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DEG23 11-18-2012 06:09 AM

Achievement Guide needed
The site could use an achievement guide and roadmap for this title. Anyone want to jump in and contribute?

KillerBEA 11-30-2012 05:50 AM

Another game that will be hard to make one for. its long, literal translations suck and it has no english release.


Originally Posted by japaneseachsite
10: number of items
: 1000 total points
Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ (people do not like the work system ★ +2)

Released by the street name given to win.
Is not something that can be acquired in a short time either, take some time to unlock all achievements.
It is forced to play a magnificent work, such as fires, total cooperation and total coalescence technique especially synthetic, can be released all off.
If there is a blazing Pat, when creating synthetic or clay, it seems to have become a little easier.

01 Getting the "street name" Tenka Gomen Hundred
02 Getting the "street name" Weapon Master Hundred
03 Getting the "street name" Armor Master Hundred
04 Getting the "street name" Ringmaster Hundred
05 Getting the "street name" Roar of the dawn Hundred
06 Getting the "street name" Completer Hundred
07 Getting the "street name" Source of wisdom Hundred
08 Getting the "street name" Vertex of the universe Hundred
09 Getting the "street name" Destruction king Hundred
10: Get "street name" God to exceed an Hundred

Acquisition conditions of each performance street name
(to each street name, there is a prerequisite for that is displayed in the Collector's Shop is achieved in the process of any naturally I'll aim into the true root END)

Tenka Gomen Total damage exceeded ten million 1 (in cooperation at a time)
Weapon Master Complete weapon
Armor Master Complete Armor
Ringmaster Complete accessories
Roar of the dawn All skill acquisition
Completer Complete item
Source of wisdom 2000 times the number of reinforcement
Vertex of the universe ※ 1
Destruction king Defeat the monster 5000
God to exceed an ※ 2

※ 1
Defeat the body of 50-story five gates of Aix-double total alien world.
There is a possibility that the event will not climb up to the 50th floor progression.
In the same orbit, and come to the 50th floor for the second time the gates of another world, three-body double-X will appear.
Not limited to this street name, etc. Kills is continued in next week.

※ 2
Kills Gu~isutabinuusu of Spectral Tower of the last occurrence of a true root.
Because there are two races forced only "two" Venizelos only one "" Snow + wrong way, the last two races of the root is true,
that you strengthen the character of these advance.

Supplementary information acquisition condition
Total Damage one topped ten million
It ensures that if you make six to equip every four MAG +999 ATK +999 clay or clay.
Earn up to a maximum of six was the SP with a map of the LV where a large number of reasonably underdogs, the enemy were close together, then it can be achieved mainly be carried out cooperation range attacks.
Cooperating smoothly Kumeru case, for example using the pollen and paralysis paralyzed, and keep the enemy paralyzed.

All skill acquisition
You will need to purchase all the skills as well as skills of synthesis shop are sold at the item shop.

Complete system
It also includes the need to fill (born in weapons and armor equipped with a low probability of a specific street name, and the synthesis of specific) HQ items, a picture book of all items.
Create a HQ item, save and load entirely equipped with street name with a probability of HQ.

Because some armor that can be obtained by defeating appear in each dungeon after entering root true, the doppelganger of each posture, material benefits from street name, capture the true root required.
Other, and there are material benefits or street name that is earned after the invocation technique all combine cooperation and all, it is necessary to acquire most of the street name after all.
Note I will no longer be undone and usually used for the synthesis of the wrong combination, the material benefits street name.

In addition, only weapon available because of the snow and the wrong way only when he reached the normal end, play at least two weeks or more is required to earn a master weapon.
Reservoir without shaking the PP and BB, in addition to regular character is taking over the PP in the normal end, the first lap is recommended that he aims to strengthen the true root Venizelos and snow in the next week.
Priority capacity AGL ≧ STRorINT> VIT. As a measure of the true root, AGL 350 or more is recommended.

Enrollment criteria and some fellow true condition of the route, such as the progress of the dungeon, see wiki cheats.

Cheats wiki there is no problem, but on the original version of the data capture PS2, other than the amount of data required EP development since they are much the same. Additional elements are also summarized version of the box ○. If you use a checklist cooperation, "attack" attribute to note that it is necessary to set in motion all the attributes minutes each species (7).

Translated with Bing translator from:

Originally Posted by jas



「通り名」の取得01 天下御免 100
「通り名」の取得02 ウエポンマスター 100
「通り名」の取得03 アーマーマスター 100
「通り名」の取得04 リングマスター 100
「通り名」の取得05 暁の咆哮 100
「通り名」の取得06 コンプリーター 100
「通り名」の取得07 叡智の源 100
「通り名」の取得08 万物の頂点 100
「通り名」の取得09 破壊王 100
「通り名」の取得10 神を超えし者 100

(各通り名には、コレクターズショップに表示されるための前提条件があるが、真ENDルートを目指してやり 込む過程でいずれも自然に達成される)

天下御免 (一度の連携中での)トータルダメージ1千万突破
ウエポンマスター 武器コンプリート
アーマーマスター 防具コンプリート
リングマスター アクセサリーコンプリート
暁の咆哮 スキル全て取得
コンプリーター アイテムコンプリート
叡智の源 強化回数2000回
万物の頂点 ※1
破壊王 モンスター5000体撃破
神を超えし者 ※2


真ルートのラスト2戦は、「ゼロス1人のみ」「スノー+ジャドウ2人のみ」の強制2連戦がある ため、

あとはそれなりに数の多い格下LVのマップで、敵を密集させたところにSPを最大まで貯めた6名で、範囲攻 撃を主に連携を行えば達成可能。

合成屋のスキルだけでなく、アイテムショップで販売されているスキルもすべて購入する必要があ る。

HQアイテム(特定の通り名を装備し、特定の合成を行うと低確率で生まれる武器防具)も含む、すべての図鑑 項目を埋める必要有り。

真ルート突入後に各ダンジョンに出現する、各ポスのドッペルゲンガーを倒すことで得られる、通り名特典の素 材からできる武具もあるため、真ルート攻略が必須。
その他、全連携・全合体技発動後に獲得する通り名特典素材があったりと、結局はほとんどの通り名を獲得する 必要がある。

また、ジャドウとスノーの専用武器はノーマルエンドを迎えた時のみ入手できるので、ウエポンマスター獲得に は最低二週以上のプレイが必要となる。
初周はレギュラーキャラ以外にはBBやPPを振らずに溜め、ノーマルエンドでPPを引き継いで、次の週でゼ ロスとスノーを強化して真ルート目指すことを推奨。
能力の優先度はAGL≧STRorINT>VIT。真ルートの目安として、AGLは350以上 推奨。



Jakez123 12-01-2012 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by KillerBEA (Post 5431896)
Another game that will be hard to make one for. its long, literal translations suck and it has no english release.

Translated with Bing translator from:

Sounds like there are many missables lol.

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