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KOX KingOfXbox 01-29-2013 05:09 AM

Anyone Want To Boost?
I usually get on very late night eastern time due to work - around 12:45am-4am or so. If you want to play then for new achievements add me. I may not check back on this thread and if my friends list is full which i think it is just send me a text message on xbl. Thanks!

Tyger7 01-29-2013 06:51 AM

Achievement Trading Thread
Post your gamertag and needed achievements in this thread to find other players for the multiplayer and/or cooperative achievements in this game. Please be familiar with the guidelines posted in the Beginners Guide to Boosting before posting. Thanks!

rye007 01-29-2013 12:58 PM

Hey, wanna boost these new achievements tonight! I should be on from 7 ish tonight , uk time and I have a mic ... Gamertag is burgerboyrye

reck7ess 01-29-2013 01:18 PM

I am online right now if anyone wants to boost the turned achievements gamertag is IReck7ess

Steel2040 01-29-2013 01:24 PM

I have played with you befor Maico so I am on all day so if you have that spot open at 7 shoot me an invite.

MetalReaper00 01-29-2013 03:18 PM

I'm down for the Revolution Zombie Achievements... especially the Turned ones (real easy, just need a group of four) Message me via Live

GT: The Adam Fenix

collin232 01-29-2013 04:29 PM

Will be on today until 2:30 and on tonight after 10 for anyone looking to do turned achievements

LDHughes 01-29-2013 04:54 PM

I'm looking at setting up a team (or joining one) from about 7PM GMT onwards.
I'll be available most of the night if we get a full team together.
Message me on live or reply here if interested.

TheMarkOfPower 01-29-2013 05:09 PM

online now looking to boost turned achievemnts or try for round 10 without power on die rise gt - TheMarkOfPower

LDHughes 01-29-2013 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by TheMarkOfPower (Post 5545123)
online now looking to boost turned achievemnts or try for round 10 without power on die rise gt - TheMarkOfPower

I'll be online in about an hour if you don't manage get people in the meantime.

ICEMAN22D 01-29-2013 05:48 PM

I am online right now and will be for a good few hours would like to try and boost the public match achivo's if possible and any Zombie that people need. Please message or add me gt: mikey 859

TheMarkOfPower 01-29-2013 06:50 PM

anyone built the flinger or slippery gun yet and can help me get teither of these two achievemnts for kills with them? gt - TheMarkOfPower

rye007 01-29-2013 07:26 PM

Am online now if any one needs another player for the new achievements. Gt is burgerboyrye

Qoncrete 01-29-2013 08:41 PM

Looking to boost the Diner Turned achievements.

EDIT: Done now. Thanks Osiris.

Maserati13 01-29-2013 10:11 PM

anybody want to go for the achievement for no power until wave 10? If so message me on xbox. xCANExINSANEx93

erspence 01-29-2013 10:15 PM

Looking to boost the Turned achievements since the gamemode is fucking terrible

EDIT: Got them. Thanks.

darkstorm222 01-29-2013 10:22 PM

hi im looking to boost turned achievements

UnarmedReaper07 01-29-2013 11:01 PM

Turned achievements

GT: UnarmedReaper07

LanceX 01-29-2013 11:07 PM

looking to boost achies, esp turned

VectorUSS 01-29-2013 11:11 PM

I'm usually on around 10pm and after central time send me a message if you want to boost the turned achievements and get some of the achievements in die rise as well GT: XxBlazeEmblemxX

massivelpfan 01-29-2013 11:17 PM

Done with that waste of space gamemode now. Cheers to the 2 that helped

StayonTarget 01-29-2013 11:29 PM

I won't be on for another hour and a half or so but feel free to hit me up. I'm doing it for the sake of writing a guide. I want to start with Turned but I'm down with Die Rise as well.

PST 5:30PM - whenever
GT - TheStayonTarget

Z3RO 5IGN4L 01-29-2013 11:51 PM

Looking to do the new dlc achvs. Hit me I have mic too.

GT Groove Injecter

Wilburfarce 01-30-2013 12:05 AM

Looking to do the Turned achieves.

Message me. Will be on tomorrow.

GT: Wilburfarce

EndlessDebaser 01-30-2013 12:13 AM

Hi, im online right now to do the Turned achievements, send me an invite.


LanceX 01-30-2013 12:24 AM

looking to boost die rise ones

robpears 01-30-2013 12:51 AM

GT: Game Over Drunk

I'm up for boosting the three Turned Achievements on Friday night from 18:00 GMT onwards. Send me a message on xbl with a short description explaining what for.

trail blazer 01-30-2013 01:02 AM

need 2 more people to get the zombie chievments for getting a kil with al of the guns and the other chievments

phenixdwn 01-30-2013 01:19 AM

looking to do zombie achievements
gamertag: phenixdwn

Lososcarface 01-30-2013 01:25 AM

Done thank's.......

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