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Tyger7 11-20-2012 11:59 PM

Challenges Guide

Difficulty: There are a ton of challenges but you only need to do 100 of them for the achievement. Most of them are a lot easier to do on Medium. Remember, you CANNOT do them on easy!

Accidents: Usually the targets walk around in certain patterns, and if you miss opportunity you will have to wait again or restart your checkpoint. If the accident doesn't register for your challenge, it's possibly because you were spotted/detected. Just try again.

Short Levels: There are a few levels in the game that are extremely short, and easy to do all challenges. If you want to spend the least amount of time trying to get 100 challenges, then focus your time on these ones after completing the game.

Checkpoints: When you reach a new area you automatically get a checkpoint. If you activate your own checkpoint, sometimes the enemies may be in the previous area even if you killed them. Reloading a checkpoint after completing a challenge is completely fine. Quitting after getting a challenge is also fine. They save automatically.

Evidence: All evidence is required for a certain achievement, and remember that each level has a challenge for collecting all evidence within the mission. You can grab the evidence once you locate it any way you want. You can just run in and grab it even if people are shooting at you. Once you have it and die/reload, you can forget about getting it sneakily which could take a lot of time up.

Mission 1 - A Personal Contract

Note: You cannot earn any achievements for things you do in this mission.

Mastery - A Personal Contract: This is for completing all below challenges.

Chameleon: Put on all available disguises.

Evidence Collector: Find the 2 pieces of evidence.

Evidence 1: Once you get inside the mansion, head to the computer area to disable security. There is a video tape just before getting there to the left.

Evidence 2: In the room with all of the guards on the ground floor of the mansion, there is a small table with a vase on it and the dossier.

Infiltrator: Do not get spotted during the mission.

Suit Only: Do not put on any disguises while playing.

Modern Art: Near the start of the mission, you will get to a tennis court. Look over the side to see a statue that is in a random shape. Shoot the base pole and it will fall on some unsuspecting enemies.

Geronimo: At one point you will be moving around on the Cliffside area sneaking by windows. There will be a man in a window and it will say "pull". Do so to complete this challenge. It will not work by pushing other guards off railings.

Extra Spice: When you enter the ground floor of the mansion (after disabling security) go up the nearby stairs. There is a bathroom with sleeping pills. Grab them and go downstairs again and into the kitchen. Wait until the chef has his back turned and put the pills in the pot.

Damn Good Coffee: Refer to "Extra Spice" above. You can now slip the pills in coffee. From the kitchen, go left to the bar area to find the coffee.

Play it Again: On the ground floor inside the mansion is a main room with guards. Disguise yourself as the chef and you can walk around freely. Stand by the piano and eventually the nearby guard will come over to it. Wait until he is on the side of the piano trying to tune it. You can knock the top down on him without being detected (since it looks like an accident).

The Price of Treason: Complete the level.

Well Played
: This requires you to go through the mansion ground floor area without touching anyone nor being seen by anyone.

Tyger7 11-21-2012 11:14 AM

Mission 2 - The King of Chinatown

Mastery - The King of Chinatown: This is for completing all below challenges.

Chameleon: The chef's disguise is in the very North of the area, in a knapsack. The police are everywhere. There is one drug dealer and he is in the apartment on the East (or walks out to meet with the target in the central location). He also visits a drug stash down some stairs near the right as you come out of the market. To get the SWAT team outfit you will need to kill people and have them called in. The best location is to run into the apartment building where the drug dealer is and start killing people through the window with the sniper. You can then hide out there and wait for enemies to come to you.

Evidence Collector: Fine the evidence.

Evidence 1: There are 3 police guarding a central area where your target is. The target leaves for various reasons. To grab it, you will need to get into a disguise. Using the Chef as a disguise works best. Just go North of the target's location to find 2 chefs in their own little area. Sneak in the right part and grab the disguise from the knapsack. Now you can grab the evidence.

Infiltrator: Grab the poison explained in the Master Poisoner challenge. Go North and get in the chef disguise, then poison the coffee where the target normally stands (while he is away). Now just exit when he dies. You can do this many ways of course.

Suit Only: Complete the level without using a disguise. One of your best chances is poisoning the drugs down by the dumpster. Use the method described in Master Poisoner below.

Kaboom: See Controlled Demolition Challenge below.

A Killing View: The right area has an apartment with a sniper in it. Kill the target with the sniper. See Two for the Price of One Challenge.

Controlled Demolition: When you enter the market area, to the left is a left car in an alley. Throw the bottle to distract the police, then subdue. Dump in the garbage can to keep him safe. Up the stairs in the alley is some explosives. Put them by the car, then trigger the alarm. Walk away enough to be a safe distance. When the target comes to check his car, trigger the explosives.

Man Down: After waiting a little bit, the target will move towards some chefs near the back area of the market. He will stand next to an obviously dangerous situation and you can push him down. You will likely be seen doing this, however.

Drop Dead: Near the exit, there is a pallet. The target will eventually go pee in the corner there and as he walks under it, shoot the chain with your pistol. A safe place to shoot is from a small fenced garbage area nearby.

Two for the Price of One: You will need the sniper rifle for this challenge. Get to the drug dealer's apartment on the right side of the area. You can use the electric box on the right to distract the cop, then hide until the drug dealer leaves. Grab the sniper in his room, then wait until both are lined up for a one shot kill (killing both of them with one bullet).

Clean Sweep:The evidence is in the central location where the target starts. You must use a disguise to get it. As long as you follow the Infiltrator challenge, you should get Clean Sweep as well.

Don't Do Drugs: See "Master Poisoner" challenge.

Hot Coffee: See "Master Poisoner" challenge.

Let's Do Lunch: See "Master Poisoner" challenge.

Master Poisoner: You must obtain the poison first before you can do any of these challenges. The poison is in the form of fish. You need to find it which is on the right side of the market. There is a lady with a red apron and behind her is the poison Wait until she turns her back and quickly grab it. There are 3 places to poison. One is where you first see the target (this is by the dossier). Place the poison in his coffee. Another area is the North area where there are 2 chefs. There is some food you can poison where he walks to and eats. The last thing you can poison is drugs. On the East side of the area there is an apartment you can go into which has a sniper rifle at the top as well as drugs on the counter. Poison the drugs (likely will need a disguise up here, maybe even as the drug dealer). Another location for the drugs is down some stairs near some dumpsters to the right, sort of close to where you enter the market. If you hide down here, the drug dealer will come by. You can poison the drugs here too and he will take them to the target.

Quid Pro Quo: Complete the mission.

Veiled Death - Part 1: You must kill the drug dealer while wearing a police uniform, and not have any witnesses or be detected. Go to the apartment alley on the right side after entering the market area. You can distract the cop by sabotaging the power. As he walks by, subdue him quickly and hide the body. Kill the drug dealer before he leaves, or wait until he comes back later.

Veiled Death - Part 2
: You must kill the target while wearing the drug dealer's outfit, and not have any witnesses or be detected. Veiled Death Part 1 must be completed first. This time, spare the cop and sneak in. Subdue the drug dealer and take his disguise. Go to the middle area and meet with the target, and you two can walk back to the apartment. Take him out on the way and hide him, then exit.

Tyger7 11-23-2012 02:01 AM

Mission 3 - Terminus

Mastery: Terminus: Complete all challenges

: You can obtain the electrician disguise by going down the ladder to the left of the hotel entrance and find him there (there is a few in the level). There are goons everywhere, so just take your pick. The janitor costume can be found if you go up the elevator and into the restroom. Crawl through the vent and you'll be in the janitor's area . There's a knapsack with his clothes in it.

Evidence Collector: Collect the 2 pieces of evidence.

Evidence 1: Inside the hotel, as soon as you enter, look to your right. You will see the room rates above the clerk area. Inside by the TV is a video tape.

Evidence 2: On the upper floors, there is a room with a piano. In the following room is a table and on that table is the evidence.

Infiltrator: Complete the whole chapter without being spotted.

Suit Only: Never use a disguise the whole mission.

Housekeeping: Eliminate 11 enemies undetected.

Don't Disturb: Get through the mission to room 899 without touching anyone.

Hall Pass: Don't get spotted in any of the areas while disguised as the janitor.

An Evening in Paradise
: You must find a film reel, and play it in a projector. Once you go up the elevator, look for t he restroom in the hallway. Inside, crawl through a vent to find yourself in the janitor's area. The reel is on the shelf. Upstairs on the next floor is a projector to play it.

Inside Path: From the 7th floor, follow a certain path to the 8th. This is actually a 2 part challenge. As soon as you are at the upper floors via the elevator, head left. You should see a window and a man standing in front of it (by a door requiring a key card). Go play the radio nearby in the hall, and wait until he walks away. Go out the window and make your way inside the next window. You are now at stairs and the game notifies you that 1/2 is done for challenge. Go up the stairs and to the next area. You will see a man looking out of a window. Go push him out, and climb out of it. Head to the next open window and pull the man that looks out of it to his death. Now get inside and pick the lock. Once inside you will gain the challenge.

The Man from South Dakota
: Complete the mission.

The Electrician - Part 1: Head down the ladder near the hotel. There is an electrician you can disguise yourself as. Open the door he is near to grab his screwdriver. Kill an enemy with it undetected.

The Electrician - Part 2
: Same as above, but kill 5 more enemies with it, undetected. You must remain undetected the whole time while getting 5 stealth kills

Tyger7 11-25-2012 01:10 PM

Mission 4 - Run for Your Life


Evidence Collector:

Evidence 1: In the library, it might be best to subdue a cop and take his uniform. Head to the area with the statue and on the desk in front of it, is the evidence.

Evidence 2: When you enter the Shangri-La area, you will be in a room with multiple civilians doing marijuana. One will run off to try to get rid of a plant in the toilet. Take the left route and sneak by the cops (if you have a uniform this makes it easier). There is a cut out like window part next to hanging beads in the doorway of a room full of peace signs. On that is the evidence.

Evidence 3: Once you get on the elevator, step off and look to the left at a brown door. Open it and wait behind the counter, then subdue the cop. Into the next area, you will see cops to your right and the exit to your left. Go right and eat some donuts to blend in, then go around the counter and grab the dossier.

Infiltrator: Complete the mission without being spotted.

Suit Only: Don't use a disguise the whole mission.

Picking on the New Guy: Use a rookie as a human shield. To do this you must have a gun already. Find a rookie whom has a regular looking hat on and has no facial hair. After getting behind him with your gun, you can see the prompt to use him as a shield.

Death from Above: Accidental kill with library chandelier. There are numerous in the library. You must first get a gun from a police officer. You can just randomly shoot them all and cross your fingers, or try to plan it out.

Fields of Joy: While in the Shangri-La area, if you go on the route to the right after starting, you will see a ton of marijuana plants and cops busting the people. You must sneak all the way through without being spotted. Stay to your left, which helps a lot.

Bong Hits: Hit enemies with a bong. Pick one up and smash someone with it. They break, so you will have to reload your checkpoint or find another one somewhere. This is all in the Shangri-La area (with all the marijuana).

Business is Booming: After going through the field or any other route, you will come to a hallway.

In Stereo: Start the tape deck player in the disco room. It has a sign in the hallway that indicates where it is. Head inside without being detected and play the tape. Now play the keyboard and the police will walk in and start dancing.

The Tables Have Turned: Complete mission.

Silence Please - Part 1: Subdue a police officer and hide the body. See Part 2.

Silence Please - Part 2: Subdue and hide 7 police officers. I was able to personally get this reloading checkpoints. After you drop down, go to your right and wait for the police officer to come up, then subdue him and put him in the closet nearby. This was played on Hard. On Normal, there is no police officer that comes up the stairs.

Tyger7 11-29-2012 06:05 AM

Mission 5 - Hunter and Hunted

Mastery - Hunter and Hunted: Complete all challenges

Chameleon: Wear all 4 disguises: Bouncer, Clerk, Police, and Chipmunk. The chipmunk outfit is found in an alley in Chinatown.

Evidence Collector: Collect all 6 evidence.

Evidence 1: After starting the level, you will have to go through a short underground area. Once you go up the stairs and exit outside, there will be 4 police cars with officers around. The first evidence is on the hood of one of the vehicles.

Evidence 2: When you get to the Vixen club, instead of going through the main door climb up the side and into the open window. Right there on the desk inside the room is a video tape you can pick up.

Evidence 3: This is located in the Derelict Building. Inside there is a group of police standing and talking. The evidence is actually right next to them by the boarded up hole. If you want to avoid them, continue on and you'll see broken down staircase both going up and down. Climb up on the ledge and continue on to the next room. You will see a dead body. Dump it to distract and move the police. Now you can jump down and grab it.

Evidence 4: Inside the convenience store, there is a register near the main doors leading out. There is a video tape to collect next to it.

Evidence 5: While in the loading area, there will be cops walking around and you should see an office on your left. Go inside and grab the evidence on the table.

Evidence 6: In Chinatown, there is an alley where two accidents can happen in the far up/left corner from the start point. It's next to a tattoo shop. In the very corner is a garbage bin with the evidence by it.

Infiltrator: Do not get spotted in any of the areas.

Suit Only: Do not wear a disguise in any of the areas.

Private Dance: When you climb up and go through the window at the club, make sure you grab the silenced pistol and the key card on the table nearby. Go past the stage and to an open hallway. There is a door that needs a key card, so open it and inside you will find a two way mirror. Wait for the target and a dancer. After the dancer leaves, the target will be on his cell phone talking. Shoot him in the head with your silenced pistol, then drag his body behind you to the box. Go down the hall and there is a small staircase and a door. Going through the door is trespassing, so you have to either be very careful or get a Bouncer disguise and use instinct (bouncer disguise can be obtained from bouncer in bathroom). Once through the door mentioned, look right to see a staircase leading up. Follow to the door and pick the lock.

Dominated: Once inside the club, go to the bathroom on the right. Kill the bouncer inside and use him as a disguise. Now once the target comes in after you wait, use the garrot to kill him and then hide him. Continue out and go towards the exit. You will have to go up some small steps, and through the door a right to more stairs. Make sure you use instinct if people are on to you.


Fire Sale:
Related to Cleaning up Chinatown challenge. In the convenience store, there is a sprinkler system in the back area (a valve). Turn it off. Also in the back area in another room there are fireworks that you can light. Light them and you will unlock the challenge.

Two Rights Make a Right:
Read the X Marks the Spot description. One of the targets is walking with a man in an alley and you must kill the target before he kills the man. The victim must survive the rest of the mission. You should get this while going for Cleaning up Chinatown challenge if you want to do them all in one go.

Moment of Bliss:
Related to Cleaning up Chinatown challenge.The location in Chinatown this needs to be done is left from the start point (kind of diagonal). You will see a tattoo sign. Go through the open fence to the right. You should see a green cart and a "caution" sign. Perfect. Go behind where the sign is and connect the cables. Now you have to wait until the target comes (Bill Dole). Pull the lever as he is urinating.

Fire Him:
This relates directly to the target Frank Owens. While in Chinatown, from the start point, walk straight ahead. You will see a guarded area by a police officer and a hole in the wall that you can climb through. There is a gas pump here, so go sabotage it and wait around and Frank will have an accident. This is part of the Cleaning Up Chinatown challenge.

X Marks the Spot:
Go to the left side (from start point) of China. You should see a tattoo place. Keep to the right and go through the open fence with the cart. Go up the stairs and you should see the pallet hanging above. When the target Larry clay walks by, make sure to time it so it falls on him and not the other man following (this is related to Two Rights Make a Right challenge).

Lieutenant Bad: This relates to the Cleaning Up in Chinatown challenge. When you start, keep to your left the Chinatown area, keep to your left. You will see stairs going down to what appears to be a dead end. Climb through the vent and notice a police officer down here. Do not kill him, as he is needed to kill the target Bill Dole. There is a file next to him which you must grab. Just take cover and grab it. Watch the events take place once Dole comes to talk.

Cleaning Up in Chinatown:
Complete Fire Him, X Marks the Spot, Moment of Bliss, and Lieutenant Bad challenges. These do not have to all be attempted at once because there are 4 total and only 3 targets.

Damage Control:

Swordplay - Part 1:
You get this for killing one of Wade's men with the katana. The katana is located right under the tattoo sign.

Swordplay - Part 2:
For part 2, you must kill all 3 of the targets with the katana. Kill the target at the gas pump, the target after he kills the vendor in the alley, and the

Swordplay - Part 3:

Tyger7 12-02-2012 05:54 AM

Mission 6 - Rosewood

Warning ahead of time: So far the game has been very manageable on hard difficulty. The game suddenly cranks it up a notch when you are not likely ready for it to happen. Suddenly you must collect fuses and there are no checkpoints. You will be punished time and time again for mistakes. You will be on this level for a long time, and if not, then congratulations. Even being disguised with a mask they all still notice you (this makes absolutely no sense to me). Good luck, as this is a stopping point for many people playing the game.

Mastery - Rosewood: Complete all challenges.

Wear the Henchman and Rosewood Security Guard disguises.

Evidence Collector:
Collect all of the evidence in the mission.

Evidence 1: One of the fuses you must collect are on a desk with enemies around. The evidence is on the front of the desk. You may decide to just collect this and restart the checkpoint, since you will very likely be seen.

Evidence 2:
As soon as you start the basement area, there will be enemies nearby. You can sneak by or kill them, either way to get to the evidence. It's on a crate near the wall.

Do not get spotted in any of the areas.

Suit Only:
Do not wear a disguise in the mission.

Good Samaritan:
After climbing up the elevator, down the hall is a nursery. Inside a security guard is tied up. Kill the enemies to save him from being tortured.

Out of Fuse:
You must collect all of the fuses without being spotted. This can be quite difficult as there are a lot of henchmen. It might be best to attempt this on normal. You must learn the routes almost flawlessly.

Playing with Balls:
In one of the rooms with the fuse, there are toys and a ball pin. Hide 5 bodies in the ball pin for this challenge.

Face Off:
You must kill Wade without being spotted nor taking any damage. Once you get into the boiler room, head behind the control area to turn a valve. To the right of this valve, you should now see a vent/air duct you can crawl through. Head through it.

The Mercenary:
Finish the mission to complete this challenge.

Subtle Injection - Part 1:
Get 3 stealth kills with the syringe. The syringe is found by the very first fuse you have to collect.

Subtle Injection - Part 2:
Get 4 kills with the syringe without being spotted.

Subject Injection - Part 3:
Get 5 kills with the syringe within 2 minutes.

Tyger7 12-08-2012 11:25 PM

Mission 7 - Welcome to Hope

Master - Welcome to Hope: Complete all challenges.

Wear the disguises in this mission. You must wear Police Officer, Truck Driver, and Hope Bouncer disguises.

Evidence Collector:
Collect the evidence.

Evidence 1: As soon as the mission starts, go right into the bathroom. Look in the corner to find a vent. Crawl through and you'll see the video tape on the desk next to the television.

Infiltrator: Do not get spotted in the mission.

Suit Only:
Do not wear any disguises during the mission.

Chew the Fat:
Don't start the bar fight. Go into the bathroom when you start the mission. Take out the police and disguise yourself. You do not have to move the bodies, no one else comes in. Go back out and you can walk by any bouncer now. There are more police in the main area though, so try your best to stick in crowds and turn your back towards the police. You can use the little bit of instinct you have as well to get to the bartender if need be.

Clear the Air:
You must turn off the jukebox and talk to the bartender without getting into a fight. When the mission starts head into the bathroom. There is a lever to pull which sabotages the jukebox. There will be fights that break out in the bar. Inside the same bathroom is a vent to crawl through in the corner. Go through and exit the door. You must now weave in and out of the crowds, avoiding anyone fighting. Getting anywhere near them results in you getting into a fight so be extra cautious. Even if they are in the middle of getting punched in the face by another guy, they will attack you. You must make it all the way to the bartender.

You must take out all of the bouncers by knocking them out. It's easiest to start the bar fight first. Take a right when the mission begins and head into the bathroom. Pull the lever and go look for the bouncers to knock out throughout the area. Once you have knocked them out the challenge will complete.

Duck and Cover:
This comes along with Clear the Air but you can do it as well without pulling the lever in the bathroom which starts the all out bar fights. If you do have someone fighting you, just make sure you put in all the correct prompts.

Just Passing Through:
Complete the mission.

Tyger7 12-08-2012 11:58 PM

Mission 8 - Birdie's Gift

This mission is short. There are 2 ways to get your guns. One is to steal them and one is to win them. Beat the high score in the shooting competition to win them. For the challenges you will be doing this competition multiple times. It can be difficult until you get enough practice. The other route is to steal. You will need a notebook for a safe combination. There are a few routes to get this notebook. One is to knock out the store owner and grab it from him. The other is to find it in a locked bunker (you need the keycard from behind the store clerk at start of mission). The challenge descriptions will give you more detail on the routes you can take.

Mastery - Birdie's Gift: Complete all challenges.

Use the disguise in this mission. There is only one, which is a police uniform.

Evidence Collector:
Collect the evidence in this mission.

Evidence 1: You need the keycard which is behind the store clerk at the start of the mission. Go turn the power off by switching a lever in the back of the store. When it's dark the clerk will leave his post. Now go grab the card that was behind him. Go to the duck shooting area in the store and crawl through the vent. Go through the window and sneak through the trench. Once you find the bunker, open it with the keycard. You will find the evidence inside.

Avoid getting spotted. This will likely unlock with other challenges (like by winning the competition).

Suit Only:
Do not use any disguise in this mission.

Depends on the Girl:
Go outside to the shooting range and there is an empty stall. Go to it and enter the contest.You do not have to win for this challenge to unlock. The Bullseye challenge does require you to win.

You must enter and win the shooting contest. Go outside to the shooting range and there is an empty stall. Go to it and enter the contest. You must score more than 471 points (difficulty does not higher/lower this number). Aim for headshots every time. You get 20 points each headshot or 10 if it's slightly off. The rest of the body doesn't give enough to make it worth it. Use Point Shooting when you can (when there are 3+ targets) but be somewhat sparing. There is a point when 5 or so targets pop up in a row that are worth your patience. You will have to win this with multiple weapons for other challenges.

Assassin's Signature:
You must enter the shooting competition and score a total of 674 points. This is extremely difficult to do. See the Bullseye challenge for more information on score (though not much help on getting that high of a score)!

You need to win the shooting competition using this rifle. This gun is located in a bunker. You need the keycard which is behind the store clerk at the start of the mission. Go turn the power off by switching a lever in the back of the store. When it's dark the clerk will leave his post. Now go grab the card that was behind him. Go to the duck shooting area in the store and crawl through the vent. Go through the window and sneak through the trench. Once you find the bunker, open it and on top of a duffel bag is the gun. This room also contains the evidence. See the Bullseye challenge for more details on winning the shooting competition.

It Wouldn't Be Stealing:
You cannot kill anyone in this mission for the challenge. Right when you start, head to the back of the store. There is a lever you can pull to sabotage the lights. This isn't exactly a requirement, but it seems to trigger the store owner to appear in his office more quickly. Turn and you'll see the duck shooting area. Head through there and look right. Crawl through the vent and the store owner should be there. Subdue him and take the notebook. You should see a green safe. Open it, take the key, and return the same route to where you started. You can turn the lights off again. You can now open the display. Leave the store to finish the mission as well as the challenge.

Shiver Me Timbers:

Duck Hunting:
There is a "Duck Shooters Field" in the corner of the store (an open door). You will see a police officer shooting at mechanical ducks. Shoot 10 yourself to complete the challenge.

Choosing Weapons:
Complete the mission.

Up Your Arsenal - Part 1:

Up Your Arsenal - Part 2:

Up Your Arsenal - Part 3:

Tyger7 12-09-2012 01:58 AM

Mission 9 - Shaving Lenny

Mastery - Shaving Lenny:
Complete all of challenges for this mission.

There are 4 disguises to try on. Police, Mechanic, Plumber, and Barber.

Evidence Collector:
Collect the two pieces of evidence.

Evidence 1:
There is evidence in the upstairs of one of the garages in the "streets of hope" area. When you start the mission, go to the main street and look left. Go through the alley to the right of the purple car. Use an alarm to distract the police officer after the mechanic turns around. Subdue the mechanic and drag him to disguise yourself. Head up the stairs and on one of the desks on the right side of the room, near the balcony door, is a video tape.

Evidence 2: This is located in the Barbershop area. Inside, it is on a big screen television near the kitchen.

Do not get spotted by anyone.

Suit Only: Do not wear a disguise during this mission.

Oil is Thicker Than Blood:
If you go down the main street to the right, you will see a tire swing. You can go through a window and take out a police officer there (pulling him through while in cover). Now take care of the other police. Over the railing you should see a pool of oil. One of the targets normally walks a path really close, so take him out and dump his body in the pool. You must do this with the other targets as well. The only problem, is dragging the bodies around will get you caught fast. You will likely be fighting a ton during this challenge (highly suggested to play it on medium if you really want it).

Get the Mechanic:
Across the street from where you start, you will see a purple car on the left. Head that way walk down the alley. You will see a mechanic and a police officer in that area (it's a car garage). Make one of the car alarms go off nearby after the mechanic walks away. Now sneak by the officer and take out the mechanic quickly. Drag his body up the stairs in the garage and the first door you see has a closet to hide him in. Disguise yourself as him (it's required for the challenge). Go downstairs and now you can hang out without anyone noticing. There is a lever that if you pull it, it makes the car up in the air crash down. Wait until one of the targets are below it and pull the lever. Sometimes the target won't go under it at all. You may have some luck throwing a wrench under the car but it's not always going to work. As long as they are close enough to the car, you can pull the lever to get the kill. If you miss, you can always pull the switch again to move the car back up. If you kill other people with the car and the target is around, he also might come inspect the accident, in which case you may cause another.

Kill Me, I'm the Cook:
When you first start the mission, go left on the main street and look for the first door that is open. Head inside and look for the radio in the store. Turn it on and sneak up the stairs. Turn the stove on and hide somewhere (behind the door you opened is good). When the target comes through the door, shoot the top of the stove to cause an accident.

Alternate: There is also a stove in the upstairs of the garage (can enter either garage to get to the upstairs, which connects the two).

Alternate 2: There is another stove in the barbershop area you can use.

Pump it Up:
From the start point of the mission, head to the main street and look left. There is an outside area with some cars in front of the garage. You should see a gas pump. Sabotage it and duck near the garbage bin near it. When a target is checking out the red car, shoot the ground to cause an accident.

From the start point, go down the right part of the main street. You should see a house with a yard and a tire swing. Go through that area and you'll see a generator. On the right of the generator you can sabotage the fence and make the wiring touch it. When a target is about to open it, pull the lever to electrocute him.

Gotta Go:
In the outside of the Barbershop area, you will need to take cover right away. Move to the side and you should see a drop down area. Before going down, go near where the men are standing around by taking cover and hopping over. What yo need to do is trigger the target talking about not getting the right sauce. Now get back to where you started and go down the area on the side. Once down, make sure you cover at the table.. Throw the bottle to distract the police, then quickly grab the wrench on the barrel and on the wall you can sabotage. Now quickly get around to the lever and hide there. When the target goes to that wall to urinate, pull the lever and cause an accident. This can be extremely difficult on hard to time correctly, so don't feel like you are doing anything wrong. It's also best to pull the lever before the target starts urinating.

Well Done:
In the Barbershop area, this is a two part accident that pretty much requires the barber disguise. Sneak down the side area when the missions starts. Distract the police with the bottle on the table, then get near the garbage bin. Climb up the ledge and into the window. Go to the next room and once the police officer walks away, go down the hallway and into the next. You will go down stairs and there is a sack with the disguise in it on the shelf. Now go to the kitchen area and into the little area next to it. You should spot the lighter fluid by the green hoses hanging on the wall. Now exit the door to outside and go back to the area where you climbed the ledge to get into the window. Open the door there and look for the hot sauce on your left. Now you just have to wait until someone picks it up and takes it to the target.

Shave and a Haircut:
After getting the barber disguise (in the barbershop), Lenny will sit down. If you had taken the other targets out, you will automatically pacify him. If you do not, you must drag him to the door but people will be attacking you.

Accidents Happen:
This is for completing all accidents in the mission. There are a total of 6: Get the Mechanic, Kill Me, I'm the Cook, Pump it Up, Shocking, Gotta Go, and Well Done. You do not have to do them all at once.

The Weakest Link:
Complete the mission.

Safety Distance - Part 1:
This is in the doughnut shop upstairs. When you start the mission, look to your right to spot a door into it. Get upstairs and grab the rifle by the window. Use the checkpoint so you can knock all of the challenges out by just reloading your checkpoint when you are done. Get to the garage area and get into the bathroom upstairs to disguise yourself as the plumber (if you want). Get to the balcony next and you can snipe one of the targets in his room above the convenience store.

Safety Distance - Part 2:
Where you killed the target from part 1 (above convenience store) is your next sniping area. Go upstairs there and kill the target that is on the balcony of the garage area station where you sniped from in the above challenge.

Safety Distance - Part 3:
The last part requires you to be above the doughnut shop which is where you get the sniper rifle anyways. The target will be standing on a porch.

Mission 10 - Lost and Found

No Challenges

Tyger7 12-09-2012 09:03 AM

Mission 11 - Dexter Industries

Mastery - Dexter Industries: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises in the mission. There are Arms Dealer, Factory Guard, Truck Driver, and the Chipmunk. To gain the Chipmunk disguise, you must open the second weapon stash area with a keycard. This is in the last area (Factory Compound).

Evidence Collector:
Collect all the evidence in the mission.

Evidence 1:
After disabling the security and reach the Mill, instead of going right to the entrance, go left to find the evidence in the room near the monitors.

Evidence 2:
Inside the Mill, it is shortly after walking up stairs. To the left is a TV where the guards play a video game. The evidence is on top.

Evidence 3:
In the Descent area, you will be outside and climbing down. You will get to a window. Continue on the outside without going in and you will eventually find yourself near a door and railing with two men looking at a map. Once they leave, you can grab the evidence on the table near the door.

Alternate Route: If you ventures inside and went the different route, the room described above is the one after getting passed the locked fence.

Evidence 4:
Once you actually get to the lobby of Dexter Industries, there is a front desk. On it is some evidence.

Go through each area without being spotted.

Suit Only:
Do not wear a disguise during the mission.

Sore Loser:
Once you enter the Old Mill, you will go up some stairs. You will see two men playing a video game on a TV. Sabotage the power. When one of them come to fix it, kill him and disguise yourself. Now go back and kill the other enemy and destroy the TV.

You need to make 2 enemies fall to their deaths. While playing the Descent area, you will be moving on a ledge and to a window where an enemy is on the phone. Just grab and pull him to his death. As you continue on farther down (not venturing inside), you will get to an area where you can either throw a gas can to get a guard near a railing, or inside the cave there is one already positioned at a spot you can push him.

New Toys:
You must get 5 kills with proximity mines. An easy area to do this is in Descent. You will climb into a window and there will be mines on the tables. Grab them and throw them near the enemies (in groups if you can). You should be able to get all 5 easily. You can also wait until deeper inside of the mines. There is a group of around 6 or so enemies and a proximity mine in clear view that you can kill all of them with.

Seal the Deal:
You need to be wearing the Arms Dealer's disguise. When you get across the bridge, you will find him walking around talking on his phone on the right side of the area near the garage. Now you just need to finish the mission.

Packing Heat:
There are two areas that have weapon stashes, and you must reach each. The first one is at the start of the mission. If you go to the left, there is a small shack that has a keycard on the table. Grab it and get to the right side. After disabling the security on the right side, continue through the window and you'll see a shack with a locked door. Open it.

After crossing the bridge at the Factory Compound area, keep to your left. As you continue that direction you will find a shack which is he 2nd stash. Also, the chipmunk disguise is inside.

Complete the mission.

Under the Bridge - Part 1:
You must kill one enemy with him falling off the bridge as a result. Grab the sniper on the right before exiting the mine in the Compound area. Go behind the first guard on the bridge, and shoot him in the back of the head. The challenge completes if he falls off.

Under the Bridge - Part 2:
This is unlocked only after completing Part 1. You can reload your checkpoint afterwards. Do the same thing as in Part 1, but do it to all 3 enemies. There are likely more ways to do this, but I found this easiest.

Under the Bridge - Part 3:
You need to have unlocked Part 2 to get this challenge. Now you just have to kill all 3 guards on the bridge within about 15 seconds. It is also easy to just snipe them all. It will not count if you use Point Shooting.

Tyger7 12-10-2012 09:45 PM

Mission 12 - Death Factory

Mastery - Death Factory: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises in the mission. This includes Factory Guard, Researcher, and Scientist.

Evidence Collector:
Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1: Once you ride the elevator and see the pig/mine testing area, go to the top area and there is a security lookout. Near the back left by a computer are some files to collect.

Evidence 2: Head to the showers (you see it straight ahead when you start the Decontamination area). There is a room connected to the showers which appears to be a break room. On the coffee table you will find the evidence. This is also the room you disable the security.

Evidence 3: In the R&D area, go all the way to the bottom. There is a middle section with people all around working on things. On the back of one of the stations is the evidence.

Do not get spotted during the mission.

Suit Only:
Do not wear a disguise during the mission.

Good Test Results:
In the Test Facility, you will ride an elevator and when it stops, you'll see pigs walking on mines. If you look straight ahead and up, you will see a glass booth. Inside at the front is a red button. You will need to get rid of the scientist there. Dr. Green will eventually walk around in the grass area. You can deploy the pigs and get him blown up. You can also just run in and press the button and get caught if you want to (just to complete the challenge).

The Abyss Gazes Back:
Right after the elevator ride, you will be at the test facility and see pigs walking on mines. Look up and you will see a glass booth. Shoot the bottom of it and Dr. Green will fall to his death. You will likely get detected, so just reload your checkpoint.

The Common Good:
This is an accidental kill for Dr. Green in the Test Facility area. Go to the back of the area once you get to the place they are testing mines with pigs. There is a computer where you can disable the security. On a shelf nearby you will find a proximity detector. Walk through the room and find a desk with mine parts on it. Add the detector to the mine and wait for Dr. Green to mess around with it. He will blow up.

Scientific Thoroughness:
Complete the challenges Good Test Results, The Abyss Gazes Back, and The Common Good.

Happy Birthday!:
As soon as you start the Decontamination area, go to your right and through the doors (hopefully you have the scientist disguise still on). If not you'll have to find another way. Continue on to another door that has notes on it. Right when you enter, take cover and move to subdue the stripper. Dump her body nearby and hide in the cake. When all of the people walk in, activate Point Shooting mode and take everyone out except Carl (it's his birthday). Carl is the only one in the group who is not a guard. He is a researcher.

In the Right Space:
When you enter the R&D area, go down the steps until you find the test chamber. Sneak to the back near a robot arm. Stand by the computer until your target (Dr. Valentine) walks in. Activate the arm and the researcher will go to investigate. Now go to the computer the researcher was on. When Dr. Valentine walks into the testing space activate the computer to close the door and blow him up.

The Shock Doctrine:
From the start of R&D, walk down to the conference room. Sneak past the researchers and go through a door leading to stairs. Head all the way down. Subdue the guard and use his disguise. Continue on and you'll find yourself in a room with a laser gun shooting dummies. In the record room close to it and down some steps, you will find the safety code on a desk by the coffee maker. Bring it back up to the computer that activates the laser. When Dr. Valentine walks in, activate it.

From the start of R&D area, go down the stairs and to the second chemical lab which is empty. Inside in the far corner is Fire Paste. Take it. Go up the stairs in the room and you will see a green glowing beaker. Sneak to it and spike it with fire paste. Wait, and Dr. Valentine will walk in and use it. He will die afterwards.

Doctor in the House:
Complete the challenges: In The Right Space, The Shock Doctrine, and Eureka!.

Strap Him In:
In the R&D section, run all the way down the stairs. Go into the room with the chair and robot arms. If you want to do this unseen, you will have to use the valve to make the room steamy for 30 seconds and time it right. Otherwise, just wait and once the doctor sits in the chair, activate the arm. This gives the Silent Assassin bonus.

Venture all the way down the stairs in R&D area. Circle around the equipment in the middle that is below ground level. There is a valve you can use to make it all foggy for 30 seconds. Do this and find the target quickly. Use a silenced pistol to shoot him in the head.

Complete both Strap Him In and Unseen challenges.

Research and Hidings:
You will need to subdue 7 researchers and stay unseen while you dump all of them over the railing (or hide them).

Ground Zero:
Complete the mission.

Reap What You Sow - Part 1:
When you step off an elevator, you will see a testing area where pigs are walking on mines. In the very back there is a good amount of railing and below it, is a ton of blood and pig carcasses. Throw the scientists over the railing (they wear the yellow lab outfits).

Reap What You Sow - Part 2:
The same as part 1 except now you must repeat 5 times.

Tyger7 12-11-2012 10:31 AM

Mission 13 - Fight Night

Mastery - Fight Night: Complete all challenges.

Chameleon: Wear all disguises (Factory Guard, The Patriot, Patriot's Entourage).

Evidence Collector: Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1: This is in the Patriot's Hanger on a crate. You must sneak all the way around the edge of the area. When you start the mission, sneak to the left quickly and continue ahead. Climb up a ledge and over. Then keep following the wall until you get to the evidence.

Evidence 2:
In the arena, go up the stairs on the right. There is a VIP box you can go into. There is a video tape near a TV behind the men.

Do not get spotted.

Suit Only: Do not wear any disguises.

Lost and Found: You must find the keycard in the Patriot's Hanger. This is located behind the Patriot's RV on the ground by some crates.

The Real Patriot:
In the very first area of the mission, sneak left and continue around. You must get behind the RV. Once you do so, sabotage the generator and hide. A member of the Patriot's entourage will come to check it out. Subdue him and take the disguise, then hide the body. Now go around the RV and grab the radio. You should also see a teddy bear on a chair. Grab it and hide behind the containers. Eventually the Patriot will notice his good luck charm is missing and will send his men to find it. After they are far enough away, drop the radio and play it. When the Patriot comes to investigate, take him out and use his disguise. Now just hide his body.

Blood Sport:
You automatically get this when you walk into the ring, dressed as the Patriot.

Disguise yourself as the Patriot and take out Sanchez in the ring without being hit. The match basically consists of pressing :bbut: then mashing the :xbut: followed by :ybut:. You do this twice. You press :bbut: one more time to watch a scene. Now, repeat the B/X/Y prompts one last time. You also gain an achievement for beating him.

Light Rig:
In the arena, above the match going on is a light rig. Go up the stairs on either side of the two bars. There is a door requiring a keycard and more stairs. Youu will find the light rig switch up the stairs. Activating the switch makes the light rig crash down on Sanchez. You must do this unseen to get credit. It's easy to do this using the Patriot's disguise, but going through the keycard door in instead of the one leading to the ring. When you get to the point of trespassing, there is a wrench to throw to get one of the guards to head down the steps where you can safely subdue. Use the wrench again for the second guard. You can now pull the switch and make the rig fall on Sanchez.

Wing Man:
It's easiest to be in the entourage disguise for this. Grab the keycard in the hanger and use the generator behind the RV to get one of the men to come check it out. Subdue him and take his disguise. Now go enter the arena. Head up the stairs and you should find some locked gates. Go through and take out the guard on the couch and grab the sniper rifle. Now head back along the railings to find a door with that also requires the keycard. Through that door is a window which you can snipe from. Snipe Sanchez in the head after the Patriot punches him. Might have to wait for just the right moment.

My Enemy:
First you must grab the explosives in the Patriot's Hanger. They are on the ground near the first evidence. This is near the right back corner when you enter the mission (facing the RV). Once you have gotten them, get inside the arena. Go near the open gate and just toss in the explosives quickly. Then just detonate to kill Sanchez. You can get Silent Assassin with this method.

Alternate Method: There is also C4 explosives you can use inside of the arena. The left side has a door behind the bar. Go inside and up. You will find a gate to your left with weapons including the C4. You can use them instead.

Technical Knock Out:
Complete the following challenges - Untouchable, Light Rig, Wing Man, and My Enemy.

How the Mighty Fall:
Complete the mission.Specifically, you gain this after defeating Sanchez.

Tyger7 12-14-2012 02:27 AM

Mission 14 - Attack of the Saints

Mastery - Attack of the Saints: Complete all challenges.

Chameleon: Wear all disguises - Agency Soldier, Agent 47's Suit, and the Scarecrow outfit.

Evidence Collector: Collect all evidence in the mission.

Evidence 1: This is in the main parking lot with a lot of guards around. It's by the blue truck. It might be best to just run in and grab it and restart your checkpoint.

Evidence 2:
In the Reception area. there is a gas station. In front of it is a crate with a shotgun and the evidence.

Evidence 3:
As you make your way to the second target in the Cornfield area, you will notice a trailer, RV, and a truck. There are a few crates there with evidence on top.

Do not get spotted during the mission.

Suit Only: Do not wear any disguises during the mission.

Intervene: There are 2 civilians you can save. The first is in the Parking Lot. Once you go down the stairs to the lot, go right. There is a lone agent about to shoot a civilian. Take him out. You must finish the area before it counts. The second civilian is in Reception. When you start, he is to the left in the street. You also must exit the area before it counts.

Black Widower:

Electro Cute:
In the Cornfield area, the first target walks back and forth into a shack. She uses the water inside. Near the shack is a generator you can use to kill her. Pull the plug and pull the lever when she is using t he water to kill her.

Skirt Chaser:
Complete both Electro Cute and Black Widower challenges.

You get the scarecrow disguise at the start of the cornfield area. You must eliminate 10 enemies without being spotted while disguised. You can get headshots from within the corn. Holding still in the cornfield makes you invisible to enemies.

A Calm Before the Storm:
Complete the mission.

Angel of Death - Part 1:

Angel of Death - Part 2:

Angel of Death - Part 3:

Tyger7 12-16-2012 09:21 AM

Mission 15 - Skurkey's Law

Easiest way to complete these: The best way to do this is to just go up the stairs to the balcony and wait for the video to play. When the coast is clear, tamper with the computer. Now go to the men's bathroom and wait for the tin foil hat guy. Subdue and take his place in the courtroom so that you go to jail. This way you can play the other challenges on medium difficulty. It is much easier to get into the usher and judge disguises this way.

Mastery - Skurky's Law: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises, which are Court Security Guard, Court Usher, Tin Foil Hat Man, Judge, and Hope Police Officer.

Evidence Collector:
Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1:
There is a security room on the bottom floor. On the desk next to a typewriter is a folder.

Evidence 2:
In the Holding Cell area, there is a restricted area that has an "enter" sign above it. In the same room is a computer with a video tape by it. This is just before entering the Prison area by picking the lock.

Evidence 3:
You will have to press a button in the Prison area to open a gate. Enter through the gate and to your right will be a small room with a guard in it and a very bright light. The evidence is on the left.

Do not get spotted.

Suit Only:
Do not put on a disguise.

Turn around when you start in the courthouse, go through the door, and go up the stairs. There is a library with an Usher disguise but you have to be extremely careful to get it. Though it isn't absolutely needed, it can help. Go to the balcony above where the man in a tin foil hat is on trial. Tamper with the video on the computer to the left to get the challenge.

No Collateral Damage:
Do not kill nor subdue anyone in the courthouse.

Take the Fall:
Head up to the computer on the balcony above the courtroom. When the video plays and the guard walks away, tamper with it. Now go back downstairs and find the bathroom. Hide in there and when the man with the tin foil hat comes in, subdue him and disguise yourself. Now follow the cop back to the courtroom and get sentenced to jail.

Take Office:
You must get the judge's disguise for this. To do this, you must tamper with the video feed on the balcony to get him to his office. You should probably also have a disguise such as the usher. Go to his office and subdue him. Now go back out and dismiss the charges at the judge's desk in the courtroom.

One Man Riot:
You must kill 10 guards with the glass shank (in the prison area). You first must get the shank in the courthouse. The shank is in the evidence room. When you start in the courthouse, just look to the door on the right near the usher. Head inside and grab the shank. You do not have to kill all 10 in one go.

So Close and yet so Far:
Complete the mission.

Judgement Day - Part 1:

Judgement Day - Part 2:

Judgement Day - Part 3:

Tyger7 12-24-2012 05:56 AM

Mission 16 - Operation Sledgehammer

Mastery - Operation Sledgehammer: Complete all challenges.

Chameleon: Wear all disguises. There is the Hope Police Officer, Agency Grunt, and Agency Heavy Trooper.

Evidence Collector: Collect all of the evidence.

Evidence 1: After you escape, you will be in the main work area for the police. On one of the desks there is a folder to grab. It's the desk to the right of the exit.

Evidence 2:
In the second area, Outgunned, you will be in front of the police station. Straight ahead from the middle steps is an agency vehicle. There are 2 boxes stacked. On top is the evidence.

Evidence 3:
During the Burn area, you will be making your way through a factory. You will eventually get to a big room with a lot of boxes and areas you can climb on (ledges). Right before leaving this area to the next, to the right of the door is the evidence. The next room after has lots of barrels.

Evidence 4:
Once you get to the Hope Fair area, you must run far down the right side of the street. The evidence is located next to some guns on a crate. It can be difficult to get to while hidden, so it might be best just to make a run for it or try to use instinct.
Infiltrator: Never be spotted.

Suit Only: Never put on a disguise.

Vigilante: Take out all police officers in the first area by using melee/subdue. Even on Hard it is pretty easy to run around hitting them all with a police baton.

Misty Eyes:
When you start the Burn area, you will have to make your way through a warehouse. There are quite a few enemies here, and you must eliminate 10 without being spotted. The in-game tracker for the challenge does not trigger, so you will have to rely on your math skills. No one said it was easy being a hitman.

Heavy Armor:
This requires you to use an agency enemy as a human shield, and kill another enemy. This is best done by sneaking up behind one with your gun out (so you can have the option to use them as a shield).

A Cleansing Fire:
Complete the mission.

Surgical Precision - Part 1: Get 3 headshots on agency enemies.

Surgical Precision - Part 2:
Must unlock part 1 first. Get 5 headshots on agency enemies. Point and Shoot works well for this.

Surgical Precision - Part 3:
Must unlock part 2 first. Get 7 headshots on agency enemies within 60 seconds. Point and Shoot needs to be utilized to make this easier. Best is to get around 3 headshots and then find 4 enemies to use Point and Shoot on. This is easily done in front of the police station during the Outgunned area. Keep to your right. You will be able to jump up a ledge with a lone guard up top. Headshot him, peer over the railing and shoot 2 more quickly. Now run to the end of the balcony to the right and look over the railing. There are 4 guards standing still and are perfect to get the Point and Shoot on.

Mission 17 - One of a Kind

No Challenges: There are no challenges, but there are some costumes and evidence you can find.

: When you are in the tailor's shop, look to your left after the counter to find a door. Go through the door and down the stairs. There is some evidence on the desk.

Tyger7 12-24-2012 06:05 AM

Mission 18 - Blackwater Park

This mission is actually quite difficult. The best bet for the first part is to eliminate the two guards in front of the main entrance. Disguise yourself, and do your best to head inside and sneak to your right where the checkpoint is. Continue on and there is a janitor behind a shelf. Quickly kill him and take his disguise. You will want to find the manager and take his. From here you can complete the area how you see fit.

The Penthouse has tons of guards. The best guard to disguise yourself as is a masked one. Only other masked guards will notice you. Otherwise, you have free roam over the whole area as this character. This makes the Penthouse a lot easier.

Mastery - Blackwater Park: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises. There are a lot on this mission (a total of 9). Bodyguard, Custodian, Plumber, Samurai, Receptionist, Manager, Interior Guard, Park Exterior Guard, and Tactical Team. The Samurai is the secret disguise and is located in the Penthouse. You will find dummy models standing up (much like the scarecrow disguise).

Evidence Collector:
Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1:
This is on the very right area from where you start. There is a car parked below and a small security room with TVs. The evidence is inside. This is extremely hard to get without having a disguise.

Evidence 2:
There is a big whale skeleton related to a few challenges in the Penthouse area. Also there is a harpoon. To the side of the harpoon are couches. One of the couches has evidence on it.

Do not get spotted.

Suit Only:
Do not wear any disguises.

Crash Course:
Near the back of the building (inside), is a film projector. Down the hall by a cabinet there is a film reel to pick up. Play that film on the projector.

Laundry Day:
Dump 3 bodies in the laundry chute. There are a few ways to get here. It's basically to the left when you enter the building from the main entrance. There are coat racks and the door you see from there is the laundry room.

Horn of Plenty:
Complete the following challenges: Savage Sushi, Straight to the Heart, Bones, Fired Up, Mocking Bird, and Skin Trade.

You Can Manage:
Wear the manager's disguise and enter the elevator. The manager wears the maroon suit. You can follow the lady that walks around that is head of security and she will open the door randomly.

I Got My Eyes on You:


Mile High Club:
Complete the challenges You Can Manage, I Got My Eyes on You, and Hack'n'Backslash.

Hit Him Where It Hurts:
Eliminate the target Layla and complete the mission.

You must shoot 3 enemies with the harpoon, located in the big room with the whale skeleton. This is in the Penthouse area. You can use the display ahead of the harpoon to distract people to walk in front of the harpoon. You only get one shot, so you will have to make use of a checkpoint or future replays. Also, killing the target Layla with the harpoon gives you another challenge (Straight to the Heart). She counts as an enemy for this challenge as well.

Glitch: For some reason, I finished my final kill with Whaling while dressed as a samurai and killing an enemy with the katana from behind. You stab the enemy in the back of the head. This was after actually getting a harpoon kill (specifically Layla).

There is a whale skeleton in one of the large rooms. Go upstairs and pull the lever to release it and crush guards. You must kill 5 of them using this method. It's best to play the display model music below so that the guards form underneath.

Dump 5 guards over the railing in the Penthouse area. There is an outside balcony. You can do this however you want, sneakily or spotted. It does not have to be in one go.

Savage Sushi:
In the Penthouse, you must poison Layla. This requires poison. Upstairs is Dexter's Son's room which has a checkpoint. From this room, take a right and use instinct (there are lasers eveywhere). Pick up the poison in on the counter. Now exit and go down the stairs and go left. There is a dinging room. Poison the sushi. Layla will walk by and take a bite and die.

Straight to the Heart:
Kill Layla with the harpoon. This counts towards 1/3 enemies for Whaling as well. While she is walking towards the big room with the harpoon and whale skeleton above, play the display model to distract her. She will stand in the line of sight. Shoot the harpoon to get the challenge completed.

This is exactly the same as the Cetacea challenge, except that you must eliminate Layla this way. She walks by and you can also distract her with the model. You can get both challenges in one go.

Fired Up:
From the checkpoint upstairs (described in a few other challenges), go down the stairs. Keep left and go straight to the dining room. Right when you enter, look left for the door to the balcony area. There is a BBQ and gas can next to it to your left. Go back where you came but pass the stairs. Follow to the right through the rooms until you get to one with a fireplace. Wait for Layla to gear near and throw the gas container into the fireplace to cause an explosion that kills her.

Upstairs in the Penthouse area, there is a room with a sniper in it. This is Dexter's son's room. It has a tiger rug in it as well as a checkpoint. There is a sniper laying by the window. Wait here and use this window to snipe your target. Wait until she is on a balcony and shoot her in the back of the head so that she falls. You must trigger her walking by picking up the sniper and walking around til she moves.

Skin Trade:
Go to where the target is, and she will walk into a hidden door. Follow her. She will attempt to seduce you and then shoot you. Quickly shoot her first.

Blue Collar:

Ronin - Part 1:
This requires a disguise. The Samurai disguise is found on the dummy models in the Penthouse area. You must also pick up a katana which are also scattered around on display. Kill 1 guard with the sword.

Ronin - Part 2:
You must first have part 1 unlocked. You must kill 7 guards with the katana while wearing the samurai disguise, and without being spotted.

Ronin - Part 3:
You must first have part 2 unlocked. Kill Layla (the target) with the sword. You can kill her by slicing her or by throwing the sword at her.

Tyger7 12-24-2012 06:05 AM

Mission 19 - Countdown

Mastery - Countdown: Complete all challenges.

Chameleon: Wear all disguises. There is only one, and that is the Blackwater Tactical Team.

Evidence Collector: Collect evidence in mission.

Evidence: After getting passed the first area you will get to a save point. This is probably best saved for medium since you have a time limit. Kill all the guards with a silenced pistol. Go into the right door and grab the keycard on he desk. Exit and go to the wall on your right (as if facing the checkpoint). Inside there is evidence.

Infiltrator: Do not get spotted.

Suit Only: Do not use a disguise.

All Roads Lead to Dexter:

Stay on Target:
Kill Dexter before the time gets to 2:00. This means 2:01 and up will count.

When you start the mission, move forward and use instinct to look for a hanging pallet above a guard. When another guard walks by him, shoot the pallet (above on the rope) to make it fall and kill them. This needs to be at least 2 kills.

Kill 5 guards with an axe. This is in a locked room that requires a keycard. The keycard is located in a room under the helipad.

It's Personal:
Eliminate Dexter with the fiberwire.

Face to Face:
Complete the mission.

Take 'em Down - Part 1: Kill 3 guards with headshots.

Take 'em Down - Part 2: You must complete part 1 first to unlock this. Dump 6 guards off of the railing. This must be in one go.
Take 'em Down - Part 3: You must complete part 2 first to unlock this.You need to take out 10 guards without being spotted.K

Tyger7 12-24-2012 06:05 AM

Mission 20 - Absolution

Mastery - Absolution: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises: Grunt, Technician, Heavy Trooper.

Evidence Collector:
Collect all evidence.

Evidence 1: In the cemetery, you start next to a small building. Exit the building and follow the stairs down to a path. Continue on and you will see the evidence on your right on some stone.

Evidence 2:
In the family tomb area, there is an obvious middle area. Nearby is a laptop with the evidence next to it.

Evidence 3:
In the crematorium area, make use of instinct to get by the lasers around the area. Kill the 3 enemies. To the right of the main stairs on a crate is the evidence. It's at the top of the steps, but you can't actually go up them due to the lasers.

Complete mission without being spotted.

Suit Only: Do not wear any disguises during the mission.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:
Kill Jade while wearing the technician disguise and hide the body. Do not get spotted.

Heart of Stone:
Follow Jade (best if disguised as technician). When she is under stone lid that is held by the crane, press the nearby button to have it drop on her. This is in the middle section.

Crossed Out:
Find the explosives in a crate. Jade walks through some tunnels and you must make the supports fall on top of her. Use the explosives to do so.

Complete the Heart of Stone and Crossed Out challenges.

Arm's Length Principle:
Eliminate one of the Praetorians by shooting explosives near them.

Kill Jack, John, and Carey (the Praetorians) with fiberwire.

It Isn't Over Until...:
Complete the level.

The Higher Ground - Part 1:
Get 3 headshots with the sniper.

The Higher Ground - Part 2:
Must complete part 1 to unlock this. Get 5 headshots with the sniper rifle within 10 seconds.

The Higher Ground - Part 3:
Must complete part 2 to unlock this. Get 7 headshots without being spotted.

Maka 12-28-2012 04:31 AM

It may be worth noting that completing the game and getting all the evidence will net you 36/100 challenges.

Also, "Lost & Found" does not contribute towards this.

ak404 01-05-2013 08:30 PM

For the "Oil is Thicker Than Blood" challenge, it keeps track of the total amount of times you've hidden a body into the pool of oil over multiple plays. This means that you can keep pushing Gavin into the oil, then loading up your checkpoint and repeating this until you complete the challenge. While this is somewhat repetitive, it's nowhere near as tedious as having to shoot every single cop in the stage just to drag three bodies into the pool.

A.Coventry 01-10-2013 02:56 PM

On "Birdie's Gift" for "Shiver My Timbers" there is a fuse on the bottom of the cannon which simply needs to be shot make sure to use silver ballers (not sure if requirement but that's how I did it. On the same level the "Up your Arsenal" one requires you to get your ballers back, two win the contest with the "Ultramax" which can be found in the bunker where the evidence is and finally for 3 you need to win the contest with using the sniper but I think you only need to start and end the contest with sniper as your active weapon e.g. can change mid-way to another weapon and just as it ends change back to the sniper.

Hope no one has wrote this as I haven't properly looked.

Tyger7 01-11-2013 06:20 AM

I'll make some changes soon. I need to know, will pictures help? I have taken pictures of every challenge I have details for. Do you think it's worth my time to add them or are the descriptions good enough?

merciless melo 01-11-2013 03:07 PM

Mission 8 - Birdie's Gift

Up Your Arsenal - Part 1:

Up Your Arsenal - Part 2:

Up Your Arsenal - Part 3:

To get these ones you basically have to complete the firing range challenge using every available gun in the level.

Off the top of my head:

3/4 pistols (Silverballers may also need to be done)
Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Ultramax LMG

A.Coventry 01-12-2013 01:16 AM


Originally Posted by Tyger7 (Post 5509456)
I'll make some changes soon. I need to know, will pictures help? I have taken pictures of every challenge I have details for. Do you think it's worth my time to add them or are the descriptions good enough?

I think obviously for some of them they are self explanatory and don't need picture but perhaps for some of the harder ones like the syringes on the hospital level was a massive pain so perhaps for that one. But I suspect everyone coming to this guide is here to do the quickest and easiest 100 like me (:D) so perhaps if you highlighted or even numbered them, save you some work having to snap em' all I suppose. But just some constructive feedback but for me the guides is already good and helped me do my 100.

xFloydy 01-15-2013 12:45 AM

Completed all the challenges in the first two missions today! 80 Challenges done overall, so closing in on the 150 point cheevo.. Thanks for this man!

Mr Snict 01-19-2013 04:27 PM

powerful Tyger 7, cheers I needed this haha.

Flippery 01-28-2013 11:57 AM

Thanks very much for a very useful guide.

Personally I prefer guides like this to be in text form - I find it much easier to find what I need than in a video.

Skullhunter84 03-04-2013 09:36 AM

I unlocked angel of death pt 1, when I killed two saints from one explosion. (Reception area- you can get both of them by shooting the gas puddle after sabotaging the gas pump)

For the second part, you have to kill everyone in the entire level without being spotted, i'm guessing you have to do it in one play through

For part three, you have to fiber wire all 7 of the saints.

bblue2344 03-10-2013 02:25 AM

[QUOTE=Tyger7;5412512]Mission 2 - The King of Chinatown

"Veiled Death - Part 1: You must kill the drug dealer while wearing a police uniform, and not have any witnesses or be detected. Go to the apartment alley on the right side after entering the market area. You can distract the cop by sabotaging the power. As he walks by, subdue him quickly and hide the body. Kill the drug dealer before he leaves, or wait until he comes back later."
You say to kill the drug dealer but the challenge requires you to kill the target disguised as a cop.

cjdavies 04-06-2013 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by Tyger7 (Post 5412512)
Mission 2 - The King of Chinatown

"Veiled Death - Part 1: You must kill the drug dealer while wearing a police uniform, and not have any witnesses or be detected. Go to the apartment alley on the right side after entering the market area. You can distract the cop by sabotaging the power. As he walks by, subdue him quickly and hide the body. Kill the drug dealer before he leaves, or wait until he comes back later."


Originally Posted by bblue2344 (Post 5624457)
You say to kill the drug dealer but the challenge requires you to kill the target disguised as a cop.

I did this myself without looking at the guide, love finding out things myself for the challenge (unless really stuck).

Anyway I don't think I killed the dealer I subdued them wearing a Police uniform (Veiled Death - Part 1), used their disguise and poisoned the drugs, while disguised as the dealer when the target died I had Veiled Death - Part 2.

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