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Seraph Metatron 11-11-2012 07:03 PM

Force that Binds
Anyone have any suggestions as to which level this is easiest on? Can you do it on the first training mission in the ship? I imagine you can on the ground with training with Yoda, but even that is a little tricky for new people. I need to find one that someone new can play with me and not have to play over and over again.

Seraph Metatron 11-14-2012 08:03 PM

Nothing? I know that this game is not highly played, but no one has any suggestions as to what level to attempt this on?

Guitar LInc0ln 05-04-2013 05:56 PM

any help here would be appreciated!

I'm having the same problem as Seraph Metatron, I've completed a few missions with a co-op buddy and neither of us got knocked out (as the achievement is saying, we were hit by blasters and melee attacks a few times, but no knocked out), but it didn't unlock.

So, to those who had more luck than I had:

1. Do you really have to play this in co-op to obtain the achievement?
2. Could it be that the achievement description is a little misleading (or even that the achievement itself is glitched)? I was wondering if you have to start and finish a mission while both players are logged in correctly (sometimes we were recognized as Guest and Guest2), maybe that ruined the achievement, but we can only speculate here.

can anyone solve the mistery? Been a while since Seraph Metatron asked this question, but the problem still exists.

MathGuy42 06-17-2013 10:43 AM

Edit: Warning: the suggestion below is incorrect. The guy I talked to said he made a mistake. It was the first on foot mission that he got the achievement on. I think that is Kashykk 5.

Original message:
I asked someone who recently unlocked it. He said he got it on the first speeder bike mission. I never would have thought of that. If this works, then I suppose the campaign just has two kinds of missions: ground and space.

I'm interested in hearing from others on this method. I don't have a real person to co-op with right now. I was able to get Wookie Wingman with a chair, but I guess the chair got killed.

Edit 2
: I wrote a solution here:

If you don't have a skilled co-op partner, the game can be tricked. Complete a ground combat mission solo without being knocked down. During the final cutscene, Pause (left arm at 45 degrees) and add your second player. The achievement should pop as the next mission loads.

Kashyyyk 5 is the first ground combat mission; I assume it's the easiest. (If you feel another is easier, please comment.) Here are my suggestions for getting through without being knocked out:
1. Small droids (B1) and Trandoshans with blasters - wave your arm in a figure 8 to deflect blaster bolts, hack and slash when nearby to take them out
2. Bigger droids (B2) with blasters, Droidekas - jump over them and slash. Keep jumping as needed.
3. B1's with shock staffs - block like in dueling. One successful block will stun them. Slash for a quick kill.
4. Trandoshan's with 2 small swords - keep jumping over them and slashing. It may take several jumps.
5. Missiles - use your Force hand to grab the missile. When you see the blue glow, wave your hand to the side

You'll know you're at the end after you face the Trandoshan's with 2 small swords. After defeating them, pause the game to add your second player. It may even be possible to add an inanimate object, but that could be difficult since the 2nd player is supposed to raise their arm to join.

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