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Mister Buds 01-26-2013 06:53 PM

Question Regarding Perfectionist
Apparently, the Make Your Own Way achievement/challenge can not be completed while going for Perfectionist (complete all main and side quests). I'm assuming this is because the game only considers the main quest completed if you do it the way Daisy or Smee suggest.

Now, the part where I'm confused. For the One Toon's Trash quest Laralee requires the pieces of Hook's costume. I could collect all the pieces and get to the construction site without turning them in to Daisy or Smee but that would complete the Make Your Own Way challenge and not the main quest.

Do I collect all the pieces and pay the 500 e-tickets at Tiki Sam's to get through? If not, how do I go about this?

Archie Button 03-31-2014 08:22 AM

Actually you CAN get the "Make Your Own Way" achievement on your Perfectionist playthrough. This is because what Daisy and Smee tell you isn't actually part of any quest.
Progressing through the storyline isn't counted as one of the 20 quests at all.
So go ahead and go for the "Make Your Own Way" achievement by jumping on top of Daisy's house. There should be a video somewhere to show you how.
So feel free to sell the Capt. Hook items to the museum.
Also, when you come back to Ventureland after the storyline has finished, and provided you have also rescued the gremlin in Ventureland, you can get this gremlin to fix the elevator for you in return for some scrap metal. He will be standing in the middle of Ventureland near the train station. This will make it easier to get up to the three pigs house so you can complete the Creative Threedom quest if you haven't already :)

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