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Shiftie 01-10-2013 02:26 PM

Achievement Guide and Roadmap
-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline:30 achievements for 400:gsicon:
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 400:gsicon:: 12-15hrs
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 per game mode
-Number of missable achievements: None. Repeatable missions
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No.
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? : None

In Zombie Driver HD you play as a taxi driver, turned zombie steam rolling mercenary who is working to help the military clear the city streets of the undead. The story missions take you from the early moments of the outbreak, where you must help evacuate citizens throughout the city, to the late stages of the outbreak where the only option is to annihilate the zombies. All the while, the story behind the outbreak begins to unravel as you eventually discover all is not as it seems with your current employers. At least there's a city full of zombies that needs killing.

Story Mode:
In order to unlock cars for Blood Race and Slaughter modes you need to play through the 31 missions in the campaign and complete some necessary secondary objectives to make the cars available to you. In general, it is best to try and finish all secondary objectives to help fill your wallet so you can pay off your upgrades as fight your way through the campaign. Just about every campaign achievement is associated to either a primary or secondary objective, upgrading one of your cars completely, or kill a certain number of enemies with a particular vehicle (tank or bulldozer), or weapon (the rail gun).

Blood Race:
The Blood Race is divided up into a number of tournaments, made up of multiple events that vary in objective. The first event type is a race, which simply pits you against some opponents in a race to the finish. Next is Eliminator, which requires you to kill a number of opponents using the weapon pickups scattered throughout the map. Racing through the map will give you extra time, allowing you to kill more enemies in the long run. The final event type is Endurance, which requires you to speed through the checkpoints on the map to regain time as the clock inevitably ticks down to 0. Simply get through the checkpoints fast enough to keep the clock ticking for a set number of seconds/minutes for each medal. Your medals for each event in a tournament are averaged out to a total score which may or may not give you a medal depending on your scores. A bronze medal is necessary to unlock the next tournament.

Slaughter mode sends you through 7 different maps where you must kill to survive. The more you kill and more points you score, the farther you will progress into the waves of enemies. With each wave, comes more enemies, as well as an upgrade or two to any of your weapons or car parts. In this mode you need to reach a score in each map that will give you a gold medal, and you will need to find every upgrade as a wave reward in one game, as well as getting 150,000 points or more in a single game.

If you need help with any of the Blood Races or Slaughter Arenas, look HERE for tips.

Achievements Work - 5:gsicon:
Defeat the first boss in Story mode

Mission: 3 - Meatball

Story related and unmissable. The big boss will have two machine gun ammo spawns near him, so just grab them as they spawn, park right in front of him and hold :abut:. He will occasionally throw things at you which can easily be avoided by either driving forward or backward. Plants must die! - 10:gsicon:
Defeat the mutated zombie plant in Story mode

Mission: 20 - Operation Lawn Mower

Story related and unmissable. Hopefully by now you've done some pretty extensive upgrading of your weapons and your preferred car. The fight with the plant monster is pretty straight forward as long as you keep mobile and basically do strafe runs on him as he has multiple ranged attacks. Be sure to take out the spawn areas around him first, the two giant ball shaped spawn points and the one shipping containing to get all of the extra zombies out of the way. After that, use your most upgraded weapon on the boss; the flamethrower seemed the most effective (obviously), followed by the machine gun and rockets and finally the rail gun which you should probably just use to take out the spawn points and extra zombies. There are also two repair pickups in the immediate area if you need them. Once you erase his health bar, go grab a bomb from either outpost and plant it to finish off the plant boss. Rod - 5:gsicon:
Obtain the Sports car in Story Mode

Mission: 2 - Operation Neighbourhood

Story related and unmissable. Just play through the mission and you will be given the car parked in the driveway of the mechanic you saved; a brand new red Bugatti Veyron. Important Person - 10:gsicon:
Unlock the mayor's White Limousine in Story Mode

Mission: 4 - Operation Lost Bird

In order to unlock this you must achieve the Secondary Objective, which requires you to go the marker on the map (:ybut:) and clear out all of the zombies until the marker disappears. I recommend you get the kids first, and then clear out the Mansion's parking lot to unlock the limo. The car is very helpful for rescuing more survivors (holds 6 people), so I recommend getting it the first time you do this mission, though it is very simple. Am The Law - 10:gsicon:
Unlock the Police Squad Car in Story Mode

Mission: 12 - Blue Shield

Another car that requires you to do a Secondary Objective. It's the same deal as the Limo, head to the secondary objective marker on the map and clear out the area of zombies until the marker disappears. You will definitely want to grab the 2 policemen before heading all the way up to the secondary objective and getting your new car. - 15:gsicon:
Unlock the super car in Story Mode

Mission: 24 - Operation Pigeon Hunt

Your last, and most epic car, can be unlocked by finishing the secondary objective in this mission, which requires you to clear out a military garage area of all hostiles. Depending on how you want to play this mission, you can either go get all of the survivors and then the supercar, or the supercar first and then the survivors since you only need 6 of the 8 pilots to survive. 5 minutes - 15:gsicon:
Ensure that the TV van reaches the base with at least 50% of health

Mission: 5- Sitting Duck

Although not clearly labeled, this will also be the secondary objective of this mission. Once you reach the van you must protect it from zombies while the people inside repair the van to get it movie. You will probably want to have purchased machine guns for your car, but you can ram all of the zombies as well. Just keep on clearing out the area until the van decides to start moving, and keep an eye on the vans health % during the process so you know whether or not you'll get the achievement.

Shiftie 01-10-2013 02:27 PM Hitter! - 10:gsicon:
Kill 20 or more zombies with one shot while driving the tank

Missions: 11 - Steel Will, 17 -Operation Thunderhorse

You can get this achievement pretty much right off the bat as you start mission 11, simply get a large group of zombies to be around the front of your tank and then blast them with a tank shell (:abut:). You shouldn't have to try and grind for this as you will most likely get this during the mission anyway, thanks to the large groups you will come across, and the fact that you have infinite, high explosive, shells. the destroyer - 15:gsicon:
Kill at least 150 zombies in one combo while driving a bulldozer

Mission: 15 - Operation Bulldozer

Another easy achievement. Starting from the very first zombie you see after leaving the base, maneuver your tank through the streets so you are constantly moving from zombie to zombie. The bulldozer is wide and does maximum damage so you will one shot numerous enemies at a time. Once the counter in the bottom left hand side of your screen reaches 150 kills you can stop. Be aware that the fat zombies still do a lot of damage to your vehicle, however they will help you also get the "Combo Master" achievement, which will most likely pop with this achievement. Car -15:gsicon:
Fully upgrade one car in Story mode

In order to full upgrade a car, you must purchase all three Ramming, Armor, and Speed upgrades (left side of the upgrade screen) for a single car. This may seem pricey at first, but continue to do secondary objectives, big combos, and gather the piles of money to get a good amount of cash. I wouldn't recommend buying any car-specific upgrades until at least the Police Squad Car, as that is when I felt the game getting a bit tougher. The final upgrade will become available after killing the plant boss in mission 20, making mission 21 the earliest to get this achievement, and note that you can unlock a 20% reduction in upgrade costs by doing the secondary objective in mission 23. Hope - 10:gsicon:
Move to the harbor base in Story mode.

Mission: 7 - Operation Harbour Stench

Story related and unmissable. The associated mission requires you to do some dirty work in the docks in the bottom right of the map in order to clear out an area for a new base of operations. The achievement will pop at the end of the mission. Last Express - 10:gsicon:
Progress to the train station base in Story mode

Mission: 15 - Operation Bulldozer

Story related and unmissable. This mission tasks you with taking your bulldozer and clearing the rubble out of the area surrounding the train station. The achievement will pop once you complete the mission. Deal - 5:gsicon:
Put out the fires in the shopping mall.

Mission: 22 - Operation Water Warfare

Missable (secondary objective). Once the mission starts, make your way toward the secondary objective. Once you're there you will see a large building with fire coming out of a number of windows and doors. For this mission you will only have the fire hose on the fire truck as a weapon, so simply shoot the hose at each one of the fires until they go out (will only take a couple of seconds). The achievement will pop once every single fire has been extinguished. Flight - 10:gsicon:
Progress to the airport base in Story Mode

Mission: 22 - Operation Water Warfare

Story related and unmissable. Play through the game until just after you use the fire truck to put out some fires around the airport so you can take over the base. Driver - 30:gsicon:
Complete the Story mode

Mission: 31 - Only way out

Get in your car and drive to the marker on the map..FAST!

I recommend grabbing the rail gun at the beginning of the map and saving it for the end, because overall there are a LOT of fat zombies in this map, and the last area along the railroad tracks is basically wall to wall zombies and should be a good spot for "Out of my way" if you don't have it yet.! I know how to drive! - 5:gsicon:
Earn your first Blood Race mode medal

You can unlock this by either doing single race, or starting up the first tournament in Blood Race mode, which is accessed from the main menu. The first race in the Beginners' Tournament is just that, a basic beginner's race, and should be a simple unlock for easy points. don't want it to end yet! - 5:gsicon:
Survive for more than 2:30 in an Endurance event in the Blood Race mode

For this one you will need a fast car first and foremost, which can include the hotrod that is unlocked via the story mode (only useable in Blood Race and Slaughter mode), which is the fastest car in the game. Once you spent the $100,000 to put that in your garage, you may need to also upgrade its speed to help you out a bit, and then pick an endurance map that you know best. I would recommend going with one of the day time endurance races just to give yourself less of a handicap.

You can wait until the last few Endurance events before trying for this if you want, as you will need to get around 2:30 to gold medal those. it is too much to handle.. - 10:gsicon:
Unlock the Muscle Car in the Blood Race mode

In order to unlock the muscle car, you must get a silver overall medal in the Beginners' Tournament in Blood Race mode. This requires you to get at least 30 out of 40 overall points between the 4 events. The races should be an easy gold, the second event is an Eliminator match which requires you to kill as many of your opponents as you can in a set time limit, which may be difficult for new players to get beyond a Silver in, and the third event is an endurance race which requires you to speed through checkpoints without blowing up and can also be difficult in a starter car. Play - 10:gsicon:
Kill 100 enemies in the Blood Race mode

While you can get this in any event, it is easier to keep count by repeating any of the Eliminator events so you can keep track of your kills. Simply pick up any of the weapon powerups while in the game, get up behind an enemy and fire away. Enemies will constantly spawn around you, but be sure to not get too shot up yourself as it will take time away from killing because you will need to stop and respawn. This should only take a 5-10 replays of the event to attain, if you just want to grind it out. Otherwise this will come naturally as you get the "I just can't get enough!" achievement.

Shiftie 01-10-2013 02:28 PM of all zombies - 15:gsicon:
Defeat the last boss in Story mode

Mission : 30 - Operation Manhattan

This dude is basically a buffed up version of the tree boss you fought a few levels back. He shoots out blood which is a short range attack, he has a melee attack, and a long range underground vine attack. I found him a bit hard to dodge than the tree, and he hits harder, and the flamethrower seemed completely useless against him. However, rockets worked very well. Once again, be sure to clear out all of the spawners prior to focusing your attacks on the boss as well. Other than that, the fight should be over in a couple of minutes and you won't need to plant on bomb on this guy. your own race track! - 15:gsicon:
Kill 30 enemies during an Eliminator event in the Blood Race mode

To get this easier, you will probably want to upgrade some of your weapons in Blood Race mode (which use money you get from Blood Race and Slaughter modes). You may also want to invest in some armor to keep yourself alive while you're trying to kill your opponents. Also focus on picking up the machine gun and flamethrower, which I find the easiest to get a kill with (until rockets and rail gun are fully upgraded) as they are easy to aim and do reasonable damage. An easy way to get kills is to brake (:xbut:) when you see someone coming up behind you and then slam the gas as they pass you so you start to follow them, allowing for some free shots at point blank.

You can wait to do this in the later tournaments as you will need about 30 kills to get a gold in some of them. just can't get enough! - 25:gsicon:
Win all tournaments in the Blood Race mode

Simply play through each of the tournaments by getting at least an bronze medal average in each of their events. Getting a bronze in the tournament is required to unlock the next tournament.'m just warming up - 5:gsicon:
Kill 100 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode

See "Can't Hide from me".'t Hide from me - 10:gsicon:
Kill 500 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode

Slaughter mode pits you and your car against wave after wave of increasingly difficult zombies. After each wave a special item will spawn on the map with a marker to it, and it can be anything from weapon ammo (of any weapon rank), or vehicle upgrades. Continue to run and shoot your wave until about wave 8 or 9 where this achievement should be a sure-bet and you can either continue onward, or just fail. Obviously continuing through the waves is recommended., naughty - 20:gsicon:
Destroy 1500 destructibles in Slaughter mode

The destructibles are all the boxes, barrels, fences, etc. that you can drive through and destroy. This will just require you to repeat your favorite level until the achievement pops, after you get a gold in each level first for "My favourite color". best car ever! - 20:gsicon:
Get all car upgrades in a single game in Slaughter mode

This achievement can be pretty tricky, because as you go through the waves of enemies in Slaughter mode you have the chance of getting 1-2 upgrades for every part of your vehicle, meaning speed, all of the weapons, armor, and ramming. The number of items, and what items spawn, are random, but they are marked on the map with a gold star and ALWAYS make sure you pick them up each round or otherwise you will miss out and have to wait for them to reappear. While trying for this achievement I got to around wave 25 without getting this achievement, however when it actually did pop for me I got my last upgrade on wave 19. Overall, hope you get armor and rail gun upgrades early because those are the best bet for keeping you alive, and always make sure you pick up every item you come across so the upgrades are able to spawn there, as well as ammo for better weapons and repairs to help keep you alive. I ended up doing this on Suburbs, which is a nice map to circle the perimeter of and get a large number of the spawn points in one loop, while also keep a lot of zombies off your tail as they have to maneuver around the houses. favourite color - 25:gsicon:
Earn a gold medal on all original arenas in Slaughter mode

The original Slaughter mode maps are:
City Center
Paradise Island

Achieve the proper score to get a gold medal on each map for the achievement to pop. - 25:gsicon:
Earn 150,000 points on any arena in Slaughter mode

You may find for some of the maps that you are on a roll as far as balancing kills with not taking damage - which becomes very important as the slaughter progresses. For obvious reasons, I would recommend using the Super Car, to balance mobility with armor, and pick whichever map you prefer. Be sure to keep moving as much as possibly to avoid taking damage from zombies, especially once they start to increase in numbers, and as the frequency of fat zombies increases you will want to make sure you always have at least a bit of ammo to clear out any fat zombies that are in front of you as they will do a lot of damage if they blow up near you. In general, those fat zombies are the hardest thing to deal with, so just make sure you keep an eye on what zombies are around you at all times and you should have this after a bit of practice. Master - 15:gsicon:
Make a 10,000 points combo

Chances are you will get this alongside "Bob the destroyer", as this achievement requires you to maintain a combo by running over and killing zombies until you have a combo bonus score of at least 10,000. Obviously, having a bulldozer (mission 15) to run zombies over with makes this much easier, and more fun. of my way! - 20:gsicon:
Kill 30 zombies with a single railgun shot

Missions: 24 - Pigeon Hunt, or 31 - Only way out

A couple things to note first off are that I recommend always starting missions off by picking up the rail gun because it is great at clearing a path for your, and very powerful against everything short of the bosses in the game. The laser from the rail gun is capable of shooting through walls, an infinite number of enemies, spawners and really anything else over a set range, that is pretty huge. As you upgrade the gun, the second tier will roughly double the width of the beam, while the third tier will give you a second beam for double the fun.

In order to get this, you will want to upgrade your rail gun to at least level 2 so the width of the beam is doubled. That upgrade can be purchased after mission 23, and the number of zombies in mission 24 makes that a good spot to try and get the kills, particularly where the super car garage is. Just head into the area where the spawner is at the entrance, and back out so the enemies are funneled between the two buildings next to the spawner and fire away when you feel like you have a good amount of enemies to hit.

Alternatively, the very last stretch of road (railroad track) as you flee the map in the last mission is absolutely covered in zombies, and fat zombies making the rail gun even more useful here. Also, by now you should have rail gun tier 3 so this should be the spot you get the achievement if you somehow don't have it yet.

Shiftie 01-10-2013 02:28 PM

saved..not sure what is and isn't missing since the forums ate my guide last time.

Hobinski20 01-26-2013 08:49 PM

:rock Kudos on the guide.

Kairi 01-27-2013 12:09 AM


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Skorpion XBA 02-19-2013 04:00 PM

Can you play the Blood Races and Slaughter mode without playing the campaign?

Shiftie 02-20-2013 01:13 AM


Originally Posted by Velvet Ravisher (Post 5586592)
Can you play the Blood Races and Slaughter mode without playing the campaign?

Yes (at least in the trial) though you unlock cars during the campaign, which would make both modes more fun/easier.

tunaleg 02-20-2013 01:40 AM


Originally Posted by Shiftie (Post 5587645)
Yes (at least in the trial) though you unlock cars during the campaign, which would make both modes more fun/easier.

Unlocked cars from campaign do not carry over to Blood Race

Shiftie 02-20-2013 01:47 AM


Originally Posted by tunaleg (Post 5587710)
Unlocked cars from campaign do not carry over to Blood Race

I was thinking the Hot Rod and Super Car were unlocked from the campaign, but it's just the Hot Rod for beating the campaign.

Skorpion XBA 02-21-2013 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by Shiftie (Post 5587645)
Yes (at least in the trial) though you unlock cars during the campaign, which would make both modes more fun/easier.

I figured it out. For some reason I could only do the first race in the blood races and wouldn't let me continue any further even though I got a gold. But I started a new tournament and it's progressing just fine. Thanks. Great guide BTW!

Franchyze228 12-21-2014 06:40 PM

I can confirm you need to get the gold trophy for every Blood Race tournament to get the "I just can't get enough!" achievement. To assist with this, you'll want to get all weapon upgrades, then purchase and fully upgrade the Sports Car, Bus, and Super Car. I used the Sports Car to get first place on every Endurance challenge, the Bus for first on Elimination, and the Super Car for every race. Took a while, but those vehicles did the trick. Also, the Hot Rod was way too touchy for me so I only used it early on. Other than that, the guide here is fantastic! :-)

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