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Capn Doug 02-08-2013 02:25 AM

Easy way to get Six Pack solo
So, I did a lot of experimenting with this game, trying to get the Six Pack achievement for playing with six people at once. Because you get the wire frame, I was using the constellation game (choose the guy with the telescope). I tried to replicate my fake person four more times, but had no success. Mostly because if I walked in front of the fake person, it would be lost. But while I was putting a shirt on a lamp, it started reading the shirt as a person.

So I got five long sleeved shirts, put them on coat hangers and stacked them on the couch behind me. I took one off the top of the pile, held it in front of me and to the side and spun it around a few times until it was picked up as a second player. I then hung it off my mic stand at the side of the room, but still in view of Kinect. I did the same with the next shirt, hanging it a little closer to the centre of the room, making sure to never have one shirt pass between Kinect and the other shirt. I repeated until I had four shirts hanging off lamps and such, then twirled the final shirt in front of me and the achievement popped.

A few things: it didn't matter that the shirts were hanging side on to Kinect, it still tracked the shirts. Lighter shirts seemed to work better than heavy jackets (probably because of the movement in the arms).

Hopefully this helps a few people. I didn't realise just how small my game room was until I tried to go for this achievement.

pedgz 06-07-2013 09:41 PM

thanks for this detailed tip. it worked perfectly. if i may add, it is best if you alternate shirts between darker and lighter to help the camera detect and separate them faster. i accidentally turned a black shirt over another black shirt and i had to restart. i did the same mistake howver, with a white shirt but the first, detected black remained in view.

Qu33n Embla 07-07-2014 06:48 PM

The six pack is the only achievement I have left, so I'll definitely try this tip for that one.

Qu33n Embla 07-08-2014 06:47 PM

Your solution worked like a charm. After some trials and errors to make the shirts get detected by the Kinect, and to have the space in my livingroom to make the shirts hang down from things without touching each other, I finally had success with it. Thank you for sharing this solution.

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