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stuthemonkey 01-03-2013 03:06 AM

Giants game skylanders count issue
So in the giants game if you press start and look at collections it shows which skylanders you have with orange bottoms. And 5 of my skylanders I've used don't show up, but they work fine in game. What I did notice though was that these 5 series 2 skylanders figures I used in the first game because I did not have series 1 versions of them. I know this doesn't really impact the gameplay at all, I just found it odd that it said I didn't have them, yet I've played with them. Has anyone else seen this situation?

I also find it odd when looking at the different elements like life it shows camo there, but greyed out like I didn't use him, but I did use a series 1 version of him since there is no series 2 version.

Any thoughts?

EmporerDragon 01-03-2013 04:33 AM

It only counts skylanders that are registered to the game file.

If you've used them on a different file or in the first game, then they would be linked to that file. You would then need to register it to the file you are using. This option is found under the stats menu for the Skylander.

Doing this will also deregister it for the other file, so it'd need to be reregistered back on the other file if you go back (primary reason for doing this would be to keep the elemental and exp bonuses for having so many skylanders).

Chrome30 01-04-2013 05:14 AM

Go into manage and "claim" any new characters.

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