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The Pants Party 10-17-2007 03:20 PM

Presents/Cousins Locations
Egg School (Tutorial)
  • Cousin Marcy - She is on one of the rolling balls, can't miss her.
  • Present #1 - Same as Marcy, you are forced to get it.
Delightful Dirigible
  • Cousin Huey - In a corner of the room there is a ramp with a ruler on top of it. He's at the end of the ruler.
  • Present #1 - On the highest section in the middle of the candy shop.
Oasis Cafe
  • Cousin Kumihiro - Go on the table inside the shop, then across the bridge to the next section. He should be rolling a ball around this area. He moves, so you'll have to run into him.
  • Cousin Johnson - Outside in the grassy area on a striped blanket.
  • Present #1 - Go on the table in the middle of the shop, then up a large wooden plank into a shelf/alcove.
  • Present #2 - On top of a brown box in the very back of the outside section, past the fireworks/ponds.
Lady Luck Casino
  • Cousin Twinkle - Restart until you spawn in front of a ramp made of cards. Go up this ramp and he's at the end. If you come here when you're larger, you'll just roll up the cards.
  • Cousin Paula - Near the pond outside.
  • Present #1 - In the middle of the room, go up the stairs made of bundles of money and across a large pole surrounded by wine bottles.
  • Present #2 - Hidden inside a flowerbed in the garden area by the horses.
Sunrise Castle
  • Cousin Odeon - Restart the level until you start on the high shelf with the glass jars on your left. Roll straight ahead and you run into this one.
  • Cousin Fujio - Once outside, roll straight through the grassy area. There is a pyramid of cinder blocks there and he is in the middle of it.
  • Cousin Ryu - Hanging upside down from the white bridge over the river. You need to be about 1.2m to reach him.
  • Present #1 - In the top section of the candy store, go up to the right where the sink is. It is on the handle of a frying pan.
  • Present #2 - After going out into the city section and getting a little larger, come back to the beginning section with the fireworks/pond and it is on a red counter.
  • Present #3 - Outside by the brown house with the guys in black running around it.
Cloud 9 Forest
  • Cousin Ichigo - Running around the path in the garden area.
  • Cousin Pu - In the middle of the lake, standing on the #3 spot of a podium.
  • Cousin Kinoko - Between the golf course and where all the zebras are, mixed in with a group of mushrooms.
  • Present #1 - A fairy is pushing this around the garden area, you'll have to track her down.
  • Present #2 - After leaving the garden, head to your left and it is in some grass near the sheep.
  • Present #3 - In the city streets section, go down the alley behind the first set of stands you come to. You need to be huge to roll this one up, so you might have to come back to it.
Roller Roaster
  • Cousin Miso - Inside the store at the beginning, close to the door to outside, against the back wall under a window.
  • Cousin Lalala - Outside and across the river, there will be a tiger on a flying carpet when you're close. There should be two bridges connecting an island and she is on top of some stacked items.
  • Present #1 - On the table with the spinning food, up the griddle ramp.
  • Present #2 - This one is across the river right in the middle of the street. Very hard to miss.
  • Cousin Beyond - On a street corner before and to the left of the 3m barrier, in front of some TVs.
  • Cousin Marny - Rolling a Katamari around the city streets area.
  • Cousin Mu - Out by the airport in the middle of a lake.
  • Present #1 - Floating down the river right in the beginning section.
  • Present #2 - On a boat in the water out from the circus.
  • Present #3 - In a fishing net in the water out from the power plant.

The Pants Party 10-17-2007 03:21 PM

Sonji Circuit
  • Cousin Ban-Ban - In the beginning water area with all the inner tubes, behind the island.
  • Cousin Nickel - In the city streets, rolling a ball of cars around.
  • Present #1 - In a wheelbarrow being pushed around the green grated arch..
  • Present #2 - On the railroad track in the first city area there is a blue flatbed train, 3 trains long. It is on the third one.
  • Cousin June - Inside the fish tank in the middle of the house.
  • Cousin Sherman - Outside near one of the small pools, he is a snowman.
  • Present #1 - In the stream behind the little white bridge, mixed in with a pile of normal boxes.
  • Present #2 - Once you get 1.5m, the room inside the house opens with a big present inside.
  • Cousin Shikao - On a lily pad near the spinning man in the water by the sailboats.
  • Cousin Signolo - In the city streets area, usually by a line of cars. I think this one moves though.
  • Cousin Peso - On a plane at the airport. It's not always there, so you might have to wait.
  • Cousin Nai-Nai - Sitting on a boat (looks like the Titanic) that is floating on an angle in the air. Gonna be about 250m when you get this one.
  • Cousin Odeko - On a green island with red petals around it.
  • Present #1 - On top of a building in the beginning area. There is a ramp that leads up to the top.
  • Present #2 - On the back of Santa's sleigh, flying around the town area.
  • Present #3 - Behind the flag building with the elephant wearing a crown on top, next to the amusement park.
  • Present #4 - On a volcano when you're picking up the smaller land areas.
Schloss Cosmos
  • Cousin Luche - At the waterfall that makes the river, he is on a ledge fighting a kangaroo.
  • Cousin Kenta - In the first city area by all the camper trailers, on the wooden bridge.
  • Cousin Havana - On a wooden horse by the amusement park area.
  • Cousin Macho - Inside the football stadium near the Mayan temple.
  • Cousin Nik - After hitting 300m, check the paths through the rainbows, he is lying on an island on one of these paths.
  • Cousin Mag - Just before you go into space, huge on a continent.
  • Cousin Ace - Flying around in space.
  • Present #1 - On a pink bird's head in the first section. He flies away so use dash to grab it.
  • Present #2 - On top of the snowy peak by the airport.
  • Present #3 - By Russia on an island with dinosaurs.
  • Present #4 - Inside one of the white mountains that pull apart when you come close.
  • Present #5 - Floating out in space.
Chateau Notre Desir
  • Cousin Velvet - Under the fireplace. Get this one right away.
  • Cousin Norn - In the pool in front of the fountain, in the garden area.
  • Cousin Jungle - After leaving the garden, go left and there is a boy swinging around a tree. Underneath the boy.
  • Cousin Nutsuo - In the city area in the middle of all the buildings inside the sewer/river area.
  • Cousin Kuro - In front of the Buddha statue next to the snowy peaks/airport.
  • Cousin Daisy - After you pass the 60m barrier, behind the other Buddha statue.
  • Cousin Foomin - On the island with the skyscraper on it. (~1.5km)
  • Cousin Slip - Standing on Japan when you're rolling up cities.
  • Cousin Dipp - Floating around in space.
  • Present #1 - On top of a ship in a bottle by the window where the robber is looking in.
  • Present #2 - On the back of guy in a sleeping bag in the first water area with all the lily pads.
  • Present #3 - In the grassy section behind the wooden bridge where the elephants are, near the city streets.
  • Present #4 - Huge present near the powerplant.
  • Present #5 - At about 2.3km I rolled up the large floating metropolis and got this.
  • Present #6 - Sitting on Europe when you're rolling up cities.
  • Present #7 - In the middle of the black hole.

The Pants Party 10-18-2007 02:04 AM

Mechanical Colony
  • Cousin Can-Can: On the middle conveyor belt.
  • Cousin Kyun: Once outside, follow the satellite wing up over the river, then onto another satellite section heading back the way you came. From this roof, there are two split satellite arms. Go up one of them and fall in the middle onto another section with two blue roofs on either side. Go onto the right roof.
  • Present #1: On the highest conveyor belt.

Fancy & Schmacy's
  • Cousin Harvest: By the right wall with the vegetables, standing on a three-stack of apples.
  • Present #1: In the restaurant area, on the grated shelf in the back right.
Munchie's Manor
  • Cousin Hans: In the small area where you should be able to go outside (with the sumos blocking the door), in between some buckets on the right side.
  • Cousin Honey: By the giant wedding cake is a ramp, take that up and to the right. Follow it around until you see some spinning pizzas, then navigate across those. Inside the mouth of the venus fly trap on this ledge.
  • Present #1: At the base of the giant wedding cake, very hard to miss.
Dangerous Colony
  • Cousin Opeo: Trapped under an octopus near the icy area early on.
  • Cousin Drooby: On an island when you're still too small to go on the bobbing whales. (Look for a purple cousin)
  • Present #1: Hanging from a star when you're gigantic.
Lover's Loom
  • Cousin Columbo: At about 50cm, stay near where the front door would be and he should run into you, he's bouncing around the room.
  • Present #1: At 1m, roll up the yarn in front of the upstairs room and get to about 1.25m, then roll up onto the table in that room.
Instituto Exactamundo
  • Cousin Shy: Candy Shop - Flying around the bottom section on a paper crane.
  • Cousin L'Amour: Supermarket - Swaying on a counter between the entrance and the cash registers.
  • Cousin Princess: Town - In a baby carriage rolling around town. Stay by the boardwalk and she'll come around.
  • Present #1: Candy Shop - On the ramp going up from the table with all the food in the top section.
  • Present #2: Supermarket - Balancing on a weight on top of the bed in the sports section.
  • Present #3: Town - In the grip of an eagle flying around, got it by the park area.
Hubble Horoscope
  • Cousin Pokkle: Next to the pool, there is a hedge with some cuckoo clocks on top. Randomly birds will pop out, along with a snake. On the snake's head.
  • Cousin Miki: At the back of the bay on top of a surfboard.
  • Present #1: Next to the bay, there is a large flame. Next to that, on top of a winner's podium.

lbh097 10-18-2007 02:24 AM

The first present is under the shelf on the first level after tutorial. Sorry not sure which shelf but it is on the ground level.

Cousin Twinkle is straight forward from where you start. Up at the highest point in the first room.
Cousin Ryu is in the river part near the whales actually in water. Just start at whales and follow water till you roll him up

Codeg34 10-18-2007 05:21 AM

A little more detail on the Twinkle/Ryu locations.

-As you start, there's a tower of cards to climb. Twinkle is floating around up there.

-Down stream from the whale, Ryu is hanging from the bottom of the white bridge. You have to be at least 1m big to roll him up.

The Pants Party 10-18-2007 07:01 AM

Found and added the two cousins, thanks guys. We're getting there, slowly but surely...

LBH, where exactly is this present in the second level? I searched the entire ground floor and found nothing. Maybe an object it is near or what color it is would help.

Stopher 10-18-2007 01:05 PM

I found one of the presents in the Coolhouse stage. In the North-eastern garden there is a small white bridge with paper ghosts under it. The present is on the other side of it in the water (between the bridge and the hedge.), you need to be about 50 cm or less to roll it up.

Forgot to add some info about the 2nd present in Sunrise Castle. It is in the festival area of the town (you can first go there around 20 cm). It was on the booth near the Penguin. Should be the center item on the booth.

dlslhc 10-18-2007 04:25 PM

Delightful Dirigible

Present is on top of the STORE's side center shelf, GREEN BOX

Daritan 10-18-2007 10:48 PM

Just found Odeko in Dynaville time attack mode. He was on a green island, I think the one with red surrounding it but I can't be sure. I was mid-dash and didn't even see him but got the message he was found.

Also found a present in the same time attack on the grey volcano island. Also didn't see it but got the notification. Apparently its the guitar.

Steve Gauvreau 10-18-2007 11:14 PM

He's actually doing some signalisation in the center of the road in X in the city.

Sniper Lobster 10-18-2007 11:15 PM

I also just did Time Attack on Dynamo and found Havana in the amusement park section.

Daritan 10-18-2007 11:31 PM

Got some more on Schloss Cosmos

Havana-riding a car near the ferris wheel area
Macho-in a baseball field between eiffel tower and a mayan temple looking thing
Mag-When you get big enough to start picking up countries he's wandering around, hard to miss. I'll try to narrow down where.
Luche-in the beginning of the level at the head of the river he's facing off with a kangaroo on the riverbank
Ace-Flying in space during your 2 min bonus.

There is also a present on the back of a flamingo by the river near the oriental looking area. Kept flying away so I haven't gotten it yet but I see it all the time.

Steve Gauvreau 10-19-2007 12:01 AM

Anyone got some info about the cousins in Chateau Notre Desir??

Those are the only one I'm missing right now, besides the DLC ones

WhytePanther 10-19-2007 02:07 AM

In Seadome, the second present is floating on a boat near the circus section (About 8m), and the third is in one of the nets close to the statue of liberty area, keep following the ocean after you get into the 12m section to find it, but you'll need about 22m to roll it up.

Steve Gauvreau 10-19-2007 04:30 AM

Schloss Cosmos

Ace is actually up in space, you will see it flying around in stars! You can't really miss it, he's orange on a black background :P

WhytePanther 10-19-2007 04:44 AM

Oh yeah, forgot, the last present in Chateau Notre Desir is actually in the middle of the black hole.

alex4283 10-19-2007 06:08 AM

On chateau notre desir, before you roll anything up, find the fireplace along one of the walls when you first start out. There is a cousin under the bars and you can't get it if you've grown.

The Pants Party 10-19-2007 12:09 PM

Anyone got Sonji Circuit Present#2? I've been through it like ten times now...

Stopher 10-19-2007 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by Daritan (Post 442237)
Got some more on Schloss Cosmos

Havana-riding a car near the ferris wheel area
Macho-in a baseball field between eiffel tower and a mayan temple looking thing
Mag-When you get big enough to start picking up countries he's wandering around, hard to miss. I'll try to narrow down where.
Luche-in the beginning of the level at the head of the river he's facing off with a kangaroo on the riverbank
Ace-Flying in space during your 2 min bonus.

There is also a present on the back of a flamingo by the river near the oriental looking area. Kept flying away so I haven't gotten it yet but I see it all the time.

Yeah just speed roll into the one that has the present, thats how I got it. Also for the Chateau Notre Desir stage you can roll up Slip, he will be standing on one of the continents (sorry dont know which one). Pretty hard to miss. Dipp can also be found in the space area, he is standing on a star. He is black but has multi color lights on his body. He just happend to be right infornt of me when i got to the space area. Also as for a present there is a jumbo man on top of a giant rust colored plateau, the present is on top of him. I know I have most of the cousins in the final stage, so i'll add more info later tonight.

The Pants Party 10-19-2007 03:30 PM

Ok, all cousins located and added to the list!

I am only missing 4 presents, and descriptions for another 2 that I don't remember getting. If anyone has locations on these, let me know! :)

Stopher 10-19-2007 11:38 PM

Ok i just remembered where the 2nd present in Shani Circuit is. A hang glider has it in the city area, he was near the race track starting area. Also the present I talked about in my most recent post was in the Chateau Notre Desir stage, sorry i didn't say what stage.

alex4283 10-20-2007 02:14 AM

Chateau Notre Desir

present 3- it's in the city (3m-up), over by the long wooden bridge. Underneath it.

The Pants Party 10-20-2007 02:18 AM

Are you sure about that present on Sonji circuit? Is it the red/yellow hang glider? I've seen a bunch of those, but they never have presents...

EDIT: I found it, it's not on a hang glider at all. Real description added.

I'm currently only missing the first one on Chateau...

Steve Gauvreau 10-20-2007 04:03 AM

And we still need to re-find #3 in Shlomoss!

Shdwwrym 10-20-2007 04:27 AM

Did you still need the spot for Cloud 9 Forest, second present? I seemed to have found this one outside of the glam house you start in. From outside of the main gate, follow the path left and up to a fenced-in area with lots of livestock running around. I was rolling in that area and the present message appeared, so I think it's around there.

Taiyz 10-20-2007 06:56 AM

Chateau Notre Desir, Present 1.

In the starting room, go up to the window and look around for a ship in a glass bottle. The present's on top of that. (Easy to grab once you can leave the room.)

The Pants Party 10-20-2007 07:39 AM

Thank you! I now have all of the presents.

onlyemu 10-20-2007 09:09 AM

can you just go into the level and find the presents / cousins then leave? Or do you have to finish the level and meet the requirements (so many m in so many minutes)? Great list btw, nice work Pants Party.

Shdwwrym 10-20-2007 10:13 AM

As far as I know, you have to meet the requirements. This can be easier at times in Time Trial or Eternal stages, since they're usually a bit slower-paced.

The Pants Party 10-20-2007 12:32 PM

Yeah, you have to finish the level. If you fail you have to start over and find the present/cousin again. Eternal Mode is the best option for searching since you can leave whenever you want and have everything save, but that is hard to unlock. You need 100 points for your katamari during a normal run to unlock Eternal.

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