dwell on it though as the group comes up behind you after hearing the ruckus.

The following decision is crucial to the way the rest of the season plays out.

You must quickly choose to conceal or show your bite to the group.

Depending on what decision you make the dialog will change as well as the desire of the group to come and help you search for Clem.

Hide the Bite
Your desire to have group members join you in searching for Clem. - Group
1. I'll go alone. - Group members offer to come with you.
2. You should know I'm bitten. - Resets the conversation and throws everyone off.
3. I need help to find her. - Now almost every time you choose this Omid and Christa are immediately off the list. Even with the second question
4. . . . - Group members offer to come with you.

The question stemming off of answer three.

Christa explaining why they can't go. - Christa
1. I understand. -
2. Do whatever you have to. - Makes them feel bad but doesn't change it.
3. Are you sure? - Just solidifies them not coming.
4. . . . - Non-altering.


Showed the Bite
Your desire to have group members join you in searching for Clem. - Group
1. I'll go alone. - Group offers to come with you.
2. I don't know what to do.
3. I need help to find her.
4. . . . - Group offers to come with you.

At this point to go through each dialog sequence with each person is tremendous. I will give you a simple "What You Need to Do to Get or Forget Each Person."

-Show your bite.
-Desire to go alone.
-Be thankful.

-Show your bite.
-Desire to go alone.
-Be thankful.

Kenny (Note that even if you were the best of pals with Kenny he will still need the right sequence.)
-Show your bite.
-Desire to go alone.
-Go down the family path of dialog.

-Show your bite.
-Desire to go alone.
-Motivate and support Ben.
-Give him a second chance.

Anything else that could be seen as contrary to these answers will result in Lee losing their support in joining the search for Clem.

If you choose not to show the bite the process of getting everyone to come with you is much harder as pre-conceived boundaries are already formed and at this point most people just want to leave. If Ben and Kenny are alive at the same time this will be even harder, but remember to play to their emotions (Kenny family, Ben confidence).

With your group decided you will make your way back to the sewers and to Vernon's lair. Unfortunately nobody is there as they have all left. After a little bit of time Clem will come over the radio. You will have a chance at non-altering dialog with a strange man.

The finale to this episode is a cliffhanger response that must be carefully picked.

Strange man tells Lee to pick his next comment very carefully. - Strange Man
1. What do you want from me? - Episode 5 Surprise.
2. Please don't hurt her. - Episode 5 Surprise.
3. You're fucking DEAD. - Episode 5 Surprise.
4. . . . - Episode 5 Surprise.

Well done on completing this mammoth. I suppose we'll see you in the finale to Season 1 right? Until then.

vegansound 12-25-2012 11:46 AM


What would be the roadmap for all five episodes, please? The update hasn't been done yet in the 5th episode's thread.


THE DEADLY DOG 12-25-2012 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by vegansound (Post 5479982)

What would be the roadmap for all five episodes, please? The update hasn't been done yet in the 5th episode's thread.


I know I'm sorry. Working full time and going to school full time has put a damper on my schedule. I will be progressing with this soon. Don't give up hope yet!

vegansound 12-25-2012 02:04 PM

Don't be sorry, I was just asking, not claiming. ;)
I just wanted to update my owned Arcade games list, to know in what order I'll do them.

THE DEADLY DOG 12-27-2012 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by vegansound (Post 5480080)
Don't be sorry, I was just asking, not claiming. ;)
I just wanted to update my owned Arcade games list, to know in what order I'll do them.

Ill mark it down to do sooner rather than later. I need to get cracking on Birds of Steel and then I'll pop some more time into grinding through TWD.

Just an update folks. I've been doing the playthroughs and I've noticed that things begin to change drastically depending on who is still with you and what things you decided to do in the past.

This and the next episode more than ever will be more of a "guide" than anything else. Please bare with me.

* Clueless * 01-01-2013 04:38 PM

Added [WiP] to the title. Should help put a stop to the 1 star ratings.

Cheers! ;)

THE DEADLY DOG 01-04-2013 04:41 AM

Guide is finished. I'll edit it sometime this weekend.

Finished. :)

vegansound 01-04-2013 09:28 AM

And a big T U (thank you) for this, THE DEADLY DOG. I appreciate your help and your availability.

THE DEADLY DOG 01-05-2013 01:15 AM

Haha. Welcome vegan. Thanks for the support and the offered help.

rogernater 01-06-2013 06:06 PM

Keep it up deadly dog followed your game guide from episode one to three and was waiting for you to complete this before I move on to episode 4... keep it up dude !!

THE DEADLY DOG 01-06-2013 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by rogernater (Post 5500547)
Keep it up deadly dog followed your game guide from episode one to three and was waiting for you to complete this before I move on to episode 4... keep it up dude !!

This is all good. All it needs is a good edit and I might do that up tonight.

THE DEADLY DOG 01-10-2013 02:06 PM

Alrighty folks. Everything is edited up and cleaned up. Shipping it out to the submissions and will begin work on Ep 5.

Kairi 02-06-2013 04:40 AM


This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member TemporalWizard and has been published as the Official Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:

Official The Walking Dead / DLC: Episode 4: Around Every Corner Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.
Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.
You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.

We look forward to your future submissions!

Barad 02-06-2013 06:41 PM

Monster guide Dog..way more info than I thought this game would require. Solid work! :)

THE DEADLY DOG 02-06-2013 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by B A R 4 D (Post 5562372)
Monster guide Dog..way more info than I thought this game would require. Solid work! :)

*Sigh* Just need to tackle Episode 5 which is double any and all of the other episodes combined.

Barad 02-06-2013 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by THE DEADLY DOG (Post 5562402)
*Sigh* Just need to tackle Episode 5 which is double any and all of the other episodes combined.

20,000 characters in 20 minutes done. :p

THE DEADLY DOG 02-06-2013 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by B A R 4 D (Post 5562469)
20,000 characters in 20 minutes done. :p

I hope you wern't serious lol. My previous guides were around 50-60k characters.

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