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UKevin 03-05-2013 08:02 PM

/!\ if Golden Bird Award hasn't popped up for you /!\

I can see many are confused about this achievement and why it's not unlocking so I'll try to explain why it isn't and how to fix it without having to play the game over and collecting birds in order.

I read about ten pages of people complaining here about how the golden Bird achievement didn't work. They kept saying that yo have to complete the game in order and catch the birds in order. THAT IS NOT TRUE.

I remembered having replayed Chapter 2 and 5 before getting the missed birds on chapter 8 and 10. So I thought well, people are telling me to play the whole game over, SEGA's apparently saying so too, but although people are restarting the game they're unlocking it in various chapters. So I figured that the game had to keep track of the last time you finished a Chapter. In my case the last time I'd finished both Chapter 2 and 5 was without getting all six birds. So I played those two and those two over only. When I found the sixth bird on Chapter 5 the achievement popped up.

So all you need to do to get the Golden Bird achievement is make sure the last time you played every Chapter you picked up all six birds. I repeat, do not waste time playing the whole game in order.

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