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Optimus Grizley 12-26-2012 08:52 PM

Don't waste your money
Would probably be a good game but like all games that use kinect it is horrible. The kinect makes the game just about unplayable. If they could have found a better way for you to control the guy it would have been a good game. I lost count of how many times i had to restart I think it was level 9 of the first set due to the kinect's bad tracking. Constantly would think that i would move my arm and it would ether fling leedmee off the map or crush them against something. Sometimes would even think that while crouching I would left up and do the same thing. I just wish developers would realize the kinect is garbage and not make games with it. The only thing it is good for is the voice settings for games and you don't even need kinect to do that with. They can do voice prompts with a head set.

Dalek Nation 01-15-2013 02:25 AM

I usually try to stick up for Kinect titles... they get a bad rap for the touchy touchy tracking.

Unfortunately, Leedmees is unplayable except for those miracle few people who have god-like tracking from thier Kinects. I only know of these people because presumably someone actually got all the chevos for this one. A fun concept, the failure comes in the moment Kinect loses you even for a second. Most games, this doesn't kill things, you just waggle your mitts until it begins responding again. BUT, Leedmees is destroyed by this; the little "mees" or whatever go flying around the screen, making simple tasks a struggle and RUINING any chance of getting the high ranks necessary for the real cheevos.

If you must... I mean MUST try it, it goes on sale for 400 points every other week for the fourth time in a row in the Kinect Central Sales. Don't DARE spend 800.

Xtowers 08-23-2013 05:42 PM

Got it for 320 msp. It is a fun concept, but I can definitely see the difficulty in this title. Around level 5 I was constantly crushing my guys and I wasn't sure why.

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