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Arsenic 17 04-09-2013 04:22 PM

Achievement Guide + Roadmap
iStunt 2



-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Estimated time for 200 5-9 hours
-Minimum playthroughs: 1 (level select)
-Offline: 20/20 (200
-Online: 0/20 (0
-Missable Achievements: 0 (level select)
-Unobtainable Achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitchy achievements: 1 (Superstar...see description)
-Extra equipment needed: Windows 8 PC or Tablet

iStunt 2 is a 2D physics-based racer in the form of a snowboarding game. You begin each level in a gravitationally-favorable position, with the goal of making it through the obstacles to the finish line. The levels mostly play out like a roller coaster, so you are essentially along for the ride. Tilting and jumping with your snowboarder to react to the environment is your only task. The controls are crisp, which make the game quite fun to play. There are more than 80 levels to complete, with each also having ten gold stars to be collected along the way for several of the game's achievements. The tablet and PC controls are both very suitable. Currently the game is available for $3.99 in the Windows 8 Store.

Step 1: Complete all the levels and get all the stars on first two level packs
Play through the game, starting from the beginning, completing all of the levels. Make sure to collect the 10 stars from each level of the first two level packs to earn those specific achievements. Afterwards, you do not need to worry about stars at all.

Step 2: Mop-up miscellaneous achievements
There are a good bit of miscellaneous achievements in the game. You will get many of them without even trying, but for those that you miss in Step 1, look up their descriptions and find the best strategies and levels to complete them on quickly.

The physics in the game are consistently stellar. Completing the levels is not much of a challenge, but collecting the stars in order to earn Gold ranks takes some practice and memorization of the levels. With the exception of this star collecting, the game is rather easy. The levels are always short and there are ample checkpoints. You should have no problem completing the game in under 8 hours.



The following 8 achievements are obtained just by completing all levels of the game and are unmissable. Graduation - 5
Complete Tutorials.

This achievement unlocks at the end of the very first level which serves as the game's tutorial. Grabs Unlocked - 5
Unlock Grabs so you can perform Tail Grab, Nose Grab and Indy!

This achievement unlocks during Level 3 of Insane Hills towards the end when you learn how to perform grabs. Insane Hills Completed - 15
Complete "Insane Hills" Pack.

See "Desert Paradise Completed." Stadium Stunts Unlocked - 10
Complete "Insane Hills" Pack to unlock "Stadium Stunts."

See "Desert Paradise Completed." Stadium Stunts Complete - 15
Complete "Stadium Stunts" Pack.

See "Desert Paradise Completed." Extreme Skies Unlocked - 10
Complete "Stadium Stunts" Pack to unlock "Extreme Skies."

See "Desert Paradise Completed." Extreme Skies Completed - 15
Complete "Extreme Skies" Pack.

See "Desert Paradise Completed." Desert Paradise Completed - 15
Complete "Desert Paradise" Pack.

These achievements will all unlock along the way to completing every level of the four level packs in the game, which are Insane Hills, Stadium Stunts, Extreme Skies, and Desert Paradise. Completing a level only requires that you make it to the finish line. The collection of the gold stars is not required, but it is recommended for two of the game's other achievements. To save time, you should attempt to gain a Gold rank on each level before proceeding (this is for the first two level packs only), unless you get stuck.

See "Superstar" for more information about collecting stars.

Arsenic 17 04-09-2013 04:22 PM


The following 2 achievements are obtained by collecting 10 stars on all of the levels in two entire level packs. Respected Stuntman - 10
Collect all stars from one world.

See "Superstar." Superstar - 15
Collect all stars from two worlds.

In each level you can earn Gold, Silver, and Bronze ranks by collecting 10, 8, and 6 golden stars, respectively. To earn these two achievements, you need to earn Gold ranks on each level of two complete level packs. Insane Hills and Stadium Stunts are the easiest so it is suggested you attempt to get all of the stars on these two level packs.

Stars are collected when your snowboarder gets close enough to them (or runs into them). To earn a Gold rank, you need to collect all 10 on a SINGLE playthrough of the level. There is a trick that makes this easier. As soon as you see a star you missed, immediately fall off your board or hit the restart button in the top left corner of the screen (on non-touch screens, the escape key can be used to pause, then hit the restart button). You can do this as many times as you want. This will prevent you from truly having to collect the stars in one go of the level, because you can play each section between checkpoints indefinitely.

Often you will need to explore a little bit to find all 10 of the stars. In some rare cases, there are actually more than 10 stars on a level, so you can miss some.

*GLITCH WARNING* This achievement is known to be glitchy. Sometimes it will unlock before actually having Gold ranks on all levels required. Other times it will not unlock when you have gotten all the stars in two level packs. If your case is the latter, load-up Time Trial Mode and complete a few levels in Insane Hills, collecting as many stars as you can. This should pop that achievement for everyone, but it is not guaranteed.


The following 10 achievements are obtained by completing miscellaneous tasks or requirements and can be completed on any level (where possible). AfterLife - 5
Complete level after falling from the board.

See "TakenGhost." TakenGhost - 5
Grab one token after death and then complete the level.

These two achievements will most definitely come without trying sometime throughout the game, but they can both easily be completed simultaneously on the very first level of Insane Hills. Towards the end of the level you will go around a loop and then over a small jump, collecting three gold stars after the jump. After collecting the last of these stars, instead of landing normally, land so that your guy falls forward off the board. This may take several attempts, but if done correctly, he will go tumbling towards the right, collecting the star and then across the finish line, unlocking both of these achievements. ShowOff - 5
Perform five different stunts in a single combo.

You need to perform five different stunts in a single combo. Possible stunts include the backflip and front flip, nose grab, tail grab, indy grab, perfect/good landing and rail grind. Any five of these need to be performed in a single combo.

See "Niinja Performer" for a great location to attempt this. Crowd Pleaser - 10
Collect 5,000 points with a single combo.

See "Niinja Performer." Great Performer - 15
Collect 7,000 points with a single combo.

See "Niinja Performer." Niinja Performer - 20
Collect 10,000 points with a single combo.

You earn points by performing tricks. The score from consecutive tricks accumulates, as long as the time between them is short enough. Your total combo score consists of a base score and a multiplier, with your total score from the combo being your base score times the multiplier. All tricks contribute to the base score, but only back and front flips contribute to the multiplier, raising it by one for each complete flip. You need to earn a combo score of more than 10,000 points.

The best level to attempt this on is Insane Hills Level 6. Right at the start of the level there are a series of five or six jumps in which you can rack up enough score and spins on to reach 10,000 with no problem. Remember to jump before going off the jumps to give yourself more air time. Constantly being doing spins and grabs. Make sure to complete at least five different tricks to unlock the "Showoff" achievement. The achievements themselves do not unlock until you successfully end your combo by landing and stop doing the tricks. Mr Potato - 5
Dismember Stuntman.

This achievement requires that you dismember all limbs (both arms and legs, entirely) from your snowboarder. This is done by crashing him into saw blades which are scattered around many of the levels. He will need to slam into the blade (or blades) several times to dismember all of the limbs to pop this achievement. This will most certainly come later in the game without trying as there are many blade obstacles you must overcome.

A great location to earn this achievement comes on Level 13 of Insane Hills, called I Saw You. About half way through the level, you will come to a massive saw blade that you must go around. Just let yourself fall into the blade and you will have no trouble losing all your limbs. See the video below for the technique.

Arsenic 17 04-09-2013 04:24 PM Immortal - 5
Complete five levels without falling once.

This achievement can be done by completing the first level five straight times without faulting. This level is very easy and takes no skill at all to beat without falling. As soon as you complete the level, hit "Retry" to play it again. After the fifth time without any falls, the achievement will unlock. Addicted - 10
Play for one hour straight.

This achievement requires that you play in-game for one hour straight. The achievement is a little glitchy in a sense that it needs to be one hour in a single level. Make sure your computer is set not to go to sleep or a screen saver to come up. Then head to Insane Hills Level 16, called A Little Push. Here, you can get the snowboarder stuck right at the beginning by doing nothing. Once stuck, just let your computer run for an hour to unlock the achievement. Thanks to Tricky1976 for this tip! Falcon - 5
Fly for seven seconds and land with style.

This achievement requires that you stay in the air for at least 7 consecutive seconds AND then make a perfect landing. It will definitely come without trying, but to get it out of the way early you can do it on the very first level of Insane Hills. From the start of the level, you will fall a tiny bit, then enter a tutorial pop-up, before falling a long distance to the ramp below. Let the tutorial stay on screen for several seconds, as it actually counts towards your air time. Then close it and attempt to make a perfect landing when you fall below. This may take several tries to get the "Perfect Landing" to pop up.


- Guide created and nearly complete.
4/12/13 - Tweaked the "Superstar" achievement's description just a tad. Added a location and video to get the "Mr Potato" achievement and an easy location to get the "Addicted" achievement (Thanks to Tricky1976 for the location). Guide complete!
5/12/13 - Fixed some typos. Guide submitted for publication to site.

TRICKY1976 04-11-2013 11:27 AM

For the addicted achievement what level do you go to to get your snowboarder stuck?

Arsenic 17 04-11-2013 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by TRICKY1976 (Post 5695449)
For the addicted achievement what level do you go to to get your snowboarder stuck?

Sorry what I have in the guide now is just a filler. I deleted my WP version and am still working through the W8 version.

There are many times throughout your playthrough that you will get stuck. Let me know if you find one that is easy to replicate. Cheers. Will update the last few achievements when I come across them.

TRICKY1976 04-11-2013 08:29 PM

Got it on the level A little push on insane hills as soon as the level starts
Your snowboarder just keeps sliding up and down the first slope i used that method for the W8 and the WP versions both worked great.

jumpman174 04-11-2013 09:00 PM

Dear lord, how do you do 4-19? It makes me cry :(

EDIT: Gah, I got past it finally, but the 2nd checkpoint screwed me over and I couldn't finish.

EDIT 2: This is now the only level I have left to finish. Soooo close to being done with this game.

EDIT 3: OMG, finally. Pure luck. Screw this level.

Grunt Attack 04-13-2013 01:35 AM

Win8 PC version is a lot easier to finish the game then Win7 phone version thanks to keyboard controls

TRICKY1976 04-13-2013 02:23 AM

Cheers for the immortal tip didnt think to keep replaying the first level :woop:

Operation 182 05-13-2013 04:26 PM

(i posted this on the WP version forum also)

i didnt get 'Insane Hill Completed' cheev but did get the 'Stadium Stunts Unlocked' cheev even tho it basically requires the same thing... to complete Insane Hills pack, anyone know why this would be? do i need to get gold in all levels?

Kairi 05-18-2013 12:16 AM


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