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The Pants Party 12-05-2012 12:42 PM

Achievement Trading Thread
Post here to find Spartan Ops partners.

King Shaneo 12-07-2012 09:23 PM

Looking for partners for spartan ops. I have good connection. GT King Shaneo

Chronicsarco 12-08-2012 04:45 PM

BMFN Sarco

looking for people to do all episodes on legendary or atleast episode 1 on legendary

Empty Seven Man 12-08-2012 07:25 PM

looking to do spartan ops episode 1 on legendary GT: EmptySevenMan

MidnightAT 12-09-2012 04:03 AM

looking for a team for.

"No One Left Behind"

Episode 2 Chapter 3 of Spartan Ops on heroic.

send invite with message ingame please.


prince AnNos 12-09-2012 04:07 PM

need to do ep2 to ep5
and any specific spartan ops related achievement :)

Xgenosis 12-12-2012 12:47 AM

looking to do Ep4 chapters 3 4 5

GT Xgenosis

jvenables 12-12-2012 01:09 AM

UK player looking to do What Power Outage? - chapter 4, Episode 5 without losing a generator on heroic....I am usually on at 2200 - 2300 GMT. Happy to help in any other chapters for XP....

tOnkatsu 12-12-2012 12:36 PM

need to do episode 1 and 4 on heroic to get the "dedicated to crimson" achievement. GT: wonTON7

modano 12-13-2012 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by jvenables (Post 5456353)
UK player looking to do What Power Outage? - chapter 4, Episode 5 without losing a generator on heroic....I am usually on at 2200 - 2300 GMT. Happy to help in any other chapters for XP....

need What Power Outage? too. GT desperados99

JpMoonwalker 12-14-2012 02:17 AM

Anybody want to do Episode 1 Legendary?

GT: JPtheProdigy

scheezy 12-14-2012 07:14 PM

Need to do What Power Outage?

GT: Scheezy

scheezy 12-16-2012 05:27 PM

Hey guys, I'm getting online right now and I need to do the last three episodes of Spartan Ops, including the achievement 'What Power Outage?'.

Send me an invite or message if you're interested, thanks!

GT: Scheezy

DJ RJester 12-21-2012 01:39 PM

EDIT: Managed to do all spartan ops achievements solo in the end.

Sparx. 12-24-2012 04:26 AM

Need someone to do all the Spartan Ops achievements. I've already completed all the missions, just need to go back through for the achievements.

GT: Young Forever x

x 5N4K3 x 12-24-2012 11:04 AM

wanna do the No Easy Way Out achievement (chapter 1 of spartan op episode 5) gamertag: x 5n4k3 x

H20 chaotic xc 12-27-2012 11:10 PM

No one left behind teammates ?
Looking for teammates for no one left behind achievement zx chaotic xz

Obliticutter 12-29-2012 12:47 AM

Need to do a few. GT: Obliticutter.

tpb 12-29-2012 12:30 PM

looking for partners for Spartan ops... Probably to play through all on casual and then do the specific ones on legendary, etc for the achievements.
Also need a few of the campaign achievements (mortordum, etc).

UK based player with mic, play most evenings from 10:30pm GMT till late.

Message on live: fullmetaltpb

xxdiamondxxinfernoxx 12-29-2012 06:28 PM

Also looking for this one and no easy way out add me
Gt - diamondxinferno

ghamlin24 12-30-2012 12:12 AM

Need Partners to finish spartan ops achievements. I am experienced and a good partner.

PKxGHost 12-30-2012 01:28 AM

Would like to do Episodes 3-5
Would also like to get no easy way out and no one left behind
Add me: PKxGHost

Muta32 12-30-2012 02:00 PM

looking for people who want to do all chapters on legendary. i'm on now. i see a movie this afternoon and then i"ll be on again.

GT: muta32

carmizzzle 12-31-2012 12:02 AM

looking to get the achievement No Easy Way Out (Ep 5, Chapt 1 achievement)

Msg or add Carmizzzle

mullinavat 12-31-2012 05:38 PM

anybody want to do spartan ops on legendary with me mainly chapters 2 and 3.
Add me at mullinavat

Muta32 01-03-2013 06:51 AM

I'm on now need to do Episode 2 on Legendary. All chapters. Need to unlock Forerunner thingy.

GT: Muta32

Siziol 01-05-2013 05:37 PM

looking to get level related achievements for SO. Specifically No One Left Behind, What Power Outage, and No Easy Way Out

GT Siziolvec

SmirkyQuill 01-06-2013 12:55 PM

Looking for partners for Spartan ops to complete missions on legendary and get achievements, add me GT : SmirkyQuill

TehSun 01-08-2013 08:22 AM

I'm looking to get all the Spartan Ops (and campaign if interested) achievements and to make a few friends along the way!

I'm a really social guy, so if you have a mic i'm sure we can have a blast!
Throw me an add and i'll play with ya.


tmcmullen08 01-11-2013 10:56 PM

I'm looking for a team of preferably 4 people to get both of the achievements associated with Episode 5 of Spartan Ops (they refer to chapter 1 and chapter 4). I believe they have to be done on Heroic.

I'll be on tonight by 1 AM (Central Time, USA) at the latest and will be on for several hours after that.

Feel free to send me a message!
GT: Tmcmullen08

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