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nfgmusicPaul 03-16-2013 05:12 PM

whats the best game mode to gain exp/money?
it looks like the 3rd mode rescue is best where u save the astronauts floating. Sometimes I even try to save 2 with one ship.
which mode should I start out on while using the coin and swarm bot?
what's been working for u?

57 people have read this already and nobody wants to throw in their two cents?!!!

here's what I've been doing. Intergalactic odyssey, and using gems to 3x the score. Just get to level 8 and that's about 60,000 exp with the gem. For a 1 level bot, he'll raise to level 5 right away about. The higher the level bot the slower they raise.

ModernViking 08-11-2013 05:09 PM


I typically use intergalactic Odyssey mode to get coins/exp. It is truly a long and tedious process to complete this game. I personally have been playing it roughly a few hours on weekdays when commuting to work and it is now so boring I just pass out from the combined exposure to the hot sun and the overall tediousness of completing this game, makes me want to vomit.

I have sufficient coins but still have roughly 6 bots to max.

Personally I would say purchasing the 100 power crystals is a very good investment for the experience grind. Hopefully someday I can afford to buy some other mother ship then the 3 provided.

So I would agree, intergalactic Odyssey is truly the best? method, I would welcome being corrected here. There is really not very many ways to play this game and unfortunately shortcuts do not seem to exist.

Best of Luck!

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