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K one 01-09-2013 06:05 PM

Rare items required?
I'm sorry to say I didn't think that this game was too difficult to play my first play through on normal. I do not think you need to ask someone for rare items at all. I beat the game at level 50 and even went through Everfall once.
Mind you I had a level 70ish mage pawn and a level 110 warrior pawn, for most of the game. But it wasn't all that difficult to were as long as I kept some good equipment, and upgraded it, I could take out most enemies. My Pawn is a mage and only once in a while I had to retry. I just had to know when to run and let my mage heal me.
Also I very rarely needed a wakestone at all the first time through.

Guess my point is why whine for the best armors in the game when you could help someone else out by using their pawn through out the game and still have very little trouble with it yourself. And I personally found the game more enjoyable this way.

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