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FroZeNSouL 02-10-2013 03:36 PM

Quickest Roadmap to 1k. Cheats
I will update when have answers.
Only doing this as preparing to complete several games in one day

So if i used GodMode cheat on first play through,
i would:
  • Kill every enemy? (using utube vids)
  • Grab all collectables (using utube vids)
2nd play through
  • Use level skip code to get the Never Spotted achievement
  • Get to a level with a high population of enemies, and farm 200x Silent kills?
  • Use level skip and aquire the under 5hrs completion achievement?
7hrs Completion?? missing anything would need to do, or a better way around?

FrozenRaptorz 04-13-2013 04:09 AM

Never found anything out then I take it? Shame shame.

xsuicidesn0wmanx 04-30-2013 02:20 AM

I just started this one myself, using cheats. First I did the level skip cheat (L Shift + L + End) on both Normal and Agent. Got all of the mints for finishing each level, plus Phantom, Ace, Legend, Blitzkrieg, and somehow Ninja glitch popped for me.

20 mins and I already have 300/1000 mints. All that's left now is to do all the kills + collectables, which I plan to do with the youtube guides and/or guides from places like gamefaqs. I have a feeling this wont take very long at all.

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