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Deadsea 18 12-06-2012 11:54 PM

This game was cool but about that Insane playthrough....
This game is tottally unfair on insane. Finnally beat it and it was tough went through the whole SP on Insane. Was stuck on the Rail shooter part above Duke Burger for days, and that King Octapussy battle was tough as nails, I had to use the shrink ray cause of his minnions. This game is the hardest difficulty I've come across yet I was stuck on the Mother Ship Battle for 2 hours and the Queen Bitch boss battle was a bitch. I've beat World at War twice on Veteran,all 3 Gears On Insane,beat all 4 campaighns on L4D 1 on EXPERT and so forth but this game was the hardest yet.

What did you think of this playthrough of Insane. The game was good for the 15$ I paid for it new at Walmart I enjoyed it cause it was like catching up with an old friend after 12 years and I felt right at home with Duke's one liners and badass action. If I had paid 60$ for this, yes I would have felt ripped off but for less then 20$ I did good. Loved everything about the game I'm a huge Duke fan for over 10 years and the game was badass and had funny humour that only Duke can deliver. Didn't like the online but whatever that was tacked on anyway I bought the game for the SP and walked away pleased.

SH4DOWL1NK 01-18-2013 07:29 PM

I'm glad that all of the games achievements are offline..

Cyclobomber 03-20-2013 09:26 AM

I kinda liked both playthtoughs on Damn, I'm Good (main game and add-on).

It was very challenging and at times unfair, yes (turret sections were part of the problem, of course), but then again I've been very careful about saving ammo and items (I often found myself forgetting to use them where it would have saved me a few tries, keeping them for later for in fact nothing -most egregious case against the final add-on boss, did it without items, and the last section inside her womb is fairly unfair), swapping weapons here and there, abusing the head scale setting for easier headshots, and also keeping mobile.

This is a game set like a modern militaty shooter, but with classic FPS run'n'gun mentality, always run around and circle strafe during fights, grab what you find, bash your enemies.

A few examples where hogging on items if beneficial:
On the rooftops of the Duke Burger, if you saved your steroids so far, there is another bottle of pills sitting on a crate on the antenna, break the crate to make it roll to your level, 2 sets of pills can make a big change when fighting berserk pigcops on the hardest difficulty.

Also, in the Dam, when you turn the power back on and find yourself besieged by pigcops, there is a 'secret' holoduke before the checkpoint. Grab it, activate the checkpoint (flip the switch), then save & quit. The holoduke will be back, allowing you to distract the hardest to reach pigcops while you clean up.

Same when you stack the blue barrels and are besieged, grab the beer and shotgun, and when the assault captains appear save & quit (a checkpoint is activated beforehand), the beer and weapons in the foreman's office will be back.

Deadsea 18 03-22-2013 04:25 AM

LOL I forgot about this thread. Yeah I remember feeling like I was gonna freak out and pull my hair out ha ha. I was STRESSED on Incarnate difficulty. But proud of my 1,000 gs in this game. I want to get the DLC without a doubt. People say the insane achivement is MUCH easier in the DLC.

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