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R Miller 69 12-29-2012 04:12 AM

North American Adventures - Achievement Guide and Roadmap
-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 850 G
-Online: 150 G
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 6 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes

Career Mode Achievements
You should play on Pro Hunter Difficulty so you also get the achievement for completing the game on Sportsman Difficulty. You can change the difficulty you are playing on by going to Main Menu > My Career > Manage Progress > Change Difficulty > Pro Hunter. There are 2 animal track achievements. Animal tracks are easy to find in levels in which there is snow. The other career mode achievements will come just by playing through career mode.

Custom Firearm Achievements
You can customize your firearm by just changing the color or the part on the gun. From the career mode menu click :ybut: to get to the gun locker. So change any part or color on your rifle and shotgun. For Full Arsenal you need to get A+ rating on all levels to get all gun parts and colors. For Gun Smith you have to change every part and color for both rifles and shotguns.

Shooting Gallery/Prairie Dog Course Achievements
There is one shooting gallery achievement and there is only one prairie dog course achievement. You have to get all gold medals on all 4 levels for both shooting gallery and prairie dog course.

Online Achievements
All four online achievements can be done by yourself. All of the achievements beside "Objective Oriented" will unlock at the end of the game. Once you have completed 3 objectives the achievement will unlock. It does not have to be in one game, just complete 3 objectives.

R Miller 69 12-29-2012 04:14 AM Open Season 30
Finish your first hunting mission

Story related and cannot be missed. Mutant Deer 30
Take down at least one Albino Deer
  • Whitetail Deer.
  • Play all 5 rounds to gain access to a “Unique Trophy Animal”.
  • On the 6th round you will get a Unique Animal (Big Rack, Mature Deer, Albino).
  • If the Trophy is not an Albino, restart hunt. DO NOT finish hunt if not an Albino, you will have to repeat steps 1-3.
  • My Strategy: Ran around level using HUB to locate the animals within the map. As soon as I spotted an animal I would zoom in on the animal, if the trophy symbol comes up within the scope, that is the Trophy Animal, the one you need to hunt to continue to next round.
(Credit to Goots88 for this description) Best Thanksgiving Ever 30
Hunt 2 toms

You only have one chance during story mode to hunt a tom and it is in the level Alberta. You will need to replay the level twice. Mutant Elk 30
Take down at least one Albino Elk

Do the same thing you did on Mutant Deer but this time choose Elk Trophy Hunt. Ringneck Warrior 30
Hunt at least 10 pheasants

Pennsylvania Falls is the best level to hunt pheasants because the only thing in the air is them. You should be able to do this in one go but repeat the mission as much as possible, if needed. Wingman 30
Take down at least 40 ducks

Ducks are very common, you should have no problem getting this by the time you finish the story mode. If you do have trouble, try replaying the mission Alaska Early Fall. Undercover Hunter 30
Take down at least 3 trophies from a Blind

You will be in a blind or a stand more than 3 times in Career Mode. That means 3 Big Game Trophies should not be to hard to get. Master Quacker 30
Make at least 3 Awesome Duck calls

You will get a chance to call ducks in Pennsylvania, Alaska Early Fall, British Columbia, and Alberta. Hold down :abut: for around 2 seconds, let go and repeat. Try to only get green, if you do it right it will say "awesome." Do that 3 times and the achievement is yours. This is cumulative across games, this doesn't have to be at one time. Trophy Sniper 30
Take down 5 trophies with one shot each

Unless you shoot the animal in the leg or something, most likely you will kill it with one shot every time. You should get this while progressing through Career Mode. Out of Sight! 30
Hunt a Big Game Trophy from more than 80 yards

In just about every level you get a chance to down a Big Game Trophy from more than 80 yards. My longest shot is over 250 yards so this is not hard at all. Film Expert 30
Film at least 2 episodes worth more than 100 points

You will get 6 chances to film a hunt during Career Mode. The hunts are Pennsylvania, Alaska Early Fall, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, and Alaska Early Spring. You might think you have gotten more than 100 points on all your films. But not only do you need to get 100 points, you have to have at least a 2x multiplier on the video.

R Miller 69 12-29-2012 04:15 AM Smith 30
Make all your rifles and shotguns in the Gun Builder from unlocked parts

There are 2 rifles and 2 shotguns in the gun locker. Each one needs different unlockable parts. See Full Arsenal for all parts of the gun.'s the Brakes 30
Unlock all muzzle brakes in the game

See Full Arsenal for more information. Give is to Receive 30
Unlock all the receivers in the game

See Full Arsenal for more information. Stocked 30
Unlock all the stocks in the game

See Full Arsenal for more information. Barrel of Fun 30
Unlock all the barrels in the game

See Full Arsenal for more information. See You 30
Unlock all the scopes in the game

See Full Arsenal for more information.! 30
Unlock all the paint schemes in the game

See Full Arsenal for more information. Arsenal 30
Unlock all custom gun parts in the game

You need to get A+ for all levels in the Career Mode to unlock all the custom parts. This is not hard and it has nothing to do with accuracy. It only depends on how many points you get in each level. The custom gun parts that you need for rifles are 30 Receivers, 4 Stocks, 7 Barrels, 4 Scopes, and 2 Brakes. For shotguns you need 4 Receivers, 4 Stocks, 2 Barrels, and 2 Chokes. Then the last thing you need is 5 paints. with your Gun 30
Take down a trophy with a fully customized firearm

See I Love My Gun for more information. Love My Gun 30
Shoot down at least 10 different big-game species with a custom rifle

Customizing your firearm means changing the color or the part on the gun. From the Career Mode menu click :ybut: to get to the gun locker. Once you get in the hunt and after you kill 10 animals the achievement will unlock. Diggin' in my Yard 30
Obtain Gold medals in all Prairie Dog Shoot Courses

Use your shotgun for all levels, it will make the game go by fast and you will then get high points for time bonuses, making the gold medals easy. The only level the shotgun won't work is level 3 on Lost Lake. So you are going to have to use your rifle for that level. for Gold 30
Obtain Gold medals in all Hunters Challenge Courses

See Crack Shot for more information. Hound 30
Find 10 animal tracks

You can find animal tracks in any level where you shoot videos. For the 2 levels in which you are hunting in snow, tracks are very easy to find. Those levels are Montana and Alaska Early Spring. You should be able to find 5 tracks per level. Just look at the ground and then you should see animal footprints easily. Crack Shot 30
Obtain Gold medals for all Courses in the Shooting Galleries

The key for all challenges is to shoot all the Big Game you see. Do not go for the Small Game all the time because it takes too much time to switch weapons and by the time you do, it's too late. It's best to let some of the Small Game just run or fly away so you don't miss a chance to bag more points on bigger game. There are only a few spots in each map where all you'll shoot is Small Game. Also, run through the maps at least 2-3 times just to figure the pattern and placement of the Big Game animals. They will be in the same spot every time you play.

Credit to southurnbuck from PS3T for these tips:

Mirror Lake: In this challenge you'll see archery targets in about 4 places. When you see these forget all animals and aim & shoot at these targets as early as you can and as many times as you can, the points you get are huge and are the key to getting Gold on this challenge. Also using the Shotgun will increase your chances on staying on the target.

Evergreen Mountain: On this challenge there is only one archery target, so take advantage of it as soon as you see it because it only last for a few seconds. Then just concentrate on the Big Game animals as mentioned in the tip above.

Camino Dorado & Rimrock Valley: On these 2 challenges your only hopes of high scores for golds are the Big Game. There are no bonus targets to increase your score. Just stick to the tip mentioned above and you'll be fine. A Real Hunting Story 40
Finish the Career on Pro Hunter difficulty setting

This game doesn't start off by asking what difficulty you want to play on, so at the main menu click on My Career > Manage Progress > Change Difficulty > Pro Hunter. All you have to do is complete all levels in Career Mode on Pro Hunter. None of the levels are too hard, the only thing different between the difficulties is that Pro Hunter doesn't help you aim like Sportsman would. I managed to get A+ on all missions without much trouble, but you don't have to get A+ on everything to get this achievement. However, you will need A+ on all missions if you want to get the Full Arsenal achievement, so might as well do them now. A Sportsman Hunting Story 30
Finish the Career on Sportsman difficulty setting

The difficulties stack so see A Real Hunting Story for more information.

R Miller 69 12-29-2012 04:15 AM Shooter 30
Finish an Online Match with at least 70% Accuracy

Just shoot a few small game animals, don't miss and just run around until the match is over and the achievement will be yours. Player 30
Use at least 4 different Perks against opponents in an Online Match

See Griefmaster for more information. 30
Use at least 8 different Perks against opponents in an Online Match

You get perks by shooting small game animals and you can carry 4 at one time. You can only use the RED perks against your opponents. Just keep using them against each one as often as you can and you should have them done in no time.

Method To Boost Online By Yourself

  1. Go to the Xbox Live tab in the main menu and press :abut:.
  2. Go to Host Match tab and press :abut:.
  3. Just select the map of your choice.
  4. # of players to 4.
  5. A.I. Bots to enabled.
  6. Vitals to enabled.
  7. Perks to enabled.
  8. Private slots to 3, this way no randoms can join in on your game, its just you and the 3 A.I. Bots making getting the trophies a lot easier.
(Credit to southurnbuck from ps3t for this tip and the method to boost all the online achievements) Mission Comes First 30
Complete 5 collected objectives in Online Matches

There are objectives that pop up every so often and all you need is to complete 5 of them. They are cumulative, so you don't have to do them all in one game. See Greifmaster for a method to boost this achievement by yourself. Stealer 30
Kill an animal wounded by an opponent during an Online Match

You can do this against the bots but it would be easier with someone else. Try to have someone shot the animal in the leg and it shouldn't kill them. Now the animal should be going slow and should be an easy kill. Premiere 30
Successfully complete your first episode

Story Related and cannot be missed.

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