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RPD_Nightmare 02-22-2013 02:47 PM

Scarlet Witch Character Trial Glitched?
Hey, i guess this wont help too much seeing how dead this game-forum is, but anyways, i've found a BIG problem in the Character Trial list. With Scarlet Witch, when you reach the Character Trial session 12 or 13 i think (the one where you have to hit with two attacks) the second attack doesn't register properly, so you cannot advance in any way (even doing the kick trick) so everytime you hit the rival with one chain attack and try to link the second attack it just doesn't work. I think it must be some type of collision-thing with the CPU or something like that.

I had to try like 5 times until i realised you have to wait like 30 secs before the CPU character and the text msg appear and then, dont use the first attack (launcher/chain attack) like the game tells you, use the second one and see if the attack works, if not, repeat everything again until you see the second attack register correctly.

I dunno why it happens but it can be a barrier for those who like to complete the game and want to get the 1000G or simply for those who wanna get some points. In any case, i hope that helps ;)


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