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Foxxy kyle 02-03-2013 08:48 PM

New Roadmap
Roadmap complete

Rights of Use:
This Achievement Road Map is the property of myself and x360a and are not to be used, in part or whole, by any other person or website without the written consent of either myself or an x360a admin.

The Pants Party (I stole your rights of use)
Nozza x360a

Special Thanks to:

+Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
+Offline: 50/50
+Online: 0
+Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-20 hours
+Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (One on “Suicide Mission” and one on “FUBAR”)
+Number of missable achievements: None! (Level Select)
+Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
+Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Hardest 2 difficulties)
+Glitchy achievements? None!
+Unobtainable achievements? None
+Extra equipment needed? None
+Additional Notes:
  • There is an achievement tracker within the game.
  • You can reload checkpoints (or die) and not lose any progress.
  • Stats carry over between playthroughs.
  • No online pass is required.
  • You can use auto-aim and still unlock all achievements.

+Useful Links:
FLIPADELPHIIA’s video achievement guides
FLIPADELPHIIA’s Intel Guide (Txt + Video)
FLIPADELPHIIA’s Decision Achievements Guide
Nozza's FUBAR Tips

Welcome to Spec Ops: The Line! This game is a 3rd-person shooter that takes place in the desert city of Dubai. You will command two other soldiers as well as yourself during your trip to Dubai in an attempt to evacuate survivors. The game is tough on the hardest difficulty, and even the masters of the shooting genre will surely be tested on the "FUBAR" difficulty, which you will need to play through to get the full 1000:gsicon:. You will need to first play on "Suicide Mission" difficulty first though to unlock "FUBAR". The game actually is very short compared to most shooters, but you will likely die enough time to make each chapter seem longer than it really is. Regardless, the game is very fun and has a great story line that you will surely enjoy.

"Suicide Mission" difficulty
If you plan on achieving the full 1000:gsicon:, you will want to start your first playthrough on the "Suicide Mission" difficulty. On this playthrough, you will learn the techniques needed to prosper throughout the game and will train you for "FUBAR" difficulty later. Try and unlock "Deer Hunter" and "All You Can Be" during the first chapter of the game, and make sure to collect all of the intel on this playthrough using THIS guide. When a decision comes up, choose whichever one you want on this playthrough, just make sure you remember which ones you chose so you can get the other decision based achievements on your FUBAR difficulty playthrough. You can also try to go through the first three chapters on here without dying or reloading a checkpoint for the "Sierra Hotel" achievement, although if you do not get it, don't fret, and just continue on. Finally, try to get as many kills as you can with the weapons needed for each achievement on this playthrough.

"FUBAR" difficulty
Once you have finished Suicide Mission, you should have a good feel for the game, as well as the majority of the achievements needed. Now start up a new game of the newly unlocked FUBAR difficulty. Make use of Lugo's sniper for long range targets, and Adam's seemingly endless supply of grenades for enemies behind cover. Pick the decisions you did not pick last playthrough to get the other decision achievements. Make sure you check out Nozza's FUBAR Tips HERE before you start, and keep these in mind throughout your playthrough.

You likely have every achievement by now except maybe the "Sierra Hotel" achievement. If that is indeed the case, load up a new game on "Walk on the beach" difficulty, and play through three chapters without dying or reloading a checkpoint. This can be done very easily and in only about 30 minutes. If you are missing any achievements that require kills with certain weapons, load up the appropriate chapter and boost the kills.

The game is pretty straightforward, and wont take to long for 1000:gscion:, however FUBAR difficulty was personally, one of the hardest "hard" playthrough's I have done and will rank right up there with Call of Duty 4 on my list. However, if you followed this roadmap, as well as the guide below, you should now have 1000:gsicon:! Congratulations on a well deserved completions and for beating one hell of a game!

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