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Optomistic 05-07-2013 07:25 AM

Best way to obtain the MP achievements?
I'm wanting to complete the multiplayer achievements for this game. Specifically Soldier of Misfortune and Warlord.

I haven't played Multiplayer, cos it's always dead and can't find a friggin match, so I'm gonna boost them.

Would it be best to
- level up to Rank 4 to complete 1 weapon
- derank to get back the diamonds
- level up until Soldier of misfortune is complete
- and then finally derank to Warlord?
or should I just concentrate solely on Soldier of misfortune and remember to have a at least 1 diamond free for Deranking?

I'm not worried about the other achievements as they'll come with natural (or boosted LOL) progression.

EDIT: never mind, I'm just gonna work on getting the manuals for one class, then ill derank.

Ataxia 02-06-2015 03:16 AM

Yes, go for Soldier of Misfortune straight away.

If done efficiently; you won't be at 20 by the time you've got it. I was at 18 when I got the Soldier of Misfortune achievement.

I went to 20 and then got to 30, but it is actually faster to go to 30 & then to 20.

I say that it is the fastest way.

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