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ChillenDerWijs 05-01-2013 06:53 PM

What's wrong with this game?
Okay, so I tried really hard to get as many outfits and golden stars as I could. But when I tried to get Saddle Blanket as my last car stunt golder star, it didn't unlock the golden star. I'm sure I've done it 20+ times. I even tried changing cars, angles, buttons, characters and still nothing. I tried to start a new toybox, but same story. When I got to the race track it didn't unlock. Why ain't I getting the golden star for this particular stunt? I've got all of the other stunts without any problems.

Also I don't have all the outfits. I tried to finish up my Pic-O-Manic missions but got stuck on the last two. I need to put on a mummy suit on an alien, but I don't have the mummy suit. I know it is in the tomb next to Sid's Haunted house and I know I've done the ground pound on the wooden plank in front of the tomb and got the capsule. And when I do it again only a ghost appears.

Can someone please help me to get my last two achievements. Starting all over again didn't work. I tried that allready.

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