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stagray 12-13-2012 07:38 PM

Question about hand to hand
I have been playing for 3 levels now and CANNOT seem to get the hand to hand fighting figured out. It wants me to hit X and then follow up with another but everytime I do I still get hit and eventally die. W T F:confused::confused:

Any help would be great!

InsaneKane87 12-16-2012 04:22 AM

You have to tap the :xbut: button until that goes away then you either hit :abut: or :ybut: and to cancel a fight press the :bbut:

Took me a minute to figure it out at first. I was only hitting the :xbut: once instead of tapping and waiting for the next prompt to go away. Do you only hit it once? If so that may be why you are dying so easily.

I also noticed if I don't have the camera at the right angle I won't see what button I need to hit next.

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