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Creech 12-06-2012 02:55 AM

PC freezing upon load, and Windows 8 issue
In case anyone else has this issue...

I loaded up the game for the first time today (running Vista) and it would freeze as soon as my LIVE ID would load. It took me a bit to figure out a solution, but this ended up working. Turn off auto sign in (I had to load another game to do this) and then load up Bioshock 2. Instead of signing in, choose "Quit to Multiplayer". This exits out of the SP executable and loads up the MP. Sign in there, and it should prompt to download a patch. Install the patch, and then you can play normally.

Also, when checking into upgrading to Windows 8, this title is listed as NOT compatible with Windows 8. That may change in the future, but it is old enough that I rather doubt that. Obviously, I haven't actually tried to run it under Windows 8, but the compatibility check states that it will not run.

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