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Shiftie 01-07-2013 12:29 AM

Chapter Objectives Guide
Level 1: Main Street, DOA
Score 1,000,00 points - You will need to maintain a combo for most of the chapter to hit 1,000,00 points. I would recommend coming back to this after upgrading your characters a bit. Saving the survivor will help.
Complete in under 3mins - I needed a speed upgrade for this one, basically just run passed everything possible. You will be forced to stop from time to time, so you will also need a powerful weapon to quickly clear the area.
Save the first survivor - Once you see the survivor flipping out and screaming for help, go over to them and slap them back down to Earth and they will follow you to a marked extraction zone. This is the same deal with all of the survivors in the rest of the game.
Kill 15 Zombies in the first 60 Seconds - I recommend using Jeremy for this because of his high power and fire rate on his weapon, and he also allows you to do this from the start of the game. Also, keep moving so you always have a few live zombies on your screen. YOU need to get the kills in order to receive credit.
Take No Damage - Father Bill or Jeremy are the best bet for this, Jeremy can spray and pray while Father Bill's shotgun has a wide spread and knockback. Make sure you take it slow as well, and watch for any zombies that may come up behind you. It's a relatively short Chapter, so just stay focused for the duration and you'll win.

Level 2: New Sheriff in Town
Score 1,500,000 points - Maintaining a high combo is very helpful, however may be difficult to reach early in the game, without upgrades because of the Sheriff. For some extra help, parking yourself up by the flying donut will help keep your combo up.
Kill 50 enemies with the shotgun - Simply switch to Father Bill, his primary weapon is a shotgun
Get 15 Zombies Dancing - Def Money's zombie bait ability is a boombox that will make any zombies in the area to start dancing. Wait for a large group of zombies to group up and then drop the boombox.
Kill 20 Enemies with the Flying Donut - The flying donut is the obvious donut that is being swung back and forth on a malfunctioning crane at the top of the map. Just stand next to the crane and as the donut swings back and forth it will kill zombies. Wait until it kills 20 zombies before moving.
Kill 10 Enemies with the Street Sweeper - Same deal as the flying donut, expect the street sweeper is at the bottom of the map, and is turned up on it's side with it's sweepers still going. Guide the zombies into the sweepers to kill them.

Level 3: Tarmac Attack
Score 10,000,00 points - Can be very difficult at first, requiring some upgrades so you can effectively take out the Sheriff's without taking damage yourself, which is also required for another objective.
Complete in under 7 mins - This is more dependant on firepower than speed, as you will be stuck at the part where you fight 2 Sheriff's at once, which could potentially take quite a while if you don't have the firepower to take them out
Save 1 survivor - Save the survivor from the zombies!
Kill 30 enemies with Def Money's Pwnage - Def Money's Pwnage is a cricket bat attack that is best used on small groups of enemies until it is upgraded a bit, as it generally takes multiple hits to kill a zombie with. However, sticking with him for the duration of the chapter and using the Pwnage ability whenever it's available should net you this objective your first try.
Take No Damage from Sheriffs - Eventually you'll be confronted with two Sheriff's that must be taken out simultaneously, and later a single Sheriff with a ton of zombies. Utilize Jeremy's quad damage Pwnage to burn down all enemies, although you may be required to upgrade his abilities beforehand.

Level 4: Change in Itinerary
Score 12,000,000 points - There are a LOT of zombies, special zombies, etc. in this level that can give you some pretty massive points if you can maintain a good combo. Using either Father Bill or Jeremy for their primary weapons, really more importantly Jeremy for his C4 Teddy, which is also required for another objective, but is very beneficial in clearing out the masses of zombies that appear.
Kill 10 Mechanics with Alma's Rifle - The mechanics are the suicide bomb zombies, and of course you will need to be Alma to do this. Alma can generally 1-shot at least one at a time, often more with her penetrating bullets.
Kill a Homeless with the C4 Teddy - The homeless zombies are the teleporting zombies that ask for Change, or Bus Fare. As soon as you hear that, toss one of Jeremy's C4 bears and hopefully the zombie will mistake it for neat looking money.
Grind up 20 enemies in the Turbine - The jet turbine is on the right side of the map. Just guide the waves of zombies into the turbines and you should have this pretty soon after starting the Chapter.
Kill the Baggage Thrower Using Jeremy's Pwnage - The Baggage Thrower is the Damned zombie that appears after the plane blows up. Switch to Jeremy when he does, if you're not already playing him, burn the boss down a bit and then use your Pwnage to finish him off.

Level 5: Undead Double-Wide
Score 10,000,000 points - This chapter mostly consists of sorority zombies, which are a bit of a pain, but give some good points, so of course maintain a combo as best you can (get the survivors!) to get max points.
Complete in under 9 mins - This can actually be a bit of a pain if you aren't trying to constantly move forward, especially considering there are some random points where you may be forced to stop, while other times you don't have to stop. Focus more on fire power to get through this quickly.
Save 3 survivors - Find the screamers and escort them to safety to profit.
Light 40 Enemies on Fire - There are two flamethrower pickups that spawn on the map (and eventually respawn after use). Try and spread the love by lighting as many zombies on fire as you can with each flamethrower.
Kill 15 Sorority Girls - The sorority zombies are the drunk zombies with high evasion that appear frequently throughout this chapter.

Level 6: Death of the Party
Score 7,000,000 points - Make sure you save your teammates as soon as they get grappled, particularly by Grandma, and you may want to help out by saving your Pwnage abilities for Grandma.
Kill 50 enemies with Dual Pistols - Def Money's primary weapon. Play as him, the end.
Kill 20 Enemies with the Neon Sign - The neon sign is at the top of the map and electrocutes the zombies around it every few seconds. Hang out near it until 20+ enemies are killed by it.
Don't Get Hugged by Grandma - When you fight Grandma, try and use all of your character's Pwnage abilities on her to finish her quickly. Every once in a while she'll jump into the air, at which point you will want to keep moving around until you see her back on the screen and you can safely start shooting her again.
Kill 50 Enemies with Bessie the Bull - The crazy Bull is in the center of the map and whips out every few seconds to kill any zombies surrounding it.

Level 7: Energy Crisis
Score 8,000,00 points - The main thing to avoid to keep up your combo are the electric pillars you come across a few times throughout the mission.
Complete in under 7 mins - Keep a decent pace and the only thing that should stop you is one part where you have to stop and wait for zombies to spawn, and the fight with Grandma at the end of the level.
Save 2 survivors - Escort the survivors to safety, make sure you keep them away from any electrical pillars.
Kill 15 Enemies by Knocking them off the Scaffold -Use your melee attack near a ledge to knock zombies off. Tossing off a C4 Teddy will also get a few zombies to follow, but it's a bit of a waste when melee attacks are free.
Kill 20 Enemies with the Modified Flare Gun - AKA a Rocket Launcher. Ammo is limited, so wait until you reach large groups before using this.

Level 8: Shocking Conclusion
Score 5,000,000 points- You main priority is to not take any lightning damage from the massive pillars. Also be aware of the zombies that spawn near the buttons, as they will try and jump you while you're avoiding the lighting from the pillars.
Complete in under 7 mins - Move between the buttons and press them as early as possible. It may be beneficial to move between the buttons while walking through lightning, although it's not necessary.
Take No Damage from Lumberjacks - The lumberjacks are the axe wielding damned that hit the ground and make a 3-pronged shockwave in front of them. Either stand behind them, or avoid their 0, 90, and 180 degree points to avoiding taking damage from their shockwave.
Take No Lightning Damage - Be observant of when the lightning pillars are charging up, and make sure you don't attempt to move passed them while the pillar you walk near is charging up to unleash the lightning.
Kill 50 Enemies with Lightning Damage - You can either draw the zombies through the lightning by getting them to follow you, or just making sure the lighting pillar is between you and a horde of zombies at all times. Most zombies will die before they make it across the range of the pillar.

Shiftie 01-07-2013 12:29 AM

Level 9: Thar She Blows!
Score 9,000,000 points - By this point in the game, it shouldn't be hard to maintain a combo (survivors!), aside from Grandma, who you may want to save the nailgun for.
Complete in under 5min - Rushing through the level isn't too hard if you use the nailgun effectively, and are able to quickly eliminate Grandma.
Save 2 survivors - Escort the survivors to safety!!!
Kill 30 Enemies with the Nailgun - Pretty much just after you pickup the nailgun you'll come across some hordes of zombies. Just use the powerful pickup to clear out the enemies.
Kill 20 Enemies with Father Bills pwnage - Father Bill's pwnage is an area spell that damages zombies near him - which should be beneficial in the large hordes of zombies on this level - and also heals any allies in the area.

Level 10: We're on a Boat, Mother$#@#er!
Score 7,000,000 points - There are a lot of bosses in this level, so you are required to have quite a bit of damage dealing ability, although there are a lot of weapon pickups. As usual, the biggest problem can be a fight with Grandma.
Save 4 survivors - Save the survivors after the boss fight. This is required for an achievement anyway, so you will end up saving more than 4 of them.
Kill a Damned Using a Melee Attack - If you've leveled up a melee attack, use that, or use Jeremy and his 4x damage Pwnage ability when a boss is nearing death. I personally find the Lumberjacks the easiest to melee effectively (from behind).
No Player is Downed - By no player, this means NOBODY including the AI. To do this safely, you will probably want to save the grenade launcher for the final boss, as well as your Pwnage abilities to quickly burn him down. Other than that, as always, the Gradma's will probably be your biggest problem and they should be dealt with quickly.
Kill 35 Zombies in the Propeller - The propeller is from a boat on the right side of the map. Guide zombies to it and watch them get chopped up into shark bait.

Lavindathar 02-24-2013 05:31 PM

Just want to say thanks for this, I was stuck on getting the 15 zombies knocked off the scaffold. Couldn't line them up properly. Didn't know Monkeys worked :D

E vee dub 04-04-2013 08:38 PM

Can you focus on one challenge, then replay the same level and focus on another and still have them all checked off?

YES. You can focus on one challenge, check it off, then replay the same chapter to focus on other challenges. All challenges are cumulative.

This also allows you to earn money and work on upgrades as well. So use all abilities of each character a lot.

E vee dub 04-04-2013 09:10 PM

If you complete a challenge (it pops at the right-bottom of the screen if you do), but then die and have to restart, will it still count as completed?

NO. You must survive the mission to save any completed challenges along the way.

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