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TheWillSmith311 01-26-2013 06:20 AM

ODST/Clay Pigeon/Now They Fly, 3 for 1 plasma kill
Just thought I'd share if anyone is having trouble getting any of these achievements.. Was playing the Shatter map to work on the Now They Fly specifically and got to the enemy base at the top of the air lifts, threw a plasma on both sides (one eventually didn't stay afloat), ran off and about a minute later..Achievements Unlocked 3 for 120G. I had no clue what had happened so I checked and sure enough all 3 of these unlocked off one plasma grenade kill. Also if you're having trouble keeping the plasmas floating, make sure you throw them from the top of the lift and bank them off the wall onto the lift. Seems like some of these Crimson DLC's are a little buggy but at least it works in your favor as opposed to hours of restraining from throwing your controller against the wall..happy hunting.

Fechdog 01-26-2013 02:46 PM

This method has been been found about a week after the DLC came out, so this is old news. If you would have read this thread, then you might have known.

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