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JONBLEACH 01-12-2013 10:36 AM

Need help im new
Where should i allocate my SPECIAL stats into at the start if:

I want to hold alot - looting then selling
Have lots of VATS points
Mainly using guns before anything
Lockpick is also nice

Im having trouble choosing how many points i shud put in each.

McGoogles 01-12-2013 11:14 AM

Strength - 7 (higher carrying capacity)
Perception - 3
Endurance - 6 (more hitpoints)
Charisma - 3
Intelligence - 8 (allocate more skill points as you level up)
Agility - 7 (more action points for V.A.T.S. mode)
Luck - 6 (higher chance of scoring critical hits on enemies)

Perception and Charisma are basically worthless, hence how they're at 3. Intelligence is probably the most important as it determines the amount of skill points you can allocate as you level up. This is a great build, though; dealing a large amount of damage while still being able to play the occassional defense.

JONBLEACH 01-13-2013 01:43 AM

alright thanks dude ill try this one out

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