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The survivors were seriously i
Egypt, a hot air balloon containing 21 people fall on the 26th after an explosion in the town of Luxor, Egypt, has caused the death of 19 tourists from Hong Kong, China, Japan, France and the United Kingdom. According to CNN reports, Luxor, Egypt Province Sad Nile TV said 19 foreign tourists in the crash of a hot air balloon, including nine people in Hong Kong, four Japanese, two Belgians, two British and two French people, otherwise an Egyptian driver and an Egyptian tourists. Reported that the hot air balloon was away from the high-altitude flight of 300 meters above the ground, and then caught fire and exploded and crashed. Hot air balloon crash caused 19 people were killed, and the driver and one of the tourists survived. NBC reported that the two men have been taken to hospital and is currently in serious condition. According to BBC reports, the Hong Kong SAR Government and the scenic tour (Kuoni) Travel Agency confirmed nine Hong Kong tourists distress in the accident, but did not say whether they have been killed. Accident Luxor located at the banks of the Nile, which is the location of many ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Dynasty relics. According to reports, take a hot air balloon rides in Luxor is very popular from a height, visitors can enjoy the historical monuments of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings Wang Fen. In April 2009, a tourist hot-air balloon hit suspected after departure from Luxor Nile River, a mobile phone towers crashed after 16 people were injured.

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