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Chada Darkmane 01-09-2013 04:37 AM

Do not play this game
Game crashed and when i reloaded my save was gone. Not corrupted, completely gone. What kind of fucked up piece of shit of a game deletes your save???

Do not play this game.

Chada Darkmane 01-11-2013 04:55 AM

Alright. Now that i have 1000gs in this game i will share my experience. The best advice i can give anyone considering playing this is to put it back in the case and send it back to where ever it came from. Or even better put it straight in the nearest bin because this game is so glitched it should never have been released.

So as above got about 10 hours in and the game deleted the save when it crashed so had to restart, nothing i could do about it.

For this play through i backed up the save after ever badge and acheivement unlocked properly on a memory card and then again when i got about 5 hours in on another harddrive. I followed the advice of another poster and got all the minor badges except one for each segment, then went through and unlocked the major badges, saving as i went incase one didnt unlock properly.

And sure enough lightening bee reflex didnt unlock, so i reverted to the backed up save and tried again. I must have tried it about 10 times and the achievement wouldnt unlock. Something i did on that save had glitched it so it was never going to unlock no matter how many times i reloaded the save.

So next i went back to the save i had on my other hard drive which i had played up to about level 9 and did everything i needed to unlock lightening bee reflex and it worked first try, so i guess i hadnt got up to what ever part of the game glitches the acheivement on this save.

So now that i had the achievement unlocked on my card i though i would go back to my other save and complete the game, thinking that maybe the game would see that i had lightening bee reflex on my card so it would unlock the 200G You rock pollen jock achievement for me. But no, i completed the game 100% and it didnt unlock. So now no other choice but to go back to the save that let me unlock lightening bee reflex and play through once again.

During this playthough i already had all the achievements except you rock pollen jock so it was hard to gauge if a badge was glitching. When ever you unlock a badge you need to see the unlock indication at the bottom of your screen. This means that it is working properly. On my other save when i was trying over and over to get it to work i would never tell me that lightening bee reflex had unlocked even though it showed on the badge wall, so you can use this as an idea of whether it is going to glitch.

During this play through i had the game crash and corrupt my save, but fortunately i was still backing it up on my memory card so i only lost about 30mins of work. After that everything worked properly and once i completed the last badge everything unlocked.

So after 2.5 play throughs and lots of fucking around i got it. If after reading this and everything else on the forum about this glitchy piece of shit you are still going to play here is my advice.

If you dont have a memory card or a spare storage device dont even bother because you will be lucky to get through an entire play through with out losing everything.

2. Lightening bee reflex needs to be done as soon as possible. As soon as you have unlocked level 6 dont advance the game further until you have done it. This should prevent it from glitching.

3. Do your home work. Read everything on the forum so you dont fall foul of another random glitch that some one has discovered. The level 11 glitch is the only other one im aware of that you can easily avoid.

I cant bee 100% sure that following this will get you the 1000 in one playthrough. There could be other glitches that no one is aware of but doing it like this is your best bet i think.

GovnaBerry 01-11-2013 04:57 AM

generally movie tie in games are crap. especially games designed to a mostly kid audience. They do sometimes have easy achievement lists as they are designed for kids

Phunky 04-01-2013 05:21 PM

Just got my 1000, I didn't have any achievement glitching problems at all. I got the dirty disc error once but no corruptions from it.

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