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Foxxy kyle 01-25-2013 02:30 AM

Callonburg Level Pack Achievement Guide & Roadmap
Guide complete

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+Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
+Offline: 5/5
+Online: 0
+Approximate amount of time to 100:gsicon:: 1-3 hours
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
+Number of missable achievements: 0
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
+Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty
+Glitchy achievements? None!
+Unobtainable achievements? None
+Extra equipment needed? Kinect Sensor


Welcome to the Mt. Adalmant Level Pack on Wreckateer. You will have 6 new, semi-hard levels to achieve gold medals on, so I hope you got enough practice in on levels 1-10. I personally think this DLC is worth it, especially at the current price, there is a lot of fun in these levels plus 100 new points.

Play Through Level 12

Once you have the DLC bought and ready to go, start up level 12. You can reach level 12 at any point after buying it, you do not need to finish level 10 or 11 to unlock it or anything. There are six fairly difficult levels to play on here. If you are struggling, follow my guide below to try to achieve a gold medal on each level.


After you have got the gold medal on all six levels you probably have a few miscellaneous achievements to finish. Load up any level in the DLC and work to unlock them. 

Overall this is not an easy DLC to complete but you should be able to get through it without to many issues. Hopefully the guide below will help you to try and complete each level is the minimum amount of time and frustration

Foxxy kyle 01-25-2013 02:30 AM Gold Miner 2.0 20:gsicon:
Get Gold on all Region 12 levels.

There is six levels on Region 12 that you will need to get Gold medals on. Here are some tips to help you achieve gold on each, this is how I did it, so although it worked for me, it may not be the best solution.

First shot - Aim for the 5k bonus icon and curve left, hitting the tower, explode your shot at the right time to blow up the tower in the back, as well as the red satchel on the left wall. This should completely level out the left side of the castle excluding the bridge. You should have a 2x multiplier and be extremely close to 3x.

Second shot - Aim for the right side of the wall, underneath the bridge and explode your shot at the right time to destroy all of the rest of the castle, and the right side of the bridge.

Third Shot - Hit the speed icon and destroy the entire castle in the back. You should now have 5x multiplier

Fourth Shot - At this point you should be close to hitting the gold, and there should be nothing left other than the remaining bridge on the left. Hit the 5k icon and destroy the rest of the bridge.

First shot - Aim for the two speed shots in the back on the right side. Extract all four mini shots immediately and hit the 5k icon on the bottom left of your screen and the 10k icon on the top right. Make sure your two outside shots hit the walls on the front of the caste and knock down the castle entrance, and your two middle shots hit the two speed icons on the inside. This should destroy most of the right wall and the back wall and give you enough bonus icons for the Crack Shot 2.0 achievement.

Second Shot - Aim your speed shot at the bounce icon and sway your shot to pick up the 5k icon and the 10k icon then power it right before you hit the wall and take out the tower in the back straight behind where the bounce icon was. You should now have eliminated the entire right side of the castle.

Third Shot - Take away the next chip as best as you can so you have an amount on the left that is doable with your next shot

Fourth Shot - Hit all three of the remaining 10k icons and extract your shots to hit the rest of the castle. You should now have a 6x multiplier.


First Shot - Aim your speed shot at the red bomb on the left of the front wall, activate the shot right when you are in front of it and it will go back and destroy all three of the towers behind it.

Second Shot - Aim for the castle to the right, right behind the metal plated tower. Activate the shot so that way it will hit the front wall and go back to destroy the castle, that way the red bombs on the right will explode, destroying the entire right side of the castle.

Third Shot - Aim your bounce shot up so it is in line with the remaining strip of towers on the left on the castle, make sure you take out all of them with this shot

Fourth Shot - Aim at the Hot Goblin, and hit the wall, exploding the bomb in a way so it bounces back to hit the tower closest to the front wall. The shot will bounce back exploding the remaining two towers in the back.


First Shot - Use your first ot on the grouo of castle in about the middle, right before the drop off the the left, blow up the entire middle part right there so you leave a bottom, and a left side.

Second Shot - Use your lift shot to get the Hot Goblin and curve right to destroy as much as possible down below, you should have no more than a couple of towers by the red bomb half way don't he drop off. This sounds hard, but those are the towers you will more than likely have left without even trying.

Third Shot - Use your shot to destroy the towers on the right that you have remaining from the lift shot.

Fourth Shot - Hit the left side, right on the front wall on the left, make sure you hit as far on the right as you can though. This will blow up the Red Bomb on the front wall taking out the far left tower and should bounce to destroy all the rest of the towers left on the castle.


First shot - Hit the left tower with the bomb on it, a explode all the archways on the left side of the castle.

Second Shot - Hit all the small towers lined up on the right side of the castle

Third Shot - Use the speed shot to take out the row on the right side, its very obvious, you cant miss it.

Fourth Shot - Hit the Hot Goblin and extract all the shots to take out the entire back castle.

Fifth shot - Hit anything you miss, you shoudl already have 6x multiplier and a gold medal at this point.


First Shot - Hit the second bounce icon, then extract your shots, hit the farthest bounce icon and get all the 5k icons. Then destroy the entire back castle.

Second Shot - Extract your shots right away and take out the entire front castle

Third Shot - Hit the entire right small armory type building and explode your shot.

Fourth Shot - You should have the gold medal by now, just use this for the scrap. The Frightening 20:gsicon:
Make 30 Goblins cower before your might in Region 12.

Achieve 30 "Terrify" bonuses across all levels in region 12. Terrify bonuses are given for getting close to and scaring goblins with your shots. This is cumulative and can be done entirely on one level or across all 6 of them. You may get this on your way to getting all golds, but if not here is a quick way...

Use level 12-3 and with both speed shots, shoot for the far back left tower that has 2 goblins on it. Activate the speed shots early so you make it there, but don't hit the tower. This will give you 2 "Terrify" bonuses each. With your lift shots, shoot with lower power and lift once right away. Steer toward the balloon, but don't hit it - activate a second left near him and then try to go by the goblin on the closest wall. Repeat with your second left shot. Rinse and repeat until you have 30 cumulative "Terrify" bonuses. Crack Shot 2.0 20:gsicon:
Get 7 or more Bonus Icons in a single shot in Region 12, no Flying or Lift Shots.

See Gold Miner 2.0, level 12-2, shot 1, for more info. Stunt Lifting! 20:gsicon:
Collect 20 Daredevil Bonus Icons with the Lift Shot in Region 12.

Go to level 12-3 and shoot the first to speed shot to clear the closest wall facing you, and just waste the second. Now that you just have your lift shots left, shoot them at lower power aiming toward the now destroyed wall and activate it after less than a second for your first Daredevil bonus. Activate it again as it starts to arc downward to clear the gap. Finally activate it a third time right before it hits the ground for your second Daredevil bonus. Repeat with Lift Shot #2 for 4 bonuses per play of this level. Rinse and repeat until you have a cumulative number of 20 "Daredevil" icons. Mega Combo 20:gsicon:
Get Low Power, Daredevil, Bank Shot, and Terrifying Bonus Icons in a single shot in Region 12.

It is easiest to get this on level 12-3. It gives you 2 speed shots followed by 2 lift shots. Use one speed shot to take out the closest wall facing you (don't use the boost from this shot - just lob it into the wall) without taking out the balloon goblin. Next, use the second speed shot to clear more of the wall if your first shot left a lot standing, but make sure to not hit any structures with this shot to leave plenty left for the next step.

Now for your Lift Shots - you basically have 2 tries at this achievement, plus mulligans. You want to shoot it at the lowest possible power, and activate it for a lift right before hitting the ground. This knocks out the "Lower Power" and "Daredevil". After that first lift, make sure to get close to the balloon goblin to "Terrify" him, then steer so that you hit any place on the ground in front of the remaining towers. After hitting the ground and then any tower or wall you will get the "Bank Shot" bonus icon.

Foxxy kyle 01-25-2013 02:31 AM


Achievement tiles pictures will be updated as soon as they are updated on-site. They have been submitted and are only waiting to be implanted.

LostNoAnswer 01-30-2013 08:53 AM

NMD,i got it

jorax 01-30-2013 09:08 AM

Hi there - I borrowed your information for my guide for Crack Shot 2.0 and posted it on TA: Feel free to use any information I posted for it or other achievements while making your guide. I posted solutions for everything except getting all the golds.

Foxxy kyle 01-30-2013 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by jorax (Post 5546652)
Hi there - I borrowed your information for my guide for Crack Shot 2.0 and posted it on TA: Feel free to use any information I posted for it or other achievements while making your guide. I posted solutions for everything except getting all the golds.

Alright thanks. I will also look at the solution you have for the others, and more than likely use them in the guide. Sorry its taking me a while, I have just simply been busy lately.

Foxxy kyle 02-10-2013 10:36 PM

Sorry I have not been working on this, I have been sick for a while now and just have not felt well enough to play Kinect. I am feeling better now though and will load up this game now. :)

Kairi 06-07-2013 09:22 PM


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