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champagne02 12-23-2012 03:57 PM

Easy 1000g
This game is a classic and also very easy to 100%.

steamboatidk 12-23-2012 04:50 PM

How much is the game though.

ChickinOnaChain 12-23-2012 04:54 PM

It wasn't "easy" for me. The "350,000 points" and the "reach the third level without losing a life" we're out of my skill range. But it's still a great game. It reminds me of when I really got into games.

Corrupt. 12-30-2012 10:02 PM

Also, for some reason, I didn't get the full 1000g as there was only 200 available...

StevenAHodge 04-30-2013 04:46 AM

Classic and easy. Fond memories.

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